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In 1978, the C.W. Post Campus, under the leadership of former president, Edward J. Cook, purchased the collections of the Nassau County Research Library (NCRL) valued at over $1.5 million. At a time when fiscal constraints prevented the county from continuing its research library, offers were made to continue the work of NCRL at an academic institution. C.W. Post, and the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library in particular, became the beneficiaries of some 250,000 business related research materials. Books, periodicals, microfilm, telephone directories, and online searching (then a relatively new service) were made available to the Long Island University academic community, and to the public at large. Small and major businesses on Long Island, and academic, public and special librarians were eager for business information. Mary Grant, formerly in charge of the business collections at NCRL, was hired by C.W. Post not only to head the newly organized library, but also to take business information in a new direction. That direction was to provide fee-based research services to the business community, as well as to provide business information to Long Island University students and faculty.

Over thirty years have passed, and the CBR collections have deepened and taken on new form. The phone books are long gone, but our Moody's Manuals now span a century and are updated by the Mergent Online database. Technology has rapidly advanced over the past three decades so that our students and faculty now have many research databases at their disposal and remote access to many resources beyond the Library walls. After a major renovation of the Library in the summer of 2003, the collections of the CBR were moved to the main floor of the Library and are now part of the Business, Law, and Information Science Sources area. The expanded main floor area of the Library brings these resources in close proximity to the general reference collection, providing an enhanced level of service and convenience to students and faculty. Accounting, business, and economics journals are now located in the PeriodicalsDepartment on the lower level of the Library.

The collections of the CBR continue to be valued resources for the academic and business communities. For more information please contact Martha Cooney, CBR Director.

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