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November 22, 1999 - January 21, 2000

Gardens at the 
main mansion at C.W. Post

The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library of Long Island University's C.W. Post Campus celebrates the Centennial of Nassau County, Long Island, with this exhibit which portrays some of the opulent mansions on the Gold Coast that have been transformed into educational institutions.

This year marks the Centennial of Nassau County (1889-1999). In 1898, when New York City consolidated into five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the western portion of Queens, the eastern portion of Queens, including the towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead, and Oyster Bay, fought incorporation with New York City. Thus on April 27, 1898 Governor Black signed a bill which formed Nassau County effective January 1, 1899.

As of today Nassau continues to be a suburban dream. It is proximate to New York City and thus offers its residents the best of both worlds - city and country. According to historian Jon C. Teaford, "The continuing sense of being outside the city and offering a better alternative to the city has defined much of Nassau's history."

This centennial exhibit "Long Island Gold Coast: From Pen to Reel to Classroom" looks at some opulent mansions on the North Shore of Long Island (Gold Coast), which stretches from Great Neck to Huntington. These mansions have been captured in literature and on the silver screen, and some have been transformed into educational institutions. Some of these mansions are on C.W. Post Campus including:

C.W. Post Administration Building

The 70 room Hillwood home of Edward F. and Marjorie Merriweather Post Hutton, which is now the C.W. Post administration building

The Philip Gossler residence bought by Edward for his own use after the Huttons' divorce, which is now the Fine Arts building

Fine Arts Building
Lorber Hall

And Mariemont owned by Edward's brother W.E. Hutton, which is now Lorber Hall and contains the School of Accountancy.

Gold Coast Long Island's mansions were modeled after the English manor house. Here America's powerful financial and industrial tycoons built about a thousand estates in which they indulged in every fancy. They were indeed pleasure palaces and playgrounds. These sprawling mansions had between 50 and 100 rooms and hundreds of acres, sometimes as much as 1000 acres, of land. Prof. Rita Nurkin in her article, Yesterday's Mansions, Today's Gold Coast (Added Entries, Spring 1991), describes the opulence of these estates:

"These estates included such niceties as formal gardens and orchards, bridle paths and hunting fields, golf courses and grazing pastures, gambling casinos and theatres, marinas and stables, servant's cottages and guest houses, and both indoor and outdoor tennis courts and swimming pools. Architectural styles ran the gamut: English Tudor, French Chateau, Georgian, Gothic, Norman, Roman, Mediterranean, Spanish, or any combination thereof. European castles were bought, dismantled, shipped across the Atlantic stone by stone, and reconstructed in new world settings. One gentleman even purchased the cobblestones from a Parisian street to be used as the courtyard of his estate."

The Dollhouse
More gardens at C.W. 
Stecklow Gardens at C.W. Post

In time the upkeep of these mansions became impossible and a number of them were destroyed. Only about 200 of these mansions have now survived. Some are private homes without the extensive acreage; others are state and county owned estates, educational and religious institutions, museums and country clubs.

Nostalgically, as we now look back a hundred years into Nassau County's history, we realize that the splendid treasures of the North Shore of Long Island included not just the Who's Who of high society, such as the Vanderbilts, Astors and Guggenheims, but also eminent poets such as Walt Whitman, William Cullen Bryant, the first published African American poet, Jupiter Hammon, and more. These estates also provided elegant and scenic settings for several noteworthy movies, such as Love Story, Citizen Kane, The Godfather, and North by Northwest (see more).

Today, celebrating the centennial of Nassau County, we are pleased that this legacy continues - the North Shore is home to several contemporary poets, including Prof. Norbert Krapf, Director of the Poetry Center at C.W. Post Campus. Prof. Krapf has published two books of Long Island poems. Movies like the 1995 remake of Sabrina continue to use these mansions for elegant settings. Others, as The Great Gatsby, picture those fabled, halcyon days of the Gold Coast. Merging the fabulous and the functional, educational institutions take pride and continue to offer classes in these picturesque and historic settings, such as C.W. Post Campus, SUNY at Old Westbury, and New York Institute of Technology.

The exhibit has on display resources from this library, including materials from the Special Collections Department of the library, and some pictures from the New York Public Library. The exhibit committee would like to thank talented artist, Aehyun Jeong for her banner and artwork; Prof. Emily Lehrman, and Prof. Rita Nurkin for their earlier research on this topic, which was published in Added Entries, Spring 1991, and Fall 1992; Prof. Conrad Schoeffling for collaborating on this exhibit; and colleagues in the library for their support.

Also from the Special Collections Department of the Library:

From Long Island: Our Story:

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Exhibit Committee:
Prof. Manju Prasad-Rao, Coordinator
Prof. Dona McDermott
Prof. Elizabeth Mezick
Aehyun Jeong, Artist

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