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Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It

Academic Irregularities
(Undergraduate & Graduate Bulletin 2002-2004, p.21)

"In cases of academic irregularities or dishonest in examinations or class work, responsibility for discipline actions is assigned to the appropriate academic dean. Plagiarism and cheating are not only serious violations of the rules, but also may reflect adversely on the student's reputation as well as on the reputation of the Campus, Faculty, administrators, and the student body.

"A student in violation of accepted academic procedures may be subject o disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from the Campus. Faculty members will report to the appropriate academic dean any case of irregular or dishonest behavior that occurs in the class or in his or her observation. Students may likewise make such a report to the faculty member or academic dean. The academic dean will decide what disposition is to be made of the charges. Requests for appeals may be made to the Student/Faculty Appeals Board. In the case of a minor infraction that is the student's first disciplinary offense, the academic dean may authorize the faculty member to dispose of the charges, limiting the maximum penalty to failure in the course. The faculty member will make a report of the incident and the action taken to the academic dean and Association Provost and Dean of Student Affairs for the Brentwood Campus. In the case of a major infraction, or in the case of repeat academic offenses, the student may be subject to suspension or expulsion from the campus. If current non-academic disciplinary action is pending for a student, further disciplinary action may result, up to and including expulsion from the Campus."

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