The Instructional Media Center houses a growing educational film, video, and DVD collection which is used not only by C.W. Post and LIU faculty but is interloaned to other Long Island University campuses. With over 1500 titles, the collection has strong holdings in the fields of education, literature, nutrition, and library science. Films and videos may be viewed at IMC or shown in classrooms. Please contact Audio Visual Services for equipment delivery to classroom.

IMC Film and Video titles have been integrated into the main library online catalog and can be searched online.
Long Island University Public Catalog Search IMC Film and Video Titles

DVD's are yet to be integrated into the main library online catalog. Please see the list below for available DVD's.
IMC DVD Title List

Films and videos are selected by the staff of the IMC on the basis of relevancy to the curriculum and the overall quality of production. Faculty requests and recommendations for purchase of titles are always welcome.

To obtain titles from rental sources please contact Audio Visual Services at (516) 299-2311.

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The Instructional Media Center is in the process of developing a software and CD-ROM collection covering a wide range of academic disciplines to supplement C.W. Post's curriculum. The IMC lab is equipped with two multimedia computers - Mac and PC based.

At present, programs include children's titles (such as Reader Rabbit, Millie's Math House, Sammy's Science House) as well as higher education titles in biology, physics, political science, English, foreign language, and mathematics.

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