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General Databases
(These databases each cover a broad variety of subjects.
See also the more Subject Specific databases.)

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Indexes to Journals and Books:

Academic Search Complete (Ebsco) Remote access available Full text available
Provides the full text of over 8,500 periodicals (7,300 of which are peer-reviewed, with some content going back as far as 1887) along with citations to an additional 12,500, as well as more than 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, and more. It covers a broad range of academic subjects, including: the sciences, social sciences, law, music, religion, area studies, engineering, ethnic studies, women's studies, and many other fields.

Academic OneFile (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available NOVEL Database Full text available
This authoritative and comprehensive database provides peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world's leading journals and reference sources with extensive coverage of the physical sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, the arts, theology, literature and other subjects. Updated daily.

ProQuest Research Library (ProQuest) Remote access available Full text available
(formerly PA Research II - Periodical Abstracts, Peer Reviewed, Newspapers) provides access to full-text journals across a wide range of subject areas, including arts, business, children, education, general interest, health, humanities, international, law, military, multicultural, psychology, sciences, social sciences, and women's interests. Coverage of more than 2,600 periodicals is designed to correspond to the most popular college majors, and over 1,700 are available in full text. Covers 1971 to the present. (See Using ProQuest Databases for searching tips)

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global (ProQuest) Remote access available Full text available
Comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, covering history, the arts, agriculture, humanities, social sciences, health & medicine, literature & language, science & technology, business & economics, and more - spanning from 1637 to the present day - including the full text of most works since 1997, combined with an ongoing retrospective digitization of older works. More than 70,000 new full-text dissertations and theses are added to the database each year through partnerships with 700 leading academic institutions. Citations to dissertations not yet online include abstracts and purchase information.

General OneFile (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available NOVEL Database Full text available
Formerly InfoTrac OneFile, a one-stop source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics: business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social science, sports, technology, and many general interest topics. Millions of full-text articles many with images. Updated daily. Covers back to 1980.

Alternative Press Index (Ebsco) Remote access available Full text available
Provides text and citations from over 300 international and interdisciplinary alternative, radical, and left journals, newspapers, and magazines that cover ecology, feminism, socialism, anarchism, revolution, democracy, gays/lesbians, social change, organized labor, indigenous peoples, and more, dating back to 1991.

Alt-PressWatch (ProQuest) Remote access available Full text available
This multidisciplinary resource for researchers seeking an alternative to mainstream media perspectives presents big stories from small sources, showcasing unique, independent voices from some of the nation's most respected and cited grassroots newspapers, magazines, and journals. They offer a wide range of unfettered, critical coverage of the news, government, policy, and culture, providing regional, rural, and metropolitan perspectives on local, national, and international issues including politics, environment, disabilities, hunger, abuse, religion, pop culture, and more. Covers 1970 to the present. (See Using ProQuest Databases for searching tips)

BrowZine (Third Iron) Remote access available Full text available
Downloadable app that lets you create an intuitive newsstand of the library's top periodicals on your iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire tablet to easily browse journals by subject, discover new titles, monitor the key journals in your field, and read articles. BrowZine combines individual articles from the library's databases to create complete journals that you can arrange into a personal bookshelf to suit your preferences and delivers convenient push notifications to indicate when new material is published.

Scopus (Elsevier) Remote access available
Provides abstracts and citation data for peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources in the scientific, medical, social science, and humanities fields. Includes 19,000 journals from more than 5,000 international publishers, 400 trade publications, and 300 book series, as well as scientific web pages, patent records, and conference papers. Citation tracking features provide the number of citations an author, article, or journal has received each year and in total, along with who is citing them. An affiliation identifier automatically identifies and matches an organization with all of its research output.

LexisNexis Academic Universe (LexisNexis) Remote access available Full text available
General news. Company news, directory, and financial information. Industry and market news. Government and political news (national and regional - including latest six months of Newsday). Country and state profiles, statistics, and business analysis. Biographical information. Reference books, directories and business reference library. General medical and health topics; full-text of medical journals and newsletters; abstracts. Accounting, auditing, and tax information sources. Legal newspapers, journals, magazines, and newsletters from across the country; federal case law; U.S. Code, Constitution, and Court Rules; state case law, constitutions, statutes, and other legal materials.

LIUCat on the Web: Remote access available
The online public access catalog of Long Island University's six campuses. This can be searched from any computer. No password is needed.

Kids InfoBits (Gale Cengage Learning) Remote access available NOVEL Database Full text available
Designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, it features a visually graphic interface, a subject-based topic tree search, and full-text, curriculum-related magazine, newspaper, and reference content on current events, the arts, science, health, people, government, history, sports, and more - including images, maps, flags, seals, charts, and graphs. A Teacher Toolbox includes worksheets that teachers may use in the classroom to teach concepts associated with information seeking, research, and writing, such as judging information, choosing a topic, how to cite a source, organizing a report, and more.

Project Muse (Johns Hopkins University) Remote access available Full text available
Provides full-text access to a comprehensive selection of prestigious humanities and social sciences journals from university presses, scholarly societies, and not-for-profit publishers.

JSTOR: The Scholarly Journal Archive (JSTOR) Remote access available Full text available
Provides access to long runs of backfiles of scholarly journals, making complete archives of full text available and searchable over the World Wide Web. Coverage begins with the very first issues, many of which date from the 1800s, and extends to a "moving wall" of 2 to 5 years prior to the most recently published issue. Includes 239 journals in African American Studies, African Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Asian Studies, Classical Studies, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Economics, Education, Finance, Folklore, Geography, History, History of Science & Technology, Language & Literature, Latin American Studies, Mathematics, Middle East Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Slavic Studies, Sociology, and Statistics. (More information)

Emerald Fulltext (Emerald Insight) Remote access available Full text available
Provides full text access to almost 150 journals. Emphasis is on business, technology, and library & information science, but some coverage is also given to education, health, science, public policy, and criminal justice. Journals can be browsed issue by issue or searched by keyword.

IngentaConnect (Ingenta) Remote access available Full text available
Provides full text access to over 130 journals covering many different subjects. Journals can be browsed issue by issue or searched by keyword.

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) Remote access available Full text available
Collection of full-text journals covering science, medicine, technology, business, social sciences, and more.

Books in Print Professional (Bowker) Remote access available Full text available
Bibliographic database with more than 5 million in-print, out-of-print, forthcoming, audio book, and video titles. Includes full-text reviews from 15 respected, professional sources such as Booklist, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and Choice, as well as the first chapter of more than 30,000 entries.

WorldCat : The OCLC Online Union Catalog (OCLC) Remote access available
Lists the holdings of all OCLC member libraries worldwide. Includes: books, manuscripts, computer data files, maps, computer programs, musical scores, films and slides, newspapers, journals, sound recordings, magazines, videotapes. (No password required)

Trial Databases:
New databases available for a brief trial period. Let us know which ones you think are worth keeping.

Online Video:

Kanopy (Kanopy) Remote access available Full text available
Provides over 6,800 streaming videos, movies, performances, documentaries, and more from the arts, health, sciences, humanities, education (k-12), business/training, and media/communication. Includes, among many others, the Criterion Collection, the Green Planet Films Collection, the First Run Features Collection, and the Symptom Media Collection.

Alexander Street Video (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available
(Includes all Alexander Street Press collections). From early twentieth-century newsreels to just-released documentaries and performances, this database provides access to over 17,000 films, interviews, commercials, performances, news programs, field recordings, and more that are indexed for subjects, people, places, release date, language, publisher, and video type. Many of the videos have searchable transcripts that display alongside the video. Faculty can create annotated playlists, select clips, and link directly to them from their websites or online syllabi. Subject areas include: American history - area studies - art & architecture - black studies - business & economics - classical music - counseling & therapy - criminal justice & public safety - current affairs - dance - education - ethnic studies - ethnography - film studies - gay & lesbian studies - health - humanities - nursing - opera - psychology - rehabilitation therapy - religion & philosophy - science - sports medicine & exercise science - theatre - women's & gender studies - world history - and world language & literature.

Current Affairs in Video (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available
These issue-based documentaries from around the world focus on the key issues and events of recent global history, including terrorism, immigration, human rights, public health, globalization, urban studies, border studies, political science, Middle East studies, and much more. Many of the videos have searchable transcripts that display alongside the video. Faculty can create annotated playlists, select clips, and link directly to them from their websites or online syllabi.

Filmakers Library Online (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available
Provides award-winning documentaries with relevance across the curriculum that present points of view and historical and current experiences from diverse cultures and traditions world-wide. Covers such subjects as: arts, health, literature, bioethics, psychology, environment, human rights, current events, criminal justice, political science, multiculturalism, race & gender studies, international relations, globalization & global studies, and more.

Humanities Video Online (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available
Provides a multidisciplinary collection of films with a broad range of titles covering the humanities, current affairs, social sciences, and sciences.

VAST: Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press) Remote access available Full text available
From early twentieth-century newsreels to just-released documentaries, this database provides access to thousands of award-winning films, interviews, commercials, performances, news programs, field recordings, and more from dozens of producers and distributors including PBS, the BBC, and many more. Each video comes with a complete, synchronized transcript. Users can make custom clips, name them, annotate them, and place them into personal playlists that can be shared in course folders and embedded on websites. It covers a wide range of disciplines, such as: art, law, opera, dance, health, history, theatre, politics, science, therapy, religion, business, literature, education, languages, economics, counseling, philosophy, humanities, psychology, area studies, architecture, public safety, anthropology, ethnic studies, LGBT studies, criminal justice, women's studies, political science, and more.

Online Encyclopedias and Books:

eBook Collection (Ebsco) Remote access available Full text available
This growing Academic Collection, with new titles added each month, provides the full text of over 130,000 online books representing a broad range of academic subject matter, including: art, poetry, religion, medicine, education, philosophy, language arts, social science, performing arts, political science, literary criticism, business & economics, technology & engineering, and many other academic fields. The books come from leading university presses and other scholarly publishers.

ebrary (ebrary) Remote access available Full text available
Currently offers over 800 full-text books and other authoritative documents from more than 180 leading academic, trade, and professional publishers. The collections are particularly strong in business, economics, education, computers, technology, science, medicine, history, language, literature, humanities, politics, and social sciences. Publishers include The McGraw-Hill Companies, Random House, Penguin Classics, Taylor & Francis, Yale University Press, John Wiley & Sons, Greenwood, and more (more information).

Gale Virtual Reference Library (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
List of titles. Full text of over 200 encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7.

Britannica Online Academic Edition (Encyclopaedia Britannica) Remote access available Full text available
Includes all of the articles from the printed Encyclopaedia Britannica plus thousands more, as well as the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary and Thesaurus, maps, photos, illustrations, videos, multimedia clips, and the Britannica Yearbooks dating back to 1993. World Data Analyst Online is a comprehensive database of comparative statistics on every nation of the world, and Gateway to the Classics provides the text of 225 significant works of history, literature, philosophy, and science. Also includes headlines from the New York Times, the BBC, and the SBS Australian News Service as well as full-text articles from hundreds of periodicals.

Britannica School (Encyclopaedia Britannica) Remote access available Full text available
Written, edited, reviewed, and updated regularly by the world's leading content experts, it is divided into three user-friendly interfaces - Elementary, Middle, and High - to provide information aligned to the Common Core and state standards that is appropriate to each student's reading, grade, and age level. The Lesson Plan Builder helps create interactive activities for small and large groups, and thousands of new articles, images, and multimedia elements are added every quarter.

Opposing Viewpoints In Context (Gale/Cengage) Remote access available Full text available
Provides full-text viewpoint articles and topic overviews published by Greenhaven Press on today's hottest social and controversial issues to help students research, analyze, and organize a broad variety of information. It includes statistics, primary sources, biographies, court cases, images, videos, audio, and selected weblinks. It also provides articles from academic journals, newspapers, magazines, and reference books. Content can be searched by reading level.

Points of View Reference Center (Ebsco) Remote access available Full text available
Provides essays on controversial issues, presenting multiple sides, along with questions for further thought. Essays are accompanied by relevant periodical and newspaper articles, radio and television news transcripts, primary source documents, biographies, and images.

ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States (ProQuest) Remote access available Full text available
Published annually by the Federal Government since 1878 and now maintained and updated by ProQuest, this comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States provides 1400 statistical tables from 400 different sources that are identified below each table. The online version includes: monthly updates to tables - deep searching at the line-item level - links to the websites of the data providers - image and spreadsheet versions of all current and historical tables - and powerful facets for narrowing search results by source, data date, subject, and type of data breakdown.

Scholastic GO! (Scholastic Inc.) Remote access available NOVEL Database Full text available
[Formerly Grolier Online] Provides the full text of the general encyclopedias: New Book of Knowledge (for elementary-middle school students), Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia (middle-high school), the Spanish language La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre (middle-high), and Encyclopedia Americana (high school and above) - the science encyclopedias: Amazing Animals of the World (elementary) and New Book of Popular Science (middle-high) - and the social studies encyclopedias: America the Beautiful with information about states and cities (elementary-middle) and Lands and Peoples with information about countries and their cultures (middle-high) - as well as Roget's II: The New Thesaurus and American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. (Available remotely without a password within New York State)

Statista: The Statistics Portal (Statista Inc.) Remote access available Full text available NEW!
Aggregates data from over 18,000 studies, organizations, trade publications, scientific journals, government databases, specialist publications, market research reports, and other sources around the world - with extra focus placed on the US, UK, and Chinese markets - to provide over one million statistics and rankings on over 80,000 topics covering market data, consumer data, sociological data, and much more. Sixty annually updated industry reports provide key trends, figures, revenue, turnover, forecasts, strengths, weaknesses, and developments. One thousand regularly updated PowerPoint dossiers facilitate research with a rapid but comprehensive insight into a topic. Infographics transform complex topics into clear, visually striking designs.

Database descriptions are adapted from each database's website.

NOVEL Database NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) is a statewide virtual library provided free to the public by the New York State Library. It is currently a pilot project funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to the NY State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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