Exhibit Guidelines

The exhibits in the main lobby are coordinated by the Library Exhibit Committee and the Instructional Media Center. Most of these exhibits are educational in nature, well researched, artistically developed, and promote the resources of the library. The IMC maintains a rich collection of study prints and picture files. Resources from past exhibits are also maintained here and are available for use. Campus faculty members are invited to participate.

  1. Any faculty member may volunteer to mount an exhibit. The subject and scope of the proposed exhibit should be discussed at a meeting with the Exhibit Committee.

  2. The faculty members may assemble the exhibit from materials available in the library, or from other sources, or from an outside agency.

  3. The exhibits should display quality and conceptual development appropriate to the subject of the exhibit and should attempt to publicize the resources of the library.

  4. Some assistance will be extended by the Instructional Media Center, for example mounting posters (maximum 8), provision of reasonable supplies. No artwork will be done by the IMC staff. Banners, word processing, putting on simple backings, selecting book jackets or books, and physically mounting the exhibits should be done of by the faculty member(s).

  5. Please check with the coordinator for availabilty of dates for exhibit.

  6. No security is available for the materials exhibited.

  7. The faculty member is in charge of taking down the exhibit on the assigned date.

Contact for exhibits:
Prof. Manju Prasad-Rao
Tel: (516) 299-2868
e-mail: mprasad@phoenix.liu.edu