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September 11, 2001

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Jargon Watch
"A stylish, jargon-filled opacity of style does not
substitute for lucid profundity"
A.L. McLeod

"In his preface, [the Author] describes the attempted 'metonymy of linking being with history' in a meetly meted prose which messalinically mimics a metrazolic mirage magnifying our culture's metolic mode of chemo-mechanical maturation paradigms of onto-focus."

"The following work aims to establish that organized inorganic beings are originarily - and as marks of the de-fault of origin out of which there is time - constitutive (in the strict phenomenological sense) of temporality as well as spaciality, in quest of a speed 'older' than time and space, which are the derivative decompositions of speed. Life is the conquest of mobility"

"The structure of the bricolage conforms in many ways to the phenomenological analysis of the work of art as a privileged locus of disclosure of the horizontal structure of human experience."

"In this intriguing study, [the Author] argues that what we traditionally consider ontological, normative, or epistomologically foundational is, for Nietzsche, irreducibly rhetorical, the product of a fluid tropological economy whose currency comprises units of metaphor, synecdoche, and metonymy."

"'Metafiction' is one term used to designate fiction that willfully (and perhaps perversely) subverts the mimetic illusion of stories, calls attention to its own artiface, and ultimately, in treating itself as a pardigm [paradigm?] for the construction of all meaning and reality, takes itself as its only real subject. Not surprisingly, this kind of intensely self-conscious (or, to use another fashionable critical term, 'reflexive') literature has been commonly considered a peculiarly postmodern phenomenon, strongly associated with the epistemological tenets and mannerisms of poststructuralist (especially deconstructive) literary theory."

"This study builds on a Bakhtinian understanding of the dialogic and establishes that discourses are not necessarily binary or polarized but in apposition to each other."

"A few of the book's essays are technical and thus accessible only to professional philosophers."
[Not really jargon, but "professional" philosophers?]

"This book advances the claim that moral actors are best understood as substitution instances occupying argument places in a schema formed in predicate calculus."

"In particular, the essay 'Intentionality versus Intuition' reinforces what [the Author] demonstrates is the 'initially immanent status of representation of our understanding, without thereby driving the epistomologist, just awakened from his dogmatic slumbers, into the exile of phenomenalism.'"

And the winner is:
"Ontologically, I have prioritized the triunity of space, time and causality; stressed the fivefold causal chain consisting, typically, in the transfactual efficacy of the generative mechanism of structures, the rythmic (viz., irreducibly tensed A-serial spatializing processual) exercise of their causal powers, potentially mediated by the holistic causality and intra-activity of an (in general) partial totality, dependent in the human sphere upon the embodied intentional causal agency of emergent structurata, codetermining a concretely singularized conjunctural outcome."

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