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The purpose of this page is to provide the LIU Post campus faculty with useful information about the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. Much of this information can be found on the Library's website and the appropriate links are indicated. We hope this will introduce you to the Library's electronic resources, instruction programs, print and non-print sources, and services. Outlined also is a section on Faculty Involvement and how you can help us make the Library a better place. We invite you to call us at 299-2305 or 2306 to set up a tour, a class or even a general overview of what the Library has to offer. Or call us if you simply have questions.

A library is comprised of a broad range of information resources. It is not just a collection of books, journals, media and online databases, but also an information network that bridges the gap between the resources within the four walls of the building and access to worldwide digital information. More importantly, the library is a bridge to the campus academic community for which our resources and services have been developed to fulfill curricular needs. The resources and services described and listed here are just one part of the equation. The other part of the equation is the campus community. As faculty, your instructional and research needs are paramount to the resources and services that we provide and offer. I invite you to use this faculty guide, and to visit us either in the library or on the web. And when all is said and done, I hope you will marvel as I do at the richness of the resources, services, and the dedicated and outstanding staff available to you.    

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Electronic Resources

Database Searching
The Library subscribes to several hundred databases, and free end-user searching of most of them is available to all faculty and currently enrolled LIU students. Workstations to access these databases are located in all public service departments throughout the Library. Many of these databases are accessible from any University computer.

Locating Electronic Resources
For a listing, visit the library homepage. Under Online Databases - which lists a few of the most frequently used databases by vendor, such as Gale, ProQuest, Ebsco, Lexis-Nexis, and others - are also links to the complete Alphabetic and Subject listings of over 250 databases, including ERIC, PsycInfo, Medline, Library Literature, ABI/Inform Global, Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature, and SocINDEX. The Subject List also includes descriptions of each database.

Trial Databases
The Library periodically tests various databases to determine relevancy for the academic community. Trial databases are listed on the Reference homepage. If you have any recommendations for titles, please call us at 299-2305.

Instruction in Database Searching
Faculty and students can inquire in the Reference Department about individualized instruction in the use of the campus-wide databases and the Library's online catalog, LIUCat. See Bibliographic Instruction for more details.

Print and Non-Print Sources

The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library provides a comprehensive collection of over 500,000 paper volumes, 240,000 ebooks, and access to more than 49,000 periodicals. For additional information, go to the Library's homepage.

At this part of the website, you will also find information such as:

For descriptions of the collections held in various departments of the Library, you can also reach the individual department sites on the left of the Library homepage.

Locating Library Materials
Books: To search LIUCat, the catalog of the libraries of Long Island University, click on the Library Catalog Link on the Library website. Ask in the Reference Department for help using the Library catalog. You may also want to set up a session for your students. [See Bibliographic Instruction.] Inquire in Reference for a user guide entitled LIUCat.

The Library catalog, LIUCat, is also available on the web at liucat.lib.liu.edu

For instructions on using the web version of the catalog, ask in the Reference Department for the user guide entitled Using LIUCat.

Book Stacks
Circulating books are shelved on four open stack levels. The entrance to the stacks is at the rear of the lobby on the main floor of the Library and leads directly into stack level 4. Our Library, like most academic libraries, uses the Library of Congress Classification System [a combination of letters and numbers]. Ask in the Reference Department for the user guide to the LC system and appropriate stack levels, Finding Books: Navigating the Book Stacks.

There are also printed charts and guides throughout the Library to help you determine on which level your book is located. Please bring a current picture ID to obtain access to the stacks.

Borrowing Procedures
The main Circulation Desk [299-2303] for checking out books is located in the lobby near the exit door. The Instructional Media Center [299-2895] circulates its own materials. All faculty with valid ID cards are eligible to borrow books.

To check out a book, bring your LIU ID card to the Circulation Desk [near the exit door of the Library] to have your ID card activated as a Library card. The borrowing period for books is 28 days for students, but faculty can check a book out for 120 days and renew a book for that amount of time. IMC materials, other than films and videos, may be borrowed for two weeks. See the Circulation/Reserve page for additional information on placing a hold, recalling a book, overdue costs, etc.

The Periodicals Department [299-2872] on the lower level of the Library, houses a current and retrospective collection of over 7,000 journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications - over half of which are not available elsewhere through our online subscriptions to over 49,000 titles. The Periodicals Department colletion is particularly strong in education, psychology, social/political science, and literature.

All non-print media are located in the Instructional Media Center [299-2895] on the lower level of the Library. Their collection consists of over 2,100 DVDs, videos, and films with an additional 17,000 available online from Alexander Street Video and over 1,000 CDs and sound recordings with an additional 97,000 available online from the Naxos Music Library. All videos and hardcopy CDs are searchable through LIUCat. For their other media services, check their webpage.

Special Collections
Special Collections [299-2880] is located in Room 345 and includes rare and notable holdings. It is also includes: portions of the personal library of Eugene and Carlotta O'Neill, photographs of William Randolph Hearst's collection of objets d'art, material from the Theodore Roosevelt Association, and the Cedar Swamp Historical Society collection. In addition, this department is the official repository of archival materials of Long Island University.

Services for Faculty

Book a Librarian
In addition to online reference assistance, email assistance, telephone assistance, and, of course, visiting the library in person, students and faculty can also Book a Librarian to get intensive one-on-one research assistance and undivided attention. The library has many online and hardcopy resources that most people are unaware of, and the databases have advanced features for pulling up the desired results. People often think that they've tried all the possibilities and become convinced that the information that they need does not exist when there are still many more options. Please feel free to make an appointment using this form or by calling 516-299-4138 for a private consultation with a librarian.

Interlibrary Loan
Interlibrary Loan expands the range of publications available to the LIU Post community. Faculty may request that publications not held by LIU Post be borrowed from other libraries on a local or national level. For further information, visit the Library website where you can also fill out an online form, or call the Interlibrary Loan Department [299-2898].

Bibliographic Instruction
Various methods of instruction are available to faculty and students. Professors are encouraged to bring their classes to the Library for sessions targeting research methods and materials in specific disciplines.

Database Instruction for Faculty
For faculty members who want to find out more about the library's databases but can't come to us: we'll come to you! The library is offering a new program in which faculty can make an appointment for a librarian to come to your office at your convenience to demonstrate the latest databases. If you prefer, you can make an appointment for instruction in the library. Just email or call Jean Uhl, chair of the Library Liaison Committee (juhl@liu.edu, x2837), or Larry Kirschenbaum (ljkirsch@liu.edu, x2704) to make the appointment or for further details.

Class Instruction
Faculty can request an instruction session for their classes on using Library materials, LIUCat, online databases, the Internet, or on developing research strategies. Most faculty request these classes early in the semester to acquaint their students with the many types of resources available for their research. Students are most receptive when an assignment is given with a required research component. The Bibliographic Instruction Coordinator will discuss the type and level of instruction best suited to your needs. Call Reference to make these arrangements and remember to book early as the slots fill up quickly.

Most public service departments will provide this service for you, particularly if you would like to focus on the resources in one particular department. Those departments include: Library and Information Science [299-2826], Instructional Media Center [299-2895], or Periodicals [299-2872]. Call those departments directly for further information.

General Tours
We can arrange to give you or your students a general tour of the Library and an overview of resources and services available in the various Library departments. This can also include the use of LIUCat. Call 299-2305 for further information.

Internet Instruction
The Reference Librarians give introductory sessions to faculty and students on an individual basis or in a small group setting on using the Internet for research purposes. Please call to make arrangements for this type of instruction at 299-2305.

Reserve Collections
Materials on reserve consist primarily of books and photocopied articles which have been set aside at the request of faculty for the use of their students. Articles can also be scanned and made available through Electronic Reserve. To place materials on reserve, please allow us at least one month's notice prior to their required use. Unless otherwise indicated, the reserve status of an item automatically terminates at the end of the semester. For additional information on this collection, visit our website or call 299-2304.

Photoduplication and Digital Delivery
Photocopiers are available throughout the Library to photocopy microfilm, microfiche, books, and print materials. Arrangements can be made to have articles and sections of books copied and emailed.

Media Production
Faculty may consult with the Instructional Media Center personnel and have instructional materials prepared for classroom use -- slides, overhead transparencies, charts, laminations, etc. The faculty can also call the IMC [299-2895] for media previews, simple videotaping requests, and demonstrations of resources, equipment and media production methods.

Faculty Involvement

Faculty members share with the librarians a dual responsibility toward developing the Library collections. Your input can help us support the curriculum and anticipate future needs.

Library Liaison Program
The Library has instituted a program aimed at enhancing communication with the faculty. Librarians will work with teaching faculty to apprise them of the collections and services available to them and to their students. Faculty input into the collection development process will be welcomed. For liaison information, please see the Liaison webpage.

Library Committee
The Campus Library Committee is a group whose members are appointed by the Campus Committee on Committees to review the Library's effectiveness and help us to better serve the needs of the faculty and the academic departments. If you have an interest in the Library, you should considerer joining this important committee.

Collection Development: Ordering Books, Periodicals, Media, Databases
Recommendations for books to be purchased by the Library should be made to the Technical Services Department [299-2835]; recommended purchase of periodcals should be routed to the Periodicals Department [299-2872]; recommendations for media purchases should be sent to the Instructional Media Center [299-2895]; recommendations for databases should be made to the Database Coordinator in the Reference Department [299-2306]. Faculty members will be notified if their recommended titles are purchased. (Also see our Collection Policy Statement)

Exhibits and Lecture Series
The Library sponsors and mounts exhibits in the Library lobby on a regular basis throughout the year. We welcome participation by the faculty for recommending topics and/or preparing and hanging exhibits. For information about past Library exhibits, consult our website.

The Spring exhibits are often accompanied by a lecture series. Faculty members are urged to participate in this program as guest lecturers. For past themes and titles, consult the website listed above. Contact the Exhibits Coordinator at 299-2895 for further details.

Post Library Association
The Library has an active friends of the Library group called the Post Library Association [PLA] whose mission is to plan many cultural and educational events for the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. Faculty often join this association and participate in their lectures, exhibits, book sales, book talks, concerts, etc. For a schedule of events and membership information, visit them on the web.

What's New, and Other Publications
The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library publishes a What's New Blog to keep the LIU Post community informed of the latest library developments.

Library departments have published newsletters and bibliographies, such as: Library Link, Ref Notes, CBR Business Alert, CBR Faculty Alert. Some of these publications are available on our websites.

Gifts to the Library
The Technical Services Department [299-2848] of the Library welcomes donations of books, periodicals, recordings, and other types of materials. Those items that cannot be used may be sold.

In addition, because the Special Collections Department has been designated as the official archive for Long Island University, and especially the LIU Post Campus, it therefore collects all University-wide in-house documents. Faculty are urged to contribute appropriate items, including their own book and periodical publications.

More Information

Library Websites at a Glance

Library Email Addresses

Important Library Telephone Numbers

Department/Service Ext.
Acquisitions 2835
Archives 2880
Bibliographic Instruction 2305
Cataloging 2835
Circulation 2303
Collection Development 2835
Dean's Office 2307
Digital Initiatives and Art Slide Library 2928
Exhibits Coordinator 2868
Gifts and Exchange 2848
Homepage 2305
Information Technology 4255
Department/Service Ext.
Instructional Media Center [IMC] 2895
Interlibrary Loan 2898
Library & Information Science Library [LIS] 2826
Media Production 2895
Periodicals 2872
Rare Books 2880
Reference 2305
Reserves 2304
Slide Library 2928
Special Collections 2880
Technical Services 2835

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