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Library Instruction

The mission of the library instruction program at LIU Post is to implement the library's goal of insuring that every LIU Post student learns the art of using an academic library to its fullest potential. To do this we have adopted the definition for information literacy from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education 2002 edition of Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education: Eligibility Requirements and Standards for Accreditation "Information literacy is an intellectual framework for identifying, finding, understanding, evaluating and using information."

Course Related Instruction

The Reference Department offers library instruction that can help your students to:

  • Identify scholarly resources for your assignments and course.
  • Find academic and research articles for their assignments through the use of online databases.
  • Access the vast resources available to them through our library and other libraries
  • Avoid plagiarism by understanding the laws, regulations and institutional policies related to the use of information and effectively using library resources for your specific assignments.

Library instruction that is geared toward a particular course and especially a particular assignment or research paper is the most effective type of library instruction. This specialized instruction is given for classes focusing on a particular research assignment or a specific subject area. Instruction can include how to use reference materials, how to search the online library catalog (LIUCat), how to use any of the campus-wide databases on a basic level or using advanced search strategies, how to locate resources through the Internet, and/or how to evaluate Internet web sites.

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Please Note:
The Instructional Media Center (IMC) offers library instruction to selected education classes. These lectures can be tailored to meet specific class assignments and are especially helpful in describing the books, periodicals, and automated sources necessary to complete research assignments. Please contact the IMC Coordinator at (516) 299-2895.

Library Orientation

This introduction to the library is for newly enrolled students. Using the Library Web page as a guide, the orientation takes students on a virtual tour of the resources of the library.

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Evaluating Web Sites

Through a PowerPoint presentation and a student exercise, this module teaches students what to look for in a web site so that they can evaluate its value for use in research papers

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Individual/Small Group Instruction For Students

Database Instruction
Students can ask in the Reference Department about instruction in the use of the library's campus-wide databases.

Internet Instruction
The Reference Department also offers basic Internet instruction. Check with Reference at extension 2305 or 2306 for further details.

General Tours
Individual building tours of the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library are offered at the beginning of each semester. Inquire in the Reference Department.

Schedule Library Instruction

To schedule library instruction, use this form. For further information or any questions, please contact the reference desk at 299-2305 or send e-mail to Post-LIRequest@liu.edu.

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