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Criminal Justice Databases
(see also Law, Terrorism and Homeland Security, and General)

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Indexes to Journals and Books:

SocINDEX with Full Text (Ebsco) Remote access available Full text available
Offers comprehensive coverage of sociology, encompassing all sub-disciplines and closely related areas such as criminology, demography, ethnic studies, gender studies, marriage, family, political sociology, religion, social development, social psychology, social work, anthropology, history, violence, and more. Contains full text for 708 journals (some dating back to 1908), 780 books, and 9,333 conference papers along with abstracts for more than 1,130 core coverage journals dating as far back as 1895. Also features over 25,000 author profiles.

LIUCat on the Web: Remote access available
The online public access catalog of Long Island University's six campuses. This can be searched from any computer. No password is needed.

Online Video:

Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available NEW!
Documentaries, interviews, and training videos that demonstrate how to respond to potentially dangerous situations illustrate the strategies, techniques, and personal field experiences of professionals serving on the front lines of justice and public safety and also provide insight into the function and controversies of the justice system. Many of the videos have searchable transcripts that display alongside the video. Faculty can create annotated playlists, select clips, and link directly to them from their websites or online syllabi.

Online Encyclopedias and Books:

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
This uniquely interdisciplinary resource covers legal, sociological, psychological, historical, and economic aspects of crime and justice worldwide. Entries cover civil and criminal issues, from domestic violence to terrorism. Entries cite pertinent legal cases as well as publications for further information. Also includes a glossary of related terms.

Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Comprehensive, subject specific guide to the history, uses, scientific principles, and technologies of espionage, intelligence, and security, with special emphasis placed on the current ethical, legal, and social issues.

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Explains the issues behind genocide, crimes against humanity, and human rights abuses both in individual countries and the world at large, tracing the history of events, profiling perpetrators and heroes, and explaining international laws and legal proceedings aimed at ending them. Also covers depictions and manifestations of the phenomenon, such as propaganda, literature, film, and sociological & philosophical explanations.

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Combining the disciplines of criminology, sociology, history, law, and political science, this encyclopedia presents concepts, theories, empirical research, and practical viewpoints on all facets of law enforcement on the state, local, federal, national, and international stages. Includes: development, practice, theory, and functions of policing in a historical and contemporary framework; comprehensive and comparative views of policing and law enforcement systems worldwide; the impact of technology and modern culture on law enforcement, the impact of court decisions; what an officer or an agency does; and coverage of most U.S. law enforcement concepts, strategies, practices, agencies, and types.

Encyclopedia of Prisons and Correctional Facilities (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Provides a critical overview of penal institutions within a historical and contemporary framework, including biographies, articles describing important legal statutes, and detailed descriptions of the major prisons in the United States.

Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Covers the history and business forces of white-collar and corporate crime, from mercantilism to globalization, both in the United States and internationally.

Gender and Violence in the Middle East (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Contends that violence is fundamental to the functioning of the patriarchal gender structure that governs daily life in Middle Eastern societies.

World of Forensic Science (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
(See database page for description)

Database descriptions are adapted from each database's website.

NOVEL Database NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) is a statewide virtual library provided free to the public by the New York State Library. It is currently a pilot project funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to the NY State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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