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  • The American Marketing Association international member & marketing services guide (Business HF5410 .A46a)

  • The Blackwell encyclopedia of management : Marketing (Business HD30.15 .B455 2005 v. 9)

  • Customer orientation and market action (Business HF5415.5 .J639 1998)

  • The Dartnell marketing manager's handbook (Business HF5415.13 .D33 1994)

  • Dictionary of marketing and advertising (Business HF5415 .R577 1995)

  • Dictionary of marketing terms (Business HF5415 .D4874 1995)

  • Encyclopedia of major marketing campaigns (Business HF5837 .E53 2000)

  • How to develop a strategic marketing plan : a step by step guide (Business HF5415.135 .P33 2000)

  • How to write a successful marketing plan : a disciplined and comprehensive approach (Business HF5415.13 .H52 1997)

  • Major marketing campaigns annual (Business HF5837 .M35)

  • Marketer's guide to media (Business HF5826.5 .M45)

  • Marketing : concepts and strategies 2000e (Business HF5415 .P658 2000)

  • Marketing management (Business HF5415.13 .K64 2000)

  • Powerhouse marketing plans : 14 outstanding real-life plans and what you can learn from them to supercharge your own campaigns (Business HF5415.13 .J5878 2004)

  • The secondary market guide. (Business HF5482 .S43)

  • The successful marketing plan : a disciplined and comprehensive approach (Business HF5415.13 .H523 1997)

  • Advertising and sales promotion strategy (Business HF5823 .T27 1998)

Market Research

  • Acorn consumer classification system user's guide (Business HF5415.32 .A26 1994x)

  • Consumer behavior (Business HF5415.32 .S35 2000)

  • How to find market research online (Business HF5415.2 .B456 1996x)

  • Marketing research : an applied approach (Business HF5415.2 .K53 1996)

  • Questionnaire design : how to plan, structure, and write survey material for effective market research (Business HF5415.3 .B683 2004)

  • The survey research handbook : guidelines and strategies for conducting a survey (Business HN29 .A46 1995)

Direct Marketing

  • Business-to-business direct marketing : proven direct response methods to generate more leads and sales (Business HF5415.1263 .B58 1993)

  • Creative strategy in direct marketing (Business HF5415.126 .J66 1991)

  • Dick Hodgson's Complete guide to catalog marketing : includes text, The catalog portfolio and The catalog marketing workshop (Business HF5466 .H56 1991x)

  • Direct marketing and the law : what managers need to know (Business KF2026.5 .W56 1993

  • The Direct marketing market place (Business HF5415.1 .D57)

  • Direct marketing : strategy, planning, execution (Business HF5415.126 .N37 1995)

  • Power direct marketing : how to make it work for you (Business HF5415.126 .J874 1994)

  • Successful direct marketing methods (Business HF5415.126 .S757 1997)

  • Successful telemarketing (Business HF5415.126 .S76 1992)

  • Write on target : the direct marketer's copywriting handbook (Business HF5730 .S73 1997)

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