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The Renovations of the Library Have Begun

The Library will be undergoing a long awaited major renovation this summer. Work began first in the Periodicals Department which remained open for business in the Hutchins Gallery on the lower level of the Library. Upon completion of this phase, the Technical Service departments moved into the southern part of the room with the updated Periodicals area occupying the remainder of the space.

In late June, the Reference Department was sealed off (along with what was formerly the Acquisitions and Cataloging Departments), and work began on this space to create a more user-friendly, modern Public Service area. An Information Desk will be added as well as a separate room for our Interlibrary Loan office. There are also plans to construct a Java Café on this floor.

During this period, the same high quality reference service will still be provided. The plan is to set up an information desk in the Bibliographic Instruction lab on the main floor, and the Reference Librarians will assist you there or direct you to the Center for Business Research (CBR) on the second floor. A large portion of the print reference sources will be relocated to the CBR, as will additional staff to assist you with your research. Your forbearance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

This renovation will update the current space, increase the number of computers available to students and faculty, improve access points for service, and allow the Library faculty to provide an even higher quality of service to the academic community than they do now. Recognizing that there will be inconveniences during this period and that some departments may have reduced hours or, possibly, a few closings, the Library will keep you abreast of our progress on this page. You can check the What's New? page to see when updates have been added or hours have been changed.

You can also call the Reference Department at (516) 299-2305 or 2306 for the latest updates. It is our hope that, this Fall, we will welcome you back to our all new library spaces.

Official Press Release

May 29, 2003 - Periodicals Department

The staff area behind the counter where
the loose periodicals usually are...

...gets moved to its temporary
home in the Hutchins Gallery.

The wall where the microfilm machines used to be.

A big empty room.

June 10, 2003 - Periodicals Department

The new carpet is in place, and the
walls have been painted.

The shelves and furniture are moved back in.

The new Periodicals Department.

A job well done.

The lower floor of the Library before the remodeling...

...and after. The new rooms will be used by
the Cataloging and Acquisitions Departments

June 18, 2003 - LIS Library

The Library and Information Science Library's periodicals and reference collection are moved downstairs to the Hutchins Gallery.

Two last pictures taken shortly before everything
was emptied out of the old room.

The counter on the left is now being used
in the new Periodicals Department.

Everything is set up in the
Hutchins Gallery downstairs.

The furniture from the lobby is temporarily stored
in the former LIS Library, which will become
office space for the librarians.

June 23, 2003 - Reference Department

The Reference Collection is moved upstairs to the Center for Business Research (CBR), except for the law books and reference books classified under F, G, and Z which are moved downstairs to the Hutchins Gallery with the Library Science Collection.

Students can still make use of these collections during the reconstruction, and the Reference Librarians are still available to offer assistance in the CBR upstairs and the Bibliographic Instruction Room on the main floor.

The Reference Department before
everything was moved out...

...and after...

The Reference Librarians settle into their temporary
home in the Center for Business Research upstairs.

When the reconstruction is complete,
the existing Reference Department...

...the former space of
the Acquisitions Department...

...which is now empty, having been moved
to the new offices built downstairs...

...and the Cataloging Department...

...which was also moved downstairs...

...as well as the lobby...

...will be joined into one huge room.

July 2, 2003 - Lobby and Reference Department

The Reference Department and part of the lobby
are blocked off behind temporary walls...

...so that construction can safely take
place behind them.

August 13, 2003 - Main Floor

Behind the wall, the carpet was removed
as new windows and other materials...

...arrived and were unpacked.

New lights...

...and wiring are installed...

...as well as new ceiling tiles

Lots of activity.

The section of lower ceiling on the right
will be over the new Reference Desk.

New office space is created.

August 28, 2003 - Main Floor

The major construction has been
finished in the Reference and...

...Acquisition Departments, and the
new carpet has been installed.

And work has now begun on...

...the final painting and trim.

Meanwhile, construction has spread
beyond the wall into the hallway...

...and the front of the Bibliographic Instruction Room.

September 5, 2003 - Main Floor

The painting is finished. The wall comes down, and
the new rooms are ready for the furniture to arrive.

The space where the Reference Desk will be.

The Bibliographic Instruction Room
and the Circulation Counter.
The walls separating the Reference Department from the hallway and lobby were removed to create a larger Reference Department with more computers that will be renamed Reference Commons. The wall separating the Acquisitions and Cataloging Departments was removed to create the Business, Law, and Information Science Sources (BLISS) that will house the collections of the former Center for Business Research and the Library and Information Science Library.

The main floor of the Library before the remodeling...

...and after.

October 20, 2003 - Main Floor

Once the main construction had
been completed, new shelves...

...and furniture were brought in. Shortly afterward,
the books were returned to their new home.

Thus, the former Reference Department...

...has become the new Reference Commons.

The former space of the Acquisitions
and Cataloging Departments...

...will now house the Business, Law, and
Information Science Sources (BLISS).

The former space of the Library and
Information Science Library...

...has been turned into office space for the
librarians. A conference room has been
built where the counter once was.

November 13, 2003 - Reference Commons

The new Reference Desk and furniture...

...new shelving and books...

...and new computer workstations are all in place...

...along with the new gazebo in the Business,
Law, and Information Science Sources (BLISS).

So Reference Commons has officially
opened for business and is now fully staffed...

...with librarians who are ready to help students
and faculty find whatever they need.

January 12, 2004 - Main Floor

Work has begun on the carpet and paint in the Circulation / Reserve area to coordinate its appearance with Reference Commons.

April 16, 2004 - Reference Commons

Dr. Donald L. Ungarelli, Dean of University Libraries (center), cuts the ribbon during the opening celebration for the remodeled library. On the left are the university officials: Vice President for Academic Affairs Jeffrey Kane, President David Steinberg, and Provost Joseph Shenker. The celebration included tours of the library and demonstrations of its many resources, online databases, and the new LivePerson online librarian service.

July 19, 2004 - Upper Level

Back on March 22, work began on the former...

...space of the Center for Business Research.

The books were removed...

...and the shelves were dismantled...

...as was the wall at the...

...service counter and reserve collection.

The new space will be...

...used for classrooms.

Almost full...

...and almost empty.

September 8, 2004 - Upper Level

As the semester begins, the new College of Management Suite and its classrooms are ready to be used. They join the School of Education office suite that was completed a few years ago.

The upper level before both renovations...

...and after.

January 12, 2005 - Lower Floor

The Digital Services and Art Slide Library has been moved out of the Instructional Media Center and into its new home in room 109 which was remodeled for this purpose.

December 2006 - Main Floor

The new café, which is being built in the corridor that leads to the computer labs, is nearing completion. A contest was held to find a name for it, and the entries are now being judged.

Two small rooms were combined into one.

Refrigerators and shelves were installed.

January 2007 - Main Floor

The Bookmark Café is now open with sandwiches, soups, salads, coffee, snacks, and much more.

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