The Long Island University Korea Center Library

Post Hall
C.W. Post Campus
Long Island University
Brookville, NY 11548

Tel: (516) 299-4181
Fax: (516) 299-3136

The Korea Center Library, which focuses on contemporary Korean history and culture, began in 1996 when Dr. Changboh Chee, Director of the Long Island Unviersity Korea Center, received a personal gift of over 1000 volumes from the collection of Professor Kim Hee Chan, visiting scholar at the University of Washington, Seattle, who died in the Spring of 1997. This core collection in Hangul, Japanese, and English languages, concentrates on Korea since the 1950s.

Provost Joseph Shenker of the C.W. Post provided space and an initial $500 grant to initiate the project, and Mrs. Yeu Young Ja generously contributed further funds to cover additional expenses. Mr. Robert Higgins, a graduate of C.W. Post, built the shelving for the collection. Additional books were donated by Mr. Lee Chong Hyok, who contributed the contents of his deceased father's library, and Dr. Lee Sechun, the Coordinator of the Long Island University Korea Center in Korea contributed books and videotapes to the collection. Mr. Lee Young Ho, Chairman of Vision Medio Enterprise Company in Seoul also donated a set of videotapes.

On September 24th, 1998, the Korea Center Library was formally dedicated, and is open to students, scholars and the general public interested in readying and studying about Korea. In conjuntion with the Korean collection available at the Schwartz Library, also located on the C.W. Post Campus, efforts are now being made to consolidate resources, to obtain equipment and fixtures, and provide staff for the Korea Center Library. Contributions of books, videos, recordings, periodicals, time and money are welcome.