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Joan Powers
Professor of Fine Art
Sculpture Building
C.W. Post Campus
B.A., M.F.A., Brooklyn College, CUNY
Tel: (516) 299-2173
Fax: (516) 299-2858

I spent my sabbatical March 1997-June 1997 in Taegu, South Korea in affiliation with Keimyung University.

As a photographer, I went to South Korea to photograph. I had been there 13 times before but not for some 20 years. There, of course, was a big change. The third world country of 20 years ago was well hidden behind cell phones and traffic jams.

I have three adopted Korean children and one adopted Vietnamese child. I was able to travel to Korea many times for the adoption agency and even on this trip I was able to photograph at several orphanages.

While I was in Korea I gave a lecture to the students at Keimyung Junior College (that is where the photography department is located). In addition I was also invited to lecture at Keimyung University and address students at Taegu University who were majoring in Tourism by their professor, Do-Khill Shin. I was lucky to meet many wonderful people in Korea and have kept up correspondence with many of them.

Kwang-Kill Shin, a professor of Photography at Keimyung Junior College was at Long Island University for the 1996-1997 academic year. His expertise is Photo History and computer graphics.

I have arranged (with an adjunct professor, Frank Dituri) an exhibition for three members of the photography faculty at Keimyung University to show their photographs at the Museum of Photography in Brescia, Italy. In addition I am having an exhibition in August, of 1998 of the Korean photographs at the Museum of Photography in Brescia, Italy.