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Advertising and Marketing Information Sources

Compiled by Susan Harper, 2002
Revised and Expanded by Angela Cornwell and Martha Cooney, 2005
Revised September 2014



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Library Databases


AD $ Summary (Bus HF 5802 .N3)
Use this source to find advertising spending by brand in ten media categories. Also included in this report are industry class totals and rankings of the top 100 companies for each of the ten media.

Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy (Bus HF 5823 .T27)
The four parts of this text cover advertising and sales promotion, communication strategy, sales promotion strategy, and planning. Real-world examples of creative advertising campaigns are also included.

Advertising Red Books: Advertisers (Bus F 5805 .S7)
Companies in the United States and Canada that spend at least $200,000 on national or regional advertising campaigns are listed in this comprehensive volume. Contact information as well as specific data on ad spending, media used, and name of advertising firm used are also included. Indexes offer access by location, brand name, and SIC code.

Advertising Red Books : Agencies (Bus HF 5805 .S72)
Entries in this directory include contact information for each advertising agency as well as agency specialization, approximate annual billings, and account listing. Indexes by location and specialty provide additional access. Coverage of agencies outside of North America is also included.

Brands and Their Companies (Bus T 223 .V4 A25)
This two-volume set (see also Companies and Their Brands) includes an alphabetical listing of brands. Entries contain the trade name, a description of the product, and the manufacturer or distributor.

A Celebration of Effective Advertising: 30 Years of Winning Effie Campaigns (Bus HF 5837 .C45)
This commemorative publication, produced by the New York Chapter of the American Marketing Association, provides insightful information on winning campaigns, including specific goals, strategies, and outcomes.

Companies and Their Brands (Bus T 223 .V4 A253)
In this companion volume to Brands and Their Companies, companies are arranged alphabetically and each entry includes a listing of that company's brands, along with a brief product description for each.


Consumer USA (Bus HC 101 .C744)
This volume is most useful for its detailed information on sales of products with forecast sales data. Shares of market by brand and manufacturer are also provided. Some demographic and socio-economic data are included.

Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (Bus HF 5837 .E53)
Major Marketing Campaigns Annual 1999 (Bus HF 5837 .M35 1999)
Major Marketing Campaigns Annual 1998 (Bus HF 5837 .M35 1998)
The most notable advertising and marketing initiatives of the twentieth century are profiled in these volumes. Arranged alphabetically by company, information in each chapter includes headings for historical context, target market, competition, marketing strategy, and outcome. The volumes also include hundreds of photos of television and print advertisements.

How To Write a Successful Marketing Plan (Bus HF 5415 .13 .H52)
This book offers a step-by-step approach to writing a marketing plan, with helpful planning and research tools included.

How to Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Guide (Bus HF 5415.135 .P33)
Tools to generate a credible strategic marketing plan are provided, as well as numerous case histories.

Market Share Reporter (Bus HF 5410 .M35)
A two volume compilation of published market share data on companies, products, and services. The comprehensive indexes offer searching by product, company, brand, place, source, and industry code. Domestic as well as international coverage is provided.

Worldwide Directory of Marketing Research Companies and Services ( http://www.greenbook.org )
A WHO's WHO for finding suppliers of over 400 types of marketing research services including: advertising; brand, media, and product research; analytical services; computer services and programs; interviewing; surveys; and technical services.


Consumer Western Europe (Bus HD 7022 .C68)
Sales data for a broad range of consumer products in 17 European countries is provided. Comparative market share data is also listed.

European Marketing Data and Statistics (Bus HA 1107 .E87)
This is a very comprehensive compilation of key country marketing and statistical information on production, consumption, and consumer expenditure patterns in Western and Eastern Europe. Demographic trends, forecasts, and economic indicators are also included.

International Marketing Data and Statistics (Bus HA 42 .I56)
A wealth of detailed and up-to-date statistical information relevant to international marketing planning for the countries of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Oceania is provided.

World Consumer Spending (Bus HC 79 .C6 W673)
Statistical information on spending habits in 71 major world economies from 1990 to 2003 is presented in this comprehensive volume. Data is arranged by expenditure item and also by country. Some socio- economic information is also included.

World Consumer Lifestyles Databook: Key Trends (Bus HF 5415.3 .W67x)
Covering 71 countries, including the U.S., this statistical fact book will be especially useful for rankings, cross-country comparisons, and individual country data. A wide array of statistical data is provided.

World Income Distribution (Bus HC 79 .I5 W673)
Comparable income distribution data is provided for 71 major countries from 1990 to 2003. This volume includes many tables of data on socio-economic parameters, cross-country comparisons, and country snapshots.


The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns (Bus HA 203 .A635)
Provides U.S. population profiles, organized into 255 tables on: Attitudes and Behavior, Education, Health, Housing, Income, Labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, Wealth.

Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand (Bus HC 79 .C6 R87)
Based on unpublished, detailed data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this resource examines spending patterns by demographic patterns of households. It identifies which households spend the most on a product or service and which control the largest share of spending.

Demographics USA - County Edition (Bus HF 5415 .1 .D46x)
This volume supplies invaluable demographic data by county on total population, population by age and sex, households by age, number of persons and effective buying income, retail sales and establishments by category, retail sales by type of merchandise, five year projections for population, households and retail sales, and more.

Demographics USA - Zip Edition (Bus HF 5415 .3 .D463x)
This companion volume to Demographics USA - County Edition can be used to profile a zip code in terms of such key indicators as population, effective buying income, total retail sales, and households by income. An excellent source to use to target your market.

Editor & Publisher Market Guide (Bus HF 5905 .E38)
This is an annual directory featuring market data ranging from ethnic breakdowns to shopping mall information to tap water descriptions. It contains details on more than 1,600 cities in the United States and Canada, and provides census figures and current estimates for population, housing, and income data, as well as retail sales amounts.

Household Spending: Who Spends How Much On What (Bus HC 110.C6 O34)
Based on unpublished data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Expenditure Survey, this volume examines how much Americans spend on hundreds of products and services by: age, income, type of household, region of residence, race, and Hispanic origin. The products and services are organized into chapters on apparel, entertainment, financial, food and alcohol, gifts, health care, home improvement and utilities, household furnishings, transportation, personal care, reading, education, and tobacco.

Lifestyle Marketing: Reaching the New American Consumer (Ref HF 5415.127 .M535)
Provides a different approach to market segmentation by dividing consumers according to lifestyle, including: children, singles, teen-agers, "tweens", college students, seniors, and Americans from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Survey of Buying Power (Bus HF 5438.A34)
This special issue of Sales and Marketing Management magazine provides a ranking of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's) by population, effective buying power, retail sales, etc. Also lists similar data by MSA, county, and state.

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Ref. Desk HA 202)
The Statistical Abstract provides a broad array of easily accessible social and economic data published by government agencies and some private organizations. Selected international data is included. Also available online at: http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/.

Statistical Handbook on Consumption and Wealth in the United States (Bus HC 110.C6 S73)
This handbook provides statistical information on U.S. consumer spending habits, exploring a wide range of economic, demographic, and geographic variables. Chapters include: Personal, Family and Household Income and Wealth; Business and Corporate Wealth; the Role of Government; and Consumption of Material Goods, Services, and Travel, Leisure and other Non-essentials.

US Market Trends & Forecasts (Bus HF 5415.1 .U7 OVSZ)
Provides information on over 350 significant markets or sectors, organized under 29 major industry groups. These industry groups include amusement, business services, computers, food, household, medical equipment, textiles, etc.


American Generations: Who They Are, How They Live, What They Think (Ref HC 110.C6 M545)
This volume presents important 2000 census data profiling each generation: Millennial, Generation X, Baby-Boom, the Swing Generation, and the World War II Generation. It includes tables and text describing the most important trends, including what to expect in the future.

The Baby Boom : Americans Aged 35 to 54 (Ref HN 60 .R868 2001bx)
Provides the demographic and spending data along with the analysis necessary to understand this huge and influential generation. Data is based on government information.

Generation X: The Young Adult Market (Ref HC 110.C6 M544)
This volume presents important 2000 census data profiling the X-Generation. It provides trends, lifestyles, and attitudes of interest to market researchers.

Older Americans: A Changing Market (Ref HQ 1064.U5 O43)
This volume provides 2000 census data on the demographic and socioeconomic details of the 55-and older generation. It details their Education, Health, Housing, Income, Labor Force, Living Arrangements, Population, Spending, and Wealth.


Hispanic Market Handbook (Bus HC 110 .C6 V347)
This is a valuable resource for anyone who is seeking to understand the Hispanic market - from definitions to demographics, language, cultural orientation, and the market's many segments.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity (Bus E 184 .A1 R78)
Education, health, household, housing, income, labor and population characteristics of Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites are presented. An interesting section on attitudes is also provided.

Statistical Handbook on Racial Groups in the United States (Bus E184.A1 H417)
Most of the data provided comes from U.S. government sources. Information includes statistical comparisons on: educational goals, attitudes about employment, leisure pursuits, marital happiness, attitudes about contraception, religious beliefs, arrest rates, and political party preferences, etc. The first section provides demographic and immigration data and population projections.


Bacon's Directories:
      Bacon's Magazine Directory (Bus Z 286 .P4 B33)
      Bacon's Media Calendar Directory (Bus Z 6951 .B23)
      Bacon's Newspaper Directory (Bus Z 286 .N48 B33)
      Bacon's Radio Directory (Bus HE 8664. B33)
      Bacon's TV / Cable Directory (Bus HE 8700.8 .B33)
The Bacon's directories provide essential contact information, advertising rates, and descriptive details for selecting media in a variety of formats.

Marketer's Guide to Media (Bus HF 5826. 5 .M45)
This is a compact resource for up-to-date media industry rates, trends, and audience demographics for multiple types of media.

Media Planning: A Practical Guide (Bus HF5826.5 .S86)
This book presents definitions of various popular media terms and tools. Especially helpful are terms relating to "new media" and technology and how these effect media planning. Includes media plan development, audiences, broadcast dayparts, reach and frequency, target rating points, media mix, demographics, and the Nielsen ratings, etc.

Standard Rate and Data Service:
      Direct Marketing List Source (Bus HF5861.D54)
      Business Publication Advertising Source (Bus HF5905.S723)
      Consumer Magazine Advertising Source (Bus HF5905.S725)
      Newspaper Advertising Source (Bus HF5905.S73)
      TV & Cable Source (Bus HF5905.S745)
The Standard Rate and Data Service Guides list advertising rates, circulation, and specifications for print publications and broadcast media. SRDS also contains selected demographic and market information for metropolitan areas and counties.


Electronic Commerce (Bus HF 5548.32 .S42)
A comprehensive introduction to electronic commerce. Includes how-to and specific company examples for implementing electronic commerce.

E-Business : Strategic Thinking and Practice (Bus HF 5548.32. C356)
Presents a wide variety of topics important to understanding e-business strategy. Includes chapters on: developing e-business models, creating the marketing mix, environmental factors that can influence e-business and online behaviors, ethical, legal, and social concerns, and research methodologies in e-commerce planning.

E-Marketing (Bus HF 5415.1265.S774)
Explores key marketing concepts in the context of today's digital/Internet environment. Includes chapters on: e-marketing in context, e-marketing environment, e-marketing strategy, e-marketing management, and a global perspective on e-marketing.

Marketing and the Internet (Bus HF5415.1265 .C68)
This volume provides the tools to integrate Internet technology and characteristics into marketing strategy.

Net Success: 24 Leaders in Web Commerce Show You How to Put the Internet to Work for Your Business (Bus HD 30.37 .H39)
A collection of essays describing e-commerce from a managerial perspective. Chapters include topics on the Internet as it relates to: advertising, direct marketing, merchandising, law, etc.

Plunkett's E-commerce & Internet Business Almanac (Bus HF 5548.32. P677x)
Provides profiles of Plunkett's Internet 400 Firms, and statistics and trends in e-commerce and web- based retailing.


The following databases are available on campus and from home. Your LIU username and password will provide access from off campus.

These databases will provide many full-text articles about all business topics and will be especially useful for finding current and retrospective advertising and marketing information.

Business Source Complete (Ebsco) More business databases
Business Source Premier provides full text articles for over 8,000 scholarly business journals and other sources, including full text for more than 1,100 scholarly business publications. Coverage includes virtually all subject areas related to business. This database provides full text (PDF) for more than 350 of the top scholarly journals dating as far back as 1922.

Business Insights: Essentials More company information databases
Use this database to find many current, full-text articles on a specific topic. The Advanced Search feature is useful for locating targeted data such as company and industry information, investment reports, company history, and rankings.

ABI/Inform Global (ProQuest) More business databases
The ProQuest databases provide a wealth of information in full-text articles. Use the Advanced Search to locate articles by specific company and/or subject heading.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe More news databases
This all full-text database provides many current and retrospective news and business articles.

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