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Sports and Physical Education Databases
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Indexes to Books:

LIUCat on the Web: Remote access available
The online public access catalog of Long Island University's six campuses. This can be searched from any computer. No password is needed.

Online Encyclopedias and Books:

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Global and interdisciplinary coverage the world of sport and its incredible variety, incorporating knowledge from sports management, sports science, human movement studies, sport history, and sport sociology. Key social issues such as doping, racism, sexism, civic life, youth participation, and public policy are amply covered, with all perspectives represented.

Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Provides a comprehensive survey a broad range of activities, including rodeos, quilting bees, stickball, stock car racing, and more, from the Colonial era to the present, examining how the pursuit of leisure has changed over time, reflecting shifting social, cultural, political and economic trends in the United States. Particular attention is paid to how leisure activities have varied by region, class, ethnicity, gender and age.

Notable Sports Figures (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Features biographies on more than 600 people from around the world and throughout history who have broken records, captured attention, or generated controversy that not only dominated and changed their sport but also had an impact on the society and culture of their times.

RKMA Market Research Reports (Richard K. Miller & Associates) Remote access available Full text available NEW!
Provides the full text of the following biennial reference handbooks that provide useful information for marketing, sports management, business administration, hospitality management, and more: Sports Marketing - Consumer Behavior - Consumer Marketing - Business-to-Business Marketing - International Consumer Markets - Retail Business Market Research Handbook - Leisure Business Market Research Handbook - Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook - Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook - Restaurant, Food & Beverage Market Research Handbook - and Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook.

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives, Thematic Series: Sports Figures (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Biographies of 500 athletes, team owners, sports promoters, and coaches, covering both living and deceased individuals from the 19th century to the present day. Appendices list subjects by sport and by era, it enabling users to do research on a particular sport or decade.

Also of Interest:

Encyclopedia of Health and Behavior (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
(See database page for description)

St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (GVRL) (InfoTrac/Gale Group) Remote access available Full text available
Covers the culture of mass appeal - all the experiences in life shared by a people in common as well as those things created for the majority to be easily understandable and accessible (often disseminated by the mass media) to them. Includes: social life, music, print, film, television, radio, sports, art, performance, food, fashion, holidays, hairstyles, and more, emphasizing American popular culture in the second half of the 20th century. Each entry analyzes the topic and its significance within the broader cultural context.

Database descriptions are adapted from each database's website.

NOVEL Database NOVEL (New York Online Virtual Electronic Library) is a statewide virtual library provided free to the public by the New York State Library. It is currently a pilot project funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant to the NY State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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