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Library Liaison Program

The purpose of the Library Liaison Program is to establish an ongoing partnership with teaching faculty. This contact, or liaison, can answer questions about the library and inform faculty of library services, programs and resources. The liaison also acts as a conduit for obtaining information from the academic community regarding issues that affect the library and library services.

Some of the intended goals of the program are to:

  • Identify faculty perceptions and needs
  • Increase the student and faculty use of the library
  • Improve quality of library collections
  • Provide materials pertinent to courses in a timely fashion

Frequently asked questions Library Information for Faculty

The following is a list of liaisons arranged by school and department.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department/Program Library Liaison
Biology Robert Battenfeld, x2165
Chemistry Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Criminal Justice Lawrence Paretta, x4142
Earth and Environmental Science Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Economics Lawrence Paretta, x4142
English Literature Mellissa Hinton, x3525
Foreign Languages Natalia (Natasha) Tomlin, x3441
History Selenay Aytac, x3443
International Studies Selenay Aytac, x3443
Mathematics Louis Pisha, x4143
Philosophy Louis Pisha, x4143
Physics Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Political Science/International Studies Selenay Aytac, x3443
Psychology Robert Battenfeld, x2165
Psy D Program (Doctoral) Robert Battenfeld, x2165
Sociology and Anthropology Natalia (Natasha) Tomlin, x3441

College of Education, Information and Technology

Department/Program Library Liaison
Communication Sciences & Disorders Sue Ketcham, x2572
Counseling & Development Kimberly Mullins, x3645
Curriculum & Instruction Sue Ketcham, x2572 & Maria Zarycky, x2895
Doctoral Program in Interdisciplinary Educational Studies (Ed.D.) Eduardo Rivera, x2164
Educational Leadership and Administration Natalia (Natasha) Tomlin, x3441
Health, Physical Education & Movement Science Emily Walshe, x4141
Special Education & Literacy Eduardo Rivera, x2164 & Maria Zarycky, x2895
Computer Science and Management Engineering Kimberly Mullins, x3645
Palmer School of Library & Information Science Laura Manzari, x2826
Information Studies (PhD) Laura Manzari, x2826

College of Arts, Communications and Design

Department/Program Library Liaison
Art Catherine Larkin, x3504
Media Arts Emily Walshe, x4141
Music Jean O'Neill-Uhl, x2837
Theatre, Film, Dance and Arts Management Lawrence Paretta, x4142

School of Health Professions and Nursing

Department/Program Library Liaison
Biomedical Science Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Nursing Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Nutrition Lawrence Kirschenbaum, x2704
Social Work Jean O'Neill-Uhl, x2837

College of Management

Department/Program Library Liaison
Finance Elizabeth Mezick, x2985
Management Elizabeth Mezick, x2985
Marketing and International Business Elizabeth Mezick, x2985
Professional Accountancy Elizabeth Mezick, x2985
Health Care & Public Administration Emily Walshe, x4141

Other LIU Post Offices

Department/Program Library Liaison
Honors College Emily Walshe, x4141
Interdisciplinary Major Jean O'Neill-Uhl, x2837
ISS International Student Services Selenay Aytac, x3443
LIU Brentwood Bill Roberson, x3529
Professional Experience & Placement Elizabeth Mezick, x2985

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which database(s) would most appropriately cover topics within my discipline?

A listing of our databases by subject area is available.

Can I access the library databases from my office?

All databases can be accessed from any computer that is part of the university network unless it is otherwise marked.

Can I access the library databases from home or elsewhere off campus?

Databases that are available off campus are marked with a graphic on the main database pages and a red asterisk on the brief database page. See the remote access instructions for more details.

I want to know what Periodicals we have in my subject area?

Use the drop-down menu under the "Search" tab of the periodicals search page to browse through online and hardcopy holdings, or you may call the Periodicals Department at ext. 2872 for a print-out.

Do I need a Library Card to check out a book?

Your LIU Faculty Card will be bar-coded and activated as your Library Card. Do that at the Circulation Desk.

Can I use other college libraries?

Ask in Reference or Interlibrary Loan for a Research Loan Program Card for Nassau and Suffolk County Libraries. For NYC Libraries, speak directly to the University Director of Libraries at ext. 2764.

How do I arrange for my class to learn how to use the Library's databases, the Library's homepage, or the Library catalog?

Call the Instructional Services Librarian at ext. 4142 and s/he will either make the arrangement or direct you to the appropriate department.

How do I order a book for the Library?

You have 4 options:
  1. Send a catalog, advertisement or flyer to the Technical Services Department and check the items needed
  2. Fill out an order card or this form and send it to the Technical Services Department
  3. Email us Post-Acqudept@liu.edu and include your name and department in the request
  4. Least preferable but still a possibility, call the Technical Services Department at ext. 2835
Also see our Collection Policy Statement.

If I want the Library to purchase a video or audiocassette, whom do I call?

Call the Instructional Media Center at ext. 2895

I want to recommend that the Library purchase a database, whom do I call?

The Database Coordinator in the Reference Department at ext. 2305 can help you with that request.

How much money has been allotted for my department to spend on Library materials?

Ask the University Director of Libraries for that information at ext. 2764.
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