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The Office of Sponsored Research disseminates information on external support for research, training, and scholarly activity to the academic community. We have access to summaries of research interests of federal agencies, private foundations and health organizations. Application forms and guideline materials are also available.  Please contact the Sponsored Research Coordinator at (516-299-2712) for further information.

    Proposal Preparation, Review, and Transmittal

The Office of Sponsored Research provides assistance in the preparation of proposals to sponsors. Faculty are urged to contact the office as early in the process of preparing a proposal as possible to discuss the administrative, financial, and managerial concerns of the project and the sponsor requirements. The staff provides help with the interpretation and completion of sponsor forms as well as with budget preparation. All proposals require the endorsement of the appropriate Dean before formal submission to the office.


Special Documentation Requirements

Some sponsors require special documentation of an institution's financial  or corporate status. The University Office of Sponsored Research can provide copies of the Internal Revenue 501 (C)(3) letter (which is legal documentation of LIU's non-profit status); Charitable Organization Exempt Status certification; list of Board of Trustees; documentation of LIU's indirect cost and fringe benefit rates; VENDEX forms (for New York City agencies); Charter or Articles of Incorporation; assurances concerning debarment, lobbying, drug free workplace, etc.; the  latest audited financial statement; and other formal documentation as may be required.


Awards Negotiations and Acceptance

The University Office of Sponsored Research represents the institution and coordinates with institutional officers, on behalf of faculty members, in the negotiation of award conditions with sponsors. This includes negotiations on such issues as publication rights, patent and licensing clauses, liability indemnification, and financial concerns. Award conditions are reviewed and recommended for acceptance by the office with final approval coming from the University's institutional official(s). Only an officer of the University, as identified by the Board of Trustees, may sign and accept awards/contracts on behalf of the institution.


Active Account Administration and Management

Once an award has been made/accepted, the primary point of contact for the processing of personnel, purchasing, travel, acquisition of services, and other financial transactions associated with the conduct of the project will be the Office of Sponsored Research. The transactions are reviewed by the Assistant Controller for consistency with institutional and sponsor requirements and they are then forwarded to the appropriate department for implementation (Payroll, Purchasing, Travel, etc.).  The University Office of Sponsored Research can assist in determining project needs within the complex sponsor requirements that apply to the use of external funds, including determining rebudgeting requirements and extension of award periods.

Office of Sponsored Research
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