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Citing Internet Sources
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Follow these color codes:
Author(s) Date Title of Website Title of Article or Page Title of Periodical
Volume Pages Address of Page Host of Website Other Information

Webpage Hosted on Its Own Site

Epsicokhan, Jamahl. The franchise's future. Trek Nation, August 10,
1999 (accessed August 16, 1999).

Candide. Bernstein's Studio: The Official Leonard Bernstein Site, 1998
(accessed July 29, 1999).

The Hugo award. World Science Fiction Society, September 4, 1998
(accessed July 29, 1999).

Setaro, Brenden. Valley Forge convention transcript. Hudson Leick
Official Fan Club
1997 (accessed July 29, 1999).

Webpage Hosted on an Outside Site

Sylvester, Melvin. African-Americans in motion pictures: the past and
the present.
B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library, February 1999
(accessed July 29, 1999).
Long Island University, http://www.liu.edu

Smitha, Frank E. The rise of China. Antiquity Online, 1998 (accessed
July 29, 1999).
EurekaNet Internet Services, http://www.eurekanet.com

Kuehl, B.J. Questions about attire. Medieval and Renaissance Wedding
(accessed July 29, 1999). Drizzle Internet Northwest,

Periodical Article Hosted on Its Own Site

Soderdahl, Paul; Hughes, Carol Ann. Multimedia and fair use: the
practical side of a philosophical debate.
Library Issues, 18(4): 3, March
1998 (Accessed August 11, 1999).

Ebert, Roger. A bewitching tale. Chicago Sun-Times Online, July 11,
1999 (Accessed July 29, 1999).

Kendall, Lukas. Composers' ages at first movie. Film Score Monthly,
June 17, 1998 (Accessed August 11, 1999).

Periodical Article Accessed through a Database

Mershon, Donald H. Star Trek on the brain: alien minds, human minds.
American Scientist, 86(6): 585, November-December 1998 (Accessed
July 29, 1999).
Expanded Academic ASAP,

Weiss, Suzanne. Mr. Spock goes kabbalistic in area photo exhibit:
Nimoy and the Shechina.
Jewish Bulletin, 103(11): 1A, March 12, 1999
(Accessed August 11, 1999).
Ethnic NewsWatch,

Kaltenbach, Chris. Will tv sci-fi shows keep on trekking?: genre needs
fresh blood.
The Arizona Republic, D8, July 26, 1999 (Accessed August
11, 1999).
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, http://web.lexis-nexis.com


  • Author: The author's name may be on the top or bottom of the page. It may even be listed on a separate page, such as the website's home page, instead of each individual page. Organizations (ex. American Medical Association) may also be authors. If no author is listed, start with the title.
  • Date: Unlike printed materials, webpages can be updated frequently. Include the date of the page as well as the date you looked at it in case the information on it is later changed. If the page has no date, list the date you looked at it.
  • Webpage/Website: Think of the website as a book and each webpage as a chapter (or article) in that book. A webpage will usually have a link somewhere on it that will lead to the homepage of that website. If it doesn't, try deleting the information after the last slash in the page's address, and see where that takes you.
  • Host: A website may be hosting itself, or it may be hosted by another company. You might be able to determine this by looking at the website's address. If not, deleting all of the information after the first slash in the address should take you to the host's webpage. This is important because some hosts evaluate all of the pages on their server, and some will let their members post anything. For example: health information hosted on the American Medical Association's server is likely to be more reliable than health information hosted by an internet service provider that gives free webspace to all of its clients.
  • Periodicals: Include the volume number, issue number, pages, and date of the printed version or as much of this information as you can. When you access the article through a database, it may have an extremely long address that consists of many database codes and session identifiers. In these cases, list the address of the database's homepage since the long address will probably no longer work after a few minutes.
  • Arrange the items on your reference list alphabetically by author, interfiling the different kinds of websites, books, articles, etc.

  • Official Styles for Citing Internet Sources

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