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Policy and Procedures for Patrons

The librarians and staff are pleased to assist you in using our collection of more than 100,000 images. To better serve our patrons, and in accordance with library procedures, we have established policies reviewed below.


Finding images:

Members of the faculty who have utilized the image collection in the past may continue to select their own slides for class lectures and presentations. New patrons and students will receive assistance each time they visit the library. As usual, librarians and staff members will be happy to guide all patrons through the collection on request.

Borrowing and Returning Slides:

For those familiar with the collection and all new patrons, a new system for borrowing and returning slides has been established:

  • Patrons will be provided with plastic slide sleeves and asked to load the sleeves with their selected slides for photocopying.
  • Slides should be returned in sleeves.
  • Student staff members are responsible for checking slide loans in and weeding out damaged slides for repair or replacement.

This system for borrowing and returning images is in place in many other universities, and is a useful tool for tracking image circulation and generally improving the integrity of the collection. Please allow yourself a few extra minutes for this procedure.

Availability of Slides

As with any busy lending library, we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of images. Although we hold multiple copies of frequently used and popular images and are constantly adding resources to the collection, several faculty members may need the same image during the course of the semester. We suggest that you gather your slides well in advance of your class lectures and notify the staff of important images missing from the library. This will enable us to track its circulation or produce a new slide if necessary. Please note that producing slides requires a minimum of 3 weeks. (See more on production of slides below.)

Circulation of Slides:

We encourage faculty members to return slide loans within three weeks. If specific, extenuating circumstances require a longer loan period, please see the faculty librarian in charge or a staff member to arrange a renewal.

Students must have a current LIU Post identification card if they wish to use the library. They may select slides 10 days in advance for use during class presentations. Their slides will remain in the library during that period and removed on the presentation date. Students must return images the very next day.

Student teachers; please see the faculty librarian to make special borrowing arrangements.

  • Do not alter labels (if you suspect an error, report it to a library staff member)
  • Do not write on labels
  • Do not number slides for your presentation

Student Groups

We are pleased to assist students with individual or group projects. However, because of space restraints, we can not accommodate large groups. If a class has been assigned to utilize the collection, please notify us in advance so that we can assign time slots for small groups.


We are equipped to photograph images and produce slides. Slides produced by the slide library become the property of the library.

A minimum of 3 weeks is required to photograph, develop, mount and catalogue the slides.

Faculty Slide Requests:

Because of budgetary restraints, please limit your slide requests to pertinent images for teaching and collection development. Although it remains our policy to provide the best service possible to each patron, the library reserves the right to limit the number of slide requests when necessary.

  • Please provide images in books etc. and clearly note your request (page and/or plate number). You may be called upon to provide additional cataloguing information not readily available to the library staff.
  • It is necessary to leave materials to be photographed (book, magazine, etc.) with the library staff until the slides are mounted and catalogued.
  • As in the past, materials from the CWP Library collection must be checked out by the faculty member making the slide request, and he or she is responsible for returning the materials after the slides are catalogued. The generous circulation policy provided by the Library will allow ample time for slides to be processed.
  • Please give your requests and materials to a faculty librarian.

Student slide requests are addressed on an individual basis and subject to staff availability and the needs of the collection.


As a rule, we produce 3 slides of each image. If it is an image that will be used widely, or in a course with multiple sections, we will produce additional copies. Conversely, if you know one of your images will have very limited use, please let us know so that we will not waste limited resources.

Plan in advance!

Producing slides is costly in terms of staff and resources. To ensure that your needs are met for a given semester, we suggest that you submit your requests as early as possible before the start of each semester.

Slide Copyright Guidelines:

It is implicit in the lending of slides that the borrower agrees not to duplicate or reproduce images.

Contact information:
Phone: 1-516-299-2928
Email: Post-DigiSlide@liu.edu

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