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The Library Competency Workshop is a seven-week course that will help students identify, locate, evaluate and use the resources of the library in an ethical and legal manner. This course covers the basics of library research; finding books using the library's online catalog - LIUCat; finding periodical articles, especially scholarly journal articles, in online databases; evaluating information sources and properly citing references. Participation in this class fulfills the library competency requirement.

Library Competency Workshop Schedule:

Sec.DayStartsTimeRoomInstructor Sec.DayStartsTimeRoomInstructor
2Wednesday Mar 18 12:30-1:25 LB 220 (LI Lab) Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes 5Thursday Jan 22 12:30-1:25 LB 220 (LI Lab) Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes
3Wednesday Jan 21 12:30-1:25 LB 220 (LI Lab) Lawrence Paretta 6Monday Jan 26 12:30-1:25 LB 220 (LI Lab) Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes
4Tuesday Mar 17 12:30-1:25 LB 220 (LI Lab) Eduardo Rivera 7Cancelled        
NOTE: Sections 2 and 4 begin in March

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