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Introduction to the Kuwait Project

Eighteen special-education specialists lived on the C. W. Post Campus from June 4 through July 4, 1988 while they participated in an intensive training program in special education that was sponsored by the State of Kuwait. The emphasis of the program was on mental retardation, Down's syndrome and autism. The project was directed by Dr. Walter M. Mathews, University Dean of Academic Affairs at Long Island University.

They had the opportunity to visit the three major campuses of Long Island University (C.W. Post, Brooklyn and Southampton) and to learn from 13 LIU professors--two of them in Arabic--and three distinguished professors of special education from the Middle East (Dr. Farouk Sadek, Dr. Rita Sadek and Dr. Philip Saif).

The workshops and lectures included topics on: autism, Down's syndrome, mental retardation, IEPs, evaluation of special education students, history of special education and legislation in the United States, current practices in the Middle East and the United States, current issues in the United States, parental involvement, behavior modification, technology applications, task analysis, developing learning plans, goals and objectives, assessment, reading and learning disabilities, occupational training, sheltered workshops, mainstreaming, instructional materials, remedial services, individualizing instruction, behavioral analysis, psycho-educational and task-analytical models, instructional sequencing, community- based job training, public vs. private schools, data collection, life skills, comprehensive skills development, directed reading, structured comprehension, whole language reading, behavioral objectives, lesson planning, effective learning strategies, teaching functional skills, and core knowledge skills, among others.

In addition, they were provided with numerous handouts of readings, evaluation instruments, curricular materials and guides.

They also visited 17 special-education schools and learning centers in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Brooklyn counties, where they had the opportunity to meet with teachers, administrators and students. They saw the educational process in many different settings with myriad students--at all ages from pre- school to senior citizens. (top)

Graduation Reception at the Top of the Commons, C. W. Post Campus - July 2, 1998

Field Trips to Special Education Facilities:

  • Wing Learning Center--Eastern Suffolk BOCES
  • Forest Brook Learning Center--BOCES
  • Islip Technical Center--BOCES
  • Islip Career Center--BOCES
  • St. Charles Learning Center and Hospital
  • Variety Pre-School Workshop--Syosset
  • Jamaica Avenue School (developmental disabilities)
  • Rosemary Kennedy School--Wantagh
  • Association for Children with Down's Syndrome--Bellmore
  • National Center for Disabilities Services
  • Development Disabilities Institute--Smithtown
  • Public School 177--Queens
  • Family Services Center of Brooklyn Campus of LIU
  • Community School District 27--Ozone Park, Queens
  • Public School 63--Ozone Park, Queens
  • Junior High School 210--Ozone Park, Queens
  • Brooklyn Occupational Training Center--Coney Island

The program also included viewing and discussing ten important films and videotapes on special education.

The participants were taught how to use the internet to search for professional needs as well as news from home. They were also oriented to the university library's research facilities as well as the resources of the media center.

Translation was provided when the program was not in Arabic.

Ample time was available for educational and cultural excursions, as well as for sightseeing and shopping.

Accommodations were always provided for religious observance.

Special Points:

  • The program contained four more participants than were originally expected, the group arrived later than requested and stayed for a few more days than was originally planned. But, adjustments were made.
  • The cost of the program was kept very low because the project director and project assistant did not draw any salary from the project.
  • Although the participants were responsible for their own food, we provided 11 meals for them in addition to fully stocking their rooms on their arrival with Middle-Eastern food, fruit and drinks.
  • Each suite was decorated with paintings, and supplemented with a refrigerator, a telephone, a carpet, an extra couch and a table. Each room was provided with an area carpet as well as professional journals, popular publications and useful information about the University and the New York metropolitan area.
  • The original proposal included trips to 7 schools; in actuality we provided 17 trips--even though the late timing of the visit meant that schools were closed or closing.
  • Because of the participants' need to communicate to home, we provided free fax service twice each day.
  • Transportation was frequently made available for extra-curricular activities including sightseeing and shopping.
  • Both internal and external evaluations were added.
  • A framed certificate, an engraved plaque and a souvenir book were presented to each participant. Selected computer software was provided to them.
  • A copy of the videotape of the graduation program was given to them.

List of Graduates:

  • Nawal Y. Abdullah (group leader)
  • Fawzia F. Alrashid
  • Habib Al-Abdulrazzaq
  • Adelh Alameeri
  • Mohammad Al-Rawdan
  • Othman M. Abdul-Kareem
  • Khalil Bou-Arki
  • Muna S. Alrashid
  • Abdulrahman A. Khuraibet
  • Naeima Al-Sharrah
  • Taleb H. A. Ali
  • Fareeda A. Ahmad
  • Mervat Y. Al-Sultan
  • Najat E. Al-Mutawa
  • Fatma G. Qabazard
  • Beebe E. Al-Sayegh
  • Adnan Al-Sayegh
  • Nujoum M. Al-Zenki

Dr. Walter Mathews, Project Director, receiving a gift from Nawal Y. Abdullah, Group Leader. Soad Ibrahim, Interpreter, at left.

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