Welcome to IMC music. Sample of C.W. Post on Tour CD, "Shenandoah" au format, 267 KB, 33.50 secs.
Welcome to IMC music. Sample of C.W. Post on Tour CD, "Shenandoah" wav format, 267 KB, 33.50 secs.

Enjoy our freshly brewed JAVA

Patrons are invited to use IMC's rich collection of commercially produced media resources or create their own media materials. Some assistance is provided. Services for C.W. Post faculty include the production of overhead transparencies, copy slides, charts, poster displays, mounting, laminating, and some computer graphics. Please note, faculty may also recommend media resources for purchase by IMC.

IMC plans to have a multimedia and distance learning lab in the future. Currently the lab includes two multimedia computers - Mac and PC based. Some assistance will be available in the near future for using a number of the software packages, such as Aldus Pagemaker, Corel Paint, Paintbrush, Graphic and Text Scanners, and for designing a homepage for the web. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions, to have an idea of the range of our services.

List of recently acquired computer software and CD-ROM titles.

Click on the titles to see some frequently asked questions. These services are mostly for faculty and some are for students.

Media Presentations
Instructional Charts, Graphs and Tables
Mounting and Laminating Instructional Signs, Brochures and Fliers
Copy Slides
Videotaping and Audioduplications

Media Production Links

Take a Cyber Media Trip.

Click on Stops for "site seeing".

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Stop1--Future technology quotations
Stop2--Media technology developments
Stop3--Technology and the workplace
Stop4-- Media fun sites

Here is a sampler using some interesting imaging possibilities for a variety of applications including designing a Home Page for the web.

The image is manipulated in a variety of ways. Notice the changes from the original.

New imaging developments. Explanation of the "PNG" imaging standard, wav format, 461 KB, 41 secs.
New imaging developments. Explanation of the "PNG" imaging standard, au format, 669 KB, 41 secs.

Media in Motion

Conserve the environment

Here are two examples of using motion with graphics and text for presentations on the web. These animations take much longer than static images to display and can be viewed only on a 32 bit system like Windows 95 along with a Java-enabled browser like Netscape Navigator 3.

lp2.gif - 2.7 K

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Send us your comments/suggestions on our home page. We will refine this more and more with newer developments.

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