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Congratulations! You have come to the right web site if you're thinking about returning to school to further your education. Adult learners (25 years or older) are the fastest growing population of students attending college. C.W. Post’s Office of Adult Student Services is ready, willing and able to make your college experience a reality! Our renowned Return-to-Learning program, Orientation Sessions, Life Experience Credit program, and Returning Adult Scholarships are some of the ways we meet these needs. We also offer convenient day, evening and weekend classes.

For more information, contact the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

The admissions process for adult students at C.W. Post is hassle free. Adult students who have been out of high school for 5 years or more do not need to submit standardized test scores or take admissions exams. An official high school transcript (or G.E.D.) and college transcript (if you attended college) is required. If you would like catalogs, schedule booklets, or an application sent to you, please call the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

The Academic Counseling Center mails a registration reminder notice to all undergraduate students prior to the start of the Summer/Fall and the Spring semester registration periods. The registration dates are also noted on the Academic Calendar in the Schedule of Classes booklet. To register for classes, students are required to make an appointment to meet with their academic counselor the Academic Counseling Center at (516) 299-2746 to make an appointment with the counselor who specializes in their major or for students who are undecided. The counselors will help students select the courses appropriate for their program, and will process their registration card. For further information, call the Academic Counseling Center.

Scheduling Courses
The academic programs at C.W. Post are geared to the needs of adult students. We offer day, evening and weekend classes. You may attend classes as a part-time student (3 to 11 credits per semester) or a full-time student (12 credits or more per semester). We recommend that adults, who are returning to school after a long absence, start off slowly to fit their schoolwork in with their other life roles. Classes are offered in the fall semester, winter session, spring semester and 3 summer semesters. For more information click here.

Academic Programs
There are over 110 undergraduate degree programs and 65 graduate degree programs offered at C.W. Post. You may elect to pursue an associate’s degree in general studies, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree. C.W. Post also offers several Ph.D. programs. For general information about these programs call the Admissions Office at (516) 299-2900.

As a returning adult student you may take advantage of our Community Auditor’s program and work slowly into academic life by taking undergraduate liberal arts courses on an audit basis (no tests, no grades) at a nominal fee. There are also non-credit and certificate programs offered through the Office of Continuing Education (516) 299-2236.

Selecting a Major
Many adults returning to school are unsure of their major. A good place to determine the right major for you is at the Office of Adult Student Services. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with a professional counselor to discuss your needs, interests and goals. With their support and guidance you will learn which program is best for you. For further information call the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

If you know which academic area you are interested in, you will be able to meet with a professional counselor in the Academic Counseling Center who will guide you in your specific area. They can be reached at (516) 299-2746, or click here.

Transfer Credit
Course credits from an accredited college, which have a grade of C- or above, are transferable. There is no time limit on undergraduate courses. If these courses are in your major and the subject matter has changed greatly, you may have to repeat them. The courses that transfer should be appropriate to the degree program you wish to pursue.

Life Experience Credit
Life Experience Credit is credit given in recognition of knowledge obtained in ways other than study in a two or four-year accredited college. The knowledge must be equivalent to what would be learned in a C.W. Post undergraduate course as determined by review of individual academic departments. Matriculated C.W. Post students in good academic standing may apply for Life Experience Credit as early as the first semester of attendance but they may not apply during the last 32 credits of residency. Credits earned by this method will not be posted before completing six credits at C.W. Post. All applications must first be submitted to the Life Experience Credit Coordinator. For application forms and additional information about rules and procedures, contact the Life Experience Coordinator (516) 299-3476.

Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance is available through scholarships, grants, loans, and part-time employment and is offered only after the student is offered admission to C.W. Post in a degree-granting program. All financial aid awards from federal, state and university sources are awarded on a funds available basis. For further information about financial assistance at C.W. Post call the Office of Financial Assistance at (516) 299-2338.

Students can apply for the Returning Adult Scholarship through the Office of Adult Student Services. In addition to completing the application form and submitting an essay, a student must submit a copy of his or her previous year’s federal income tax return (Form 1040) and file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile Application. This scholarship is awarded to part-time or full-time adult (25 years or older) undergraduate students who are newly enrolled at C.W. Post as matriculated freshman or transfer students. The award is based on scholastic achievement, evidence of academic potential, and availability of funds.

To obtain an application form, call the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens must be 65 years or older prior to the beginning of the term for which they wish to enroll. Senior Citizens pay 1/2 tuition for credit courses and 1/4 tuition for audit courses. The special senior citizen tuition rate is not applicable to institutes, workshops, continuing education programs, per capita classes, individualized courses of instruction, or studio art classes. Senior citizens are not eligible for awards that further reduce the tuition rate. Application, registration, and activity fees are waived.

Please note that senior citizens may not submit registration until one week before classes begin. They will be processed on the first day of classes if there are seats available. For further information contact the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

Return-to-Learning Program
The Office of Adult Student Services sponsors a Return-to-Learning program designed to meet the special needs of adult students who are returning to school. The program includes Study Skills workshops (memorizing, note taking, and test taking skills), Writing Skills workshops (essay and research paper writing), and a Library Research Skills workshop. It is offered at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and is free for all adults enrolled in credit-bearing courses at C.W. Post.

For more information about this program, call the Office of Adult Student Services at (516) 299-2445 or e-mail adult-services@cwpost.liu.edu.

Career Services
Many adults want information on which field of studies will lead to the best job opportunities. All students can receive career guidance with a career counselor in the Professional Experience and Career Planning Office located in Kumble Hall. The office offers group and individual counseling to all students who request it, and provides information on career opportunities. For further information contact the PEP Office at (516) 299-2435 or e-mail: pep@cwpost.liu.edu.

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