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The Relationship Between Long Island University and Keimyung University

Since the 1950s, Long Island University has enjoyed relationships with several Korean universities. The inspiration for the initial successful program exchange program came from Dr. Dan Levin, Professor of English at C.W. Post, who went to Keimyung University in Daegu, Korea, in 1980 as a Fulbright Scholar. During the five years that he taught in Korea, he developed a following of students he thought would profit from the opportunity to study abroad at Long Island University.

The idea of exchanges started in 1984 with plans for an exchange between the University of Missouri/Kansas City and Keimyung University on which Professor Richard Knoll of that University and Dr. Levin, both Fulbright visiting professors at Keimyung University worked together. Professor Knoll's university initiated the project, and after its vice president visited Keimyung University, they hammered out the details.

While working on those details, the then-president of Keimyung University Tae Han Kim, asked Dr. Levin whether LIU might not be interested as well. Back in the States during the summer, Dr. Levin spoke with Arthur Coleman, then head of the English Department at the C.W. Post Campus, who suggested he discuss it with
Joan Digby , head of the Honors Program. Things were thus set in motion, and arrangements were made with the Office of International Students.

In Korea, Professor Knoll and Dr. Levin, along with Professor Jeong-san Kim and others on the faculty of Keimyung University had set up standards for selection of students (superior grades, character, some command of English, demonstrated in writing and orally) who would receive these one year merit scholarships.

In 1985, three Korean students with top scores in a competitive examination came to the C.W. Post Campus as the first participants in an exchange program with Keimyung University that has grown steadily. Since then, Keimyung students have come to study at Long Island University in every major, from English Language and Literature to Art History, Film, Psychology, Library and Information Science, Mathematics, Management, and Political Science. Many have stayed on at Post to complete their MA degrees.

Both those who have stayed and those who have returned home to Korea have generated stories of success in business and education. They work for some of Korea's leading corporations and they are managers and traders in the global market. In Seoul, "The Keimyung Gang--East" holds its regular meetings, which are a testimony to the lifelong friendships that have bonded these alumni of the Long Island University-Keimyung University exchange.

Long Island University students have also studied at Keimyung, concentrating on Korean language and history, as well as their special interest. One Korean-American discovered his roots. C.W. Post faculty have also been welcomed at Keimyung as part of the exchange: Dr. David Scanlan (Theater) in 1988 and Dr. Panos Mourdoukoutas (Economics) during a research trip in the late summer of 1992.

The Keimyung Exchange has also brought Korean visiting faculty to the C.W. Post Campus. In 1984-85, Dr. Huh Bong-wha (John) of the English department taught English for International Students and participated enthusiastically in campus life. In February 1993, sculptor Bae Youn-hee was invited to exhibit her wood carvings based on traditional Korean objects such as fans, boxesand ornamental screens, inaugurating the first cultural exchange between the two universities. Dr. Lee Byung-chan, Dean of Keimyung's College of Business Administration, was a visiting research professor in the School of Management and an active participant in the alumni association. In late 1995, Social Science Professor Cho Hyun-jeong arrived to pursue research in marine insurance. Dr. Synn Ilhi, president of Keimyung University, received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from the C.W. Post Campus during the 39th commencement exercises in May 1996.

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