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Library Instruction

The library offers library instruction that can help your students to:

  • Identify scholarly resources for your assignments and course.
  • Find academic and research articles for their assignments through the use of online databases.
  • Access the vast resources available to them through our library and other libraries
  • Avoid plagiarism by understanding the laws, regulations and institutional policies related to the use of information and effectively using library resources for your specific assignments.

Library instruction is available for either classroom or individual instruction:

Course Related Instruction

Library instruction that is geared toward a particular course and especially a particular assignment or research paper is the most effective type of library instruction. This specialized instruction is given for classes focusing on a particular research assignment or a specific subject area. Instruction can include how to use reference materials, how to search the online library catalog (LIUCat), how to use any of the campus-wide databases on a basic level or using advanced search strategies, how to locate resources through the Internet, and/or how to evaluate Internet web sites.

Individual/Small Group Instruction For Students

Database Instruction
Students can ask a librarian for individual instruction.

Schedule Library Instruction

To schedule library instruction or for further information, use this form, contact the library at extension 33, or send e-mail to April.Brazill@liu.edu or Eileen.DeSimone@liu.edu.

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