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Career Resources in the Reference Department

Museum careers and training : a professional guide (Ref. AM7 .D34 1994)

Good works : a guide to careers in social change (Ref. AS29.5 .G66 1985)

Business etiquette : make a good impression-- gain the competitive edge (Ref. BJ2193 .D85 1992x)

The new complete guide to environmental careers (Ref. GE60 .S48 1993)

Peterson's summer opportunities for kids and teenagers. (Ref. GV186 .S85)

Career guide to sports officiating : you call the shots! : a complete handbook on how to become an umpire, referee, judge or minor official (Ref. GV735 .O38 1984)

Dictionary of occupational titles (Ref. HB2595 .U543 1991x)

Inside management training : the career guide to training programs for college graduates (Ref. HD30.4 .S25 1985)

Professional and occupational licensing directory. (Ref. HD3630.U6 P76x OVSZ)

Guide to national professional certification programs (Ref. HD3630.U7 B36 1994)

Certification and accreditation programs directory. (Ref. HD3630.U7 C47)

American salaries and wages survey. (Ref. HD4973 .A67)

Non-profits' job finder (Ref. HD5710.5 .L38 1993x)

The National directory of internships. (Ref. HD5715.2 .N27x)

State occupational outlook handbook. (Ref. HD5723 .S85 OVSZ)

The big book of minority opportunities : the directory of special programs for minority group members. (Ref. HD5724 .D56)

America's top jobs for college graduates. (Ref. HD6278.U5 A64 1999)

The minority career book (Ref. HD6304 .R58 1991)

American directory of organized labor : unions, locals, agreements, and employers (Ref. HD6504 .A63 1992 OVSZ)

Directory of U.S. labor organizations. (Ref. HD6504 .D64)

Work independence and the severely disabled : a bibliography (Ref. HD7256.U5 B54)

Occupations licensed or certified by New York State (Ref. HD7824.N7 O25 1987x)

Directory of professional and occupational licensing in the United States, (Ref. HD7824.U5 A75)

A summary of State collective bargaining law in public employment, (Ref. HD8008.A1 P82 no. 3)

Specialty occupational outlook. Professions. (Ref. HD8038.A1 S66 OVSZ)

Statistical handbook of working America. (Ref. HD8064 .S73 OVSZ)

Directory of career resources for minorities : a guide to career resources and opportunities for minorities (Ref. HD8081.A5 D57)

Career opportunities in television and video (Ref. HE8700.4 .R43 1982 OVSZ)

Occupational outlook handbook (Ref. HF5381.A1 O36 OVSZ)

Careers and the MBA. (Ref. HF5381 .C35x)

The Encyclopedia of career change and work issues (Ref. HF5381 .E516 1992 OVSZ)

The Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance (Ref. HF5381 .E52 1987 OVSZ)

International jobs : where they are, how to get them : a handbook for over 500 career opportunities around the world (Ref. HF5381 .K596)

The enhanced guide for occupational exploration : descriptions for the 2,500 most important jobs (Ref. HF5382 .M37 1991)

Top professions : the 100 most popular, dynamic, and profitable careers in America today (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 B33 1989)

Career information center. (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 C32 1996)

The national career directory : an occupational information handbook (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 G3)

Recession- and depression-proof careers and businesses (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 K47 1988x)

Liberal arts jobs (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 N25 1986)

The National job bank. (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 N34 OVSZ)

The college graduate guide to job finding (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 P36)

Professional careers sourcebook : an information guide for career planning. (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 P76)

Specialty occupational outlook. Trade & technical. (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 S594 OVSZ)

Summer employment directory of the United States. (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 S76)

The occupational thesaurus; a job guide handbook for majors in... (Ref. HF5382.5.U5 T43x)

The Greater Chicago job bank (Ref. HF5382.5.U6 I34 1990x)

The women's job search handbook (Ref. HF5382.65 .B56 1991)

What color is your parachute? (Ref. HF5382.7 .B64)

200 letters for job hunters (Ref. HF5382.7 .F72 1993)

Electronic job search revolution : how to win with the new technology that's reshaping today's job market (Ref. HF5382.7 .K457 1995)

Jobs for English majors and other smart people (Ref. HF5382.7 .M86 1986)

The on-line job search companion : a complete guide to hundreds of career planning and job hunting resources available via your computer (Ref. HF5382.75.U6 G66 1995)

Job hunter's sourcebook. (Ref. HF5382.75.U6 J63 OVSZ)

The Metropolitan New York job bank. (Ref. HF5382.75.U62 N615)

The Adams resume almanac (Ref. HF5383 .A27 1994)

Job resumes : how to write them, how to present them, preparing for interviews (Ref. HF5383 .B46 1976)

Resume writing : a comprehensive how-to-do-it guide (Ref. HF5383 .B57 1980)

Professional resume/job search guide (Ref. HF5383 .D47 1978 OVSZ)

Resumes that mean business (Ref. HF5383 .E95 1990)

Resumes that get jobs (Ref. HF5383 .G725 1990)

Dynamic cover letters : how to sell yourself to an employer by writing a letter that will get your resume read, get you an interview, and get you a job! (Ref. HF5383 .H28 1990)

Paper tiger : resume strategies that get your foot in the door (Ref. HF5383 .H52 1985)

The professional job changing system; world's fastest way to get a better job (Ref. HF5383 .J28 1974 OVSZ)

Personal resume preparation (Ref. HF5383 .J34)

The smart woman's guide to resumes and job hunting (Ref. HF5383 .K482 1991)

Dynamite resumes (Ref. HF5383 .K69 1992)

High impact resumes & letters : how to communicate your qualifications to employers (Ref. HF5383 .K7 1988)

Developing a professional vita or resume (Ref. HF5383 .M18)

How to write a job-getting resume (Ref. HF5383 .M5)

Resumes for high tech careers (Ref. HF5383 .R44 1991)

The resume writer's handbook (Ref. HF5383 .S63 1987)

Resume power : selling yourself on paper (Ref. HF5383 .W316 1985)

The Prentice-Hall global employment guide (Ref. HF5549.5.E45 P69 1983)

101 great answers to the toughest interview questions (Ref. HF5549.5.I6 F75 1994)

Sweaty palms : the neglected art of being interviewed (Ref. HF5549.5.I6 M35)

Knock 'em dead : with great answers to tough interview questions (Ref. HF5549.5.I6 Y37 1985)

The new American handbook of letter writing and other forms of correspondence (Ref. HF5726 .D477 1993)

The Federal employment information directory. (Ref. HV8130 .F42)

The police employment guide. (Ref. HV8143 .N373 1978)

Career planning in criminal justice (Ref. HV9950 .D45 1994)

The compleat guide to finding jobs in government (Ref. JK692 .L38 1989)

Civil service handbook : how to get a civil service job : the complete study guide and test-tutor (Ref. JK716 .H337 1981)

Civil service handbook : everything you need to know to get a civil service job. (Ref. JK716 .H337 1998x)

The complete guide to public employment (Ref. JK716 .K68 1986)

Strategy and tactics for getting a Government job, (Ref. JK716 .L9)

Working for your uncle : the complete guide to finding a job with the federal government (Ref. JK716 .W67 1993x)

The prune book : the 100 toughest management and policy jobs in Washington (Ref. JK723.E9 T72 1988)

Paralegal : an insider's guide to one of the fastest-growing occupations of the 1990s (Ref. KF320.L4 B473 1993)

The professional paralegal job search : a guide for launching your legal career (Ref. KF320.L4 F74 1995)

Effective interviewing for paralegals (Ref. KF320.L4 J36 1995x)

The Paralegal's guide to U.S. government jobs. (Ref. KF320.L4 P375)

Paralegal employment : facts and strategies for the 1990s (Ref. KF320.L4 S74 1993)

Life outside the law firm : non-traditional careers for paralegals (Ref. KF320.L4 T68 1995)

How to land your first paralegal job (Ref. KF320.L4 W34 1992)

Occupational licensing: practices and policies (Ref. KF2900 .S46)

Labor, employment, and the law : a dictionary (Ref. KF3317 .A54 1997)

Every employee's guide to the law : everything you need to know about your rights in the workplace--and what to do if they are violated (Ref. KF3319.6 .J64 1993)

The Civil rights act of 1964: text, analysis, legislative history; what it means to employers, businessmen, unions, employees, minority groups. (Ref. KF4749 .B85)

The International student handbook : a legal guide to studying, working, and living in the United States (Ref. KF4825.S7 .W47 1992x)

Internships. (Ref. L901 .I66)

Peterson's internships. (Ref. L901 .I66)

Educators' passport to international jobs : how to find and enjoy employment abroad (Ref. LB2283 .A58 1984)

The Learning traveler. Vol. 3, Teaching abroad. (Ref. LB2283 .L38)

Teach overseas : the educator's world-wide handbook and directory to international teaching in overseas schools, colleges, and universities (Ref. LB2283 .W43 1984)

The curriculum vitae handbook : how to present and promote your academic career (Ref. LB2331.72 .A58 1998)

Work, study, travel abroad : the whole world handbook (Ref. LB2376 .W48)

A student job classification plan for colleges and universities, (Ref. LB3611 .A3)

The guide to career education (Ref. LC1044 .L42 1976)

The Guide to vocational education in America : trends to 1978. (Ref. LC1045 .G8x)

Getting skilled : a guide to private trade and technical schools (Ref. LC1045 .H35 1976)

Directory of college cooperative education programs (Ref. LC1049.5 .D57 1996)

Music business handbook & career guide (Ref. ML3795 .B33 1990)

Mightier than the sword : powerful writing, in class - on the job (Ref. PE1408 .G5738 1989)

Complete book of effective personal letters (Ref. PE1497 .T53 1984)

The complete handbook for freelance writers (Ref. PN151 .C3)

Your film acting career : how to break into the movies & TV & survive in Hollywood (Ref. PN1995.9.P75 L48 1989)

Journalism career and scholarship guide (Ref. PN4797 .J68)

Magazine publishing career directory. (Ref. PN4797 .M23)

101 careers in mathematics (Ref. QA10.5 .A15 1996x)

Health care job explosion! : careers in the 90's (Ref. R690 .D36 1993)

Handbook of health careers : a guide to employment opportunities (Ref. R690 .N29)

120 careers in the health care field (Ref. R697.A4 A45 1989)

Health professions career and education directory. (Ref. R847.D57)

The Hatherleigh guide to vocational and career counseling. (Ref. RC456 .H38 1996 v. 9)

Occupational health and safety : terms, definitions, and abbreviations (Ref. RC963.A3 C66 1994)

Encyclopaedia of occupational health and safety (Ref. RC963.3 .E53 1983 OVSZ)

Nursing job guide. (Ref. RT25.U5 N78x)

A study of the profession of landscape architecture; technical report. (Ref. SB469.4.A2 F45)

Dangerous properties of industrial materials (Ref. T55.3.H3 S3 1968)

Peterson's job opportunities in engineering and technology. (Ref. TA157 .P445)

Peterson's job opportunities for engineering and computer science majors. (Ref. TA157 .P445)

Peterson's job opportunities. Engineering and computer science. (Ref. TA157 .P445)

Handbook of employee selection, (Ref. Z5814.P8 D75)

Teacher job satisfaction : an annotated bibliography and guide to research (Ref. Z5814.T3 L46 1988)

Career education; an ERIC bibliography. (Ref. Z5814.T4 E46x)

Resources for career development : an annotated bibliography (Ref. Z5814.T4 I537 1975x)

Interview and techniques of interviewing : a selected research bibliography, 1930-1966 (Ref. Z5942 .C68 no. 715)

Occupational safety and health; a guide to information sources (Ref. Z6675.I5 P4)

Facilitating career development : an annotated bibliography (Ref. Z7164.V6 B35 1972x)

Current career and occupational literature. (Ref. Z7164.V6 G65)

NVGA bibliography of current career occupational literature (Ref. Z7164.V6 N3 1978x)

New career options for women : a selected annotated bibliography (Ref. Z7164.V6 P48)

Entry into the labor force; a survey of literature on the experience of Negro and white youths. (Ref. Z7164.Y8 P53x)

Work and family : an annotated bibliography, 1978-1980 (Ref. Z7963.E7 B32x)

Women and work, paid and unpaid : a selected, annotated bibliography (Ref. Z7963.E7 F47 1987)

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