Art Galleries on the C.W. Post Campus
Hillwood Art Museum, located on the second floor of Hillwood Commons, presents a year-round schedule of temporary exhibitions that cover topics from antiquity to the cutting edge of contemporary art while objects from the Permanent Collection may be seen year-round in the Permanent Collection Gallery at the Museum. The 4500 square foot space boasts a beautiful curved gallery which Phyllis Braff of The New York Times has called "one of the Island's most dramatic showcases for art" The Hillwood Art Museum was established in 1988 following the use of the space as an art gallery since 1972. Hillwood Art Museum's impressive and eclectic Permanent Collection consists of objects dating from the earliest of man's endeavors in the creation of art to contemporary art. An active, and well attended, Education Program incorporating Family Day activities, the Tuesday Evening Lecture and Performance Series, as well as extensive hands-on programs for Visiting Schools from the surrounding community is the pride of the Museum's endeavors.

Art League Students Gallery
The main lobby of Hillwood Commons is home to the Art League Students Gallery, which exhibits undergraduate and graduate students' artwork. Exhibits range from one-person shows to small group exhibits, and include displays of ceramics, paintings, mixed media, computer graphics, and other mediums. Hours vary, but admission is free. For additional information, please contact the Art Department at (516) 299-2464 or e-mail

Hutchins Gallery
Located in the lower level of the Library, Hutchins Gallery is a magnificent exhibit hall which features the sculpture and painting of local artists, faculty and students.

Interactive Multimedia Arts Gallery
The Interactive Multimedia Arts Gallery is a web site for the exhibition of the works of graduate students who are further developing their creative ability in an interactive digital environment. For additional information, contact the Department of Multimedia Arts at (516) 299-2382.

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