Patrick Ireland / BrianO'Doherty to join
Long Island University arts and media faculty

To be catalyst for nationally-ranked arts programat Southampton College

The internationally-respected artist, writer, and media arts professionalBrian O'Doherty, who creates his art under the name of Patrick Ireland,will join the arts and media faculty of Long Island University this fallas University Professor of Fine Arts and Media, based at Southampton College.Ireland / O'Doherty becomes the second University Professor at the college,joining the essayist and public television commentator Roger Rosenblatt.

"Patrick Ireland / Brian O'Doherty's appointment will be the catalystthat creates a nationally-recognized center for students interested in thefine arts and media, bringing together the artists now on our faculty withother notable artists in this region," said University President DavidJ. Steinberg, who made the announcement.

"I'm excited about the students, the staff and the opportunities atSouthampton College," said O'Doherty. "Among those opportunitiesis the wonderful task of bringing the students into contact with the manydistinguished artists and filmmakers in the community, which is unparalleledin this country for its concentration of talents. I cannot wait to joinmy colleagues in developing the students' potentials in the visual artsand film/video, the areas closest to my heart."

Ireland / O'Doherty will begin teaching this fall. As in the writing programwhere Rosenblatt teaches, he is expected to help the college involve severalof the East End's noted arts and film/video professionals both in teachingfull courses and in conducting workshops and guest lectures.

Exhibits, books, films. Holding degrees from University College,Dublin and Harvard, Ireland / O'Doherty is a protean figure in several contemporarycultural worlds.

A participant in the development of the Conceptual art movement, his artis in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum ofModern Art (MOMA) in New York, the National Museum of American Art in Washington,and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It has been shown at the Venice Biennaleand at the quadrennial international exhibitions Documenta, in Kassel, Germany,and Rosc, in Dublin. He has had over 40 one-person exhibitions in this countryand Europe.

Comprising installations, painting and sculpture, Ireland's work often involveselements of language, and uses colors which one critic has described as"vibrant, luminescent." He has been a friend of some of the mostimportant artists of the 20th century, including Edward Hopper, Mark Rothkoand Marcel Duchamp. Since 1972 he has exhibited his work under the namePatrick Ireland "until such time as the British military presence isremoved from Northern Ireland."

The author of three books on art and one novel, O'Doherty is a former artcritic for The New York Times and former editor-in-chief of the magazineArt in America. His essays published as "Inside the White Cube"have made the phrase "white cube" part of the everyday internationaldiscourse on museums and galleries.

His credits include a documentary on Edward Hopper, "Hopper's Silence,"the winner of several awards. In addition to his other activities, two yearsago he finished 19 years as director of film, radio and television programsat the National Endowment for the Arts, where he encouraged independentfilm and video artists and developed and/or supported PBS series like "AmericanMasters," "The Metropolitan (Opera) Presents," "GreatPerformances," "P.O.V." and "American Cinema."Since 1969 he has taught art writing and the art film at Barnard College,Columbia University as an adjunct professor.

Emerging graduate programs. Ireland / O'Doherty will build on a programin the arts that goes back to the University's founding of Southampton Collegein 1963 with professors like the artists Fairfield Porter and Ilya Bolotowsky.Willem de Kooning was an adjunct professor, painting tutor and lecturerduring the 1965-66 academic year. The Fine Arts and Avram Family Galleriespresent regular exhibitions and educational programs. This summer the college'sannual Master Workshop in Art will feature visiting artists Larry Rivers,Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Dash; April Gornick, Eric Fischl and AudreyFlack have taught in past summers.

"We are developing nationally-significant Masters'-level programs thatdraw on the cultural areas where this region has such deep reservoirs oftalent," said Wayne Miller, Southampton College's dean for academicaffairs "We expect to announce a Master of Fine Arts in Writing thissummer, and to offer an MFA in fine arts and media sometime soon, afterwe have Brian's input."

As a University Professor, Ireland / O'Doherty also will participate inthe arts programs at the University's two other residential campuses, downtownBrooklyn and C.W. Post, in Brookville. Post, which offers the MFA in studioart, is home to the Hillwood Art Museum; Brooklyn has four on-campus galleries,and its courtyards annually are a site of the Outdoor Sculpture Exhibitioncurated by The Sculpture Center.

Marine and environmental sciences programs at Southampton College have produced26 Fulbright Scholars in the last 22 years, and this year the college producedits 27th Fulbright, in English. A residential college of liberal arts andsciences, the Campus is part of Long Island University, the eighth largestprivate university in the country. The College is the location of WPBX-FM88.3, keystone of the Long Island Public Radio Network, and is home to theFriends World Program of global education for social change and the NationalCenter for Women and Retirement Research.

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