Quotations on learning and the future of technology

"The most important media of the 21st century will provide the framework for the next level of human thought. The most important learning of the 21st century will be to develop our abilities to conceive, represent and ponder this next step on the mountain."
Alan Kay
Apple Research Home Page WWW

"..tools changed the pressures of natural selection and so changed the structure of man."
Sherwood L. Washburn
Scientific American
"Technology is like a steamroller. If you are not on the steam roller you are destined to become part of the road."
Bits & Pieces Magazine
"Our common knowledge is our external DNA."
Stephen Hawking / Hazel Henderson
"If I had six hours to chop a tree, I'd spend the first four hours sharpening the ax."
Abraham Lincoln
"To look is one thing. To see what you look is another. To understand what you see is third. To learn from what you understand is still something else. But to act on what you really learn is all that matters."

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