Media Presentations

Would it be better for me to use overheads or slides?

A number of factors are to be considered. You can use a simple Power Point application for making a slide presentation on the computer and use a LView Presenter if necessary to show this presentation on a large screen. If you are not sure that the facility has all of this equipment, then it is a better and less expensive solution to use overheads. Overheads, unlike slides, can be shown with the room lights on and provide enormous flexibility to the presenter. Overheads can be printed from the computer or by using a thermofax transparency machine. This service is available at IMC. However, IMC does not have the equipment to make traditional slides from a computer presentation. This will have to be sent to a service outside and is expensive.

I would like to add narration to my slides and sequence my slides with the narration.

You may use our Singer Caramate machine to record your narration or music. You can use the same machine to add a 50 hertz signal to record your slide changes and then advance your slides automatically. Presentations on the computer using Power Point allow you to add slide advance and special effects.

Instructional Charts, Graphs and Tables

I have to do a poster presentation at a conference. I have already printed the charts and tables using Power Point. Could you help me put this together?

The IMC has poster boards in a variety of different colors, size 32"x 40". Generally two of these are used for the presentation. Large lettering for titles can be done using a Leteron machine. If you need any table top signs to accompany this, they can be done in several different ways.

Mounting and Laminating

I have an old map which I would like to show to my students. Can this be mounted and preserved?

The map can be mounted on poster board and can be then laminated. The lamination provides a layer of film which preserves the map from aging and weather conditions. However, once you mount & laminate, you will not be able to change the mount or remove the lamination. Lamination can be done for sizes not exceeding 25".

Instructional Signs, Brochures, and Fliers

I need some signs with large lettering, about 1", for a bulletin board display. Can this old picture be scanned to put with the display?

Currently IMC is able to help in a limited capacity for these needs. Multimedia lab facilities with many software packages will soon be available for faculty use at IMC. Currently some signs are made by IMC staff using either computer or Leteron machine. Images for brochures, fliers and other applications can be scanned in many different formats.

Copy Slides

I have to prepare slides for a lecture in art history. I obtained these books from the library collection. Could you make slides of the marked pages?

IMC has a photo stand with lights, and a 35 mm camera with closeup lenses. The film (limit of 2 rolls, per person, per semester) is provided by IMC. The processing and any other costs are paid by the professor requesting this service.

Videotaping and Audioduplication

I am a professor in the Speech Department and I would like to have my student's presentations videotaped for viewing later. Can this be done at IMC?

Please schedule your students to come in groups. We will give you the times available and schedule the space as needed. Students should provide their own tape. IMC does simple videotaping without editing or special effects. Please contact Audiovisual if you would like to borrow equipment for taping in the classroom.

I have been asked by the Foreign Language Department to request duplication of the Italian language cassettes, Lessons 2-4.

IMC provides this service for both faculty and students. Please leave your blank tape and instructions and it will be duplicated using the high speed machines. This service takes 2-3 days.

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