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Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00pm

The Library acquires materials and provides access to information resources in support of, and appropriate to, the level of the instructional programs of the Campus and the University. Strong consideration is given to titles and resources fulfilling the accreditation needs of schools, departments, and programs. The Library also acquires materials and provides access to resources in support of the research needs of the faculty, when feasible.

The process of selection is ongoing, enabling the Library to develop both strength in special areas and balance in the general collection across all formats. While the emphasis is on current needs, long term needs are also taken into consideration. Therefore the pattern of acquisitions and access to resources changes to reflect changes in the curriculum. The Library also takes into consideration its space limitations.

The framework of procedures, definitions, and guiding principles governing the selection, acquisition, and deaccessioning of library materials in both traditional and electronic formats is provided in our Collection Policy Statement.

Suggest a Title for Our Collection:
If you wish to request a specific title for the collection, please fill out the Acquisitions Request Form. You may also phone or mail a request. Please provide the following information: author, title, publisher, year, edition, ISBN, and price. And please let us know whether you are a faculty member, staff member or student, your department, and the phone number where you wish to be reached.

If you want to make a more general suggestion, for instance more books on personnel management, please let us know as well.

Library Technical Services Department
LIU Post / Long Island University
Brookville, NY 11548
Phone: (516) 299-2835
Fax: (516) 299-2470
Email: Post-Acqudept@liu.edu

Gifts, Donations, and Exchanges:
Gifts to support the Library's general acquisitions are greatly appreciated. The library welcomes gifts that fall within the scope of its collecting activities. The same criteria that are used for the purchase of new materials are applied when gifts are reviewed. In both cases the decision is based upon the demands, present and anticipated, of the University’s teaching programs.

The Library retains the right to accept or decline gifts. Gifts of materials are accepted with the understanding that once received they are owned by the University. The Library reserves the right to determine their retention, cataloging treatment, or, when a title is a duplicate or inappropriate for our needs, their disposition in the appropriate manner, e.g. sale, exchange, etc.

We do not provide appraisals, but a letter of acknowledgement for the gift will be sent to the donor when requested.

Inquiries and offers should be addressed to the Gifts Librarian, (516) 299-3529 or via email William.Roberson@liu.edu.

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