Famous Faces at C.W. Post


Over the years, the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University has played host to everyone from movie stars to first ladies to the political elite.

When the campus was a private estate in the early 1920s, owned by cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and husband E.F. Hutton, it was a playground for the rich and famous -- Gloria Vanderbilt, Harry F. Guggenheim, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and even show biz greats Flo Ziegfeld and Billie Burke (Glinda the Good Witch from "The Wizard of Oz"). The Gold Coast estate also served as a refuge for the royal family of Luxembourg when their country was invaded by Nazis forces.

After the C.W. Post Campus was established in 1954, scores of famous faces continued to grace the university landscape as guest lecturers, honorary degree recipients and performing artists. Headliners have included Carl Sagan, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Bobby Kennedy, Harry Chapin, Aaron Copland, Nelson Rockefeller, B.F. Skinner, Kitty Carlisle Hart, Yo-Yo Ma, Nelson DeMille, Charlie Rose, Helen Gurley Brown, Marvin Hamlisch, Itzhak Perlman, Jason Alexander, Barbara Walters, Billy Joel, Christopher Reeve, Lily Tomlin, Bill Cosby and Hillary Clinton. There have also been sightings of Jennifer Lopez and Alec Baldwin.

Whether in the classroom or on stage, C.W. Post’s tradition as a homestead for some of the most well-known names in our culture will undoubtedly continue in the future. Perhaps one of the school's current students will someday be considered among the political, artistic or socially elite and join the long parade of trend-setters and policy-makers who have left their mark on C.W. Post.

From Broadway to the Senate, many of the world's most widely-recognized names have strong links to the C.W. Post Campus.

Long Island University C.W. Post Campus