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Volume 1, Issue 2       Spring 2006

Books permit us to voyage through time, to tap the wisdom of our ancestors. The library connects us with the insights and knowledge, painfully extracted from Nature, of the greatest minds that ever were, with the best teachers, drawn from the entire planet and from all of our history, to instruct us without tiring, and to inspire us to make our own contribution to the collective knowledge of the human species...

Carl Sagan      

The Library Website Turned Ten and Now We're Blogging

The Library Homepage turned ten years old on December 4th. Imagine that! We are three years older than Google. Lots of changes have occurred in the last decade, not only in our look but also in our content. Originally, we designed our site to promote the resources and services we provided our students and faculty. With so many resources now available online and electronically, our website serves as a portal to a virtual library that is not only substantial but always accessible. As librarians, we try to stay abreast of the latest technologies and stimulate interest in our library by adding new and different features to our website.

Most recently, we redesigned the What's New In The Library section of the website to resemble a blog. A blog is a public website or weblog that is frequently updated and similar to a web journal. In fact, Rebecca Blood (the foremost expert on weblogs) attributes the concept of blogs to Jorn Barger in 1997. A Google search reveals that he coined the term to describe the process of "logging the web" as he surfed. But it is a technology that has become popular in the mainstream only in the past few years. Currently, there are over 20 million blogs on every imaginable subject.

Here at the LIU Post Library, our blog is theme-centered (library news and events), with short, frequent, dated entries listed in reverse chronological order under What's New In The Library. For us, this is another way of reaching out to the campus community. Our website is a way to give our patrons (and all other visitors) the latest library information and news. It is here that we announce the addition of new databases, highlight items in our collection, provide tips on how to make the most of library resources, promote lectures, exhibits, and other special library events. A text box in the upper right corner gives the latest breaking news (e.g. server down, database crashed, etc.), quotes, or research tips. We may choose to archive these tips, tricks, and ideas for future reference.

The buzz on our blog is good, but it will be interesting to imagine where we will be in another ten years. Podcasts will be passé, wiki will be mainstream, and the digital divide might be closed. But be sure, we will be on board, learning, teaching, using, and promoting the newest technologies.

Jacqueline Elsas
Reference Department

Photoduplication of Library Materials

Faculty and students can now make an online request for a digital delivery of an article in a periodical title held by the library. However, before making an online request you will need to determine if the title is held in the library or available in full-text in an online database. The digital delivery request form page conveniently links to both the library's online catalog, which can be used to search for periodical holdings, and the "Full-Text Journal Search" for locating online journals in full-text databases. Materials not held by the library should be ordered through the Interlibrary Loan department. If you need assistance finding an online journal, please contact the Periodicals Department in the library, in person, by phone (ext. 2872), or by email (Post-Periodicals@liu.edu). The online form replaces the print form previously used to request materials.

The "Digital Delivery Request Form" can be found on the Periodical Department's homepage or by going directly to: http://liu.cwp.libguides.com/periodicals/digitaldelivery.

Media in Motion

The Instructional Media Center's (IMC) partnership with classroom faculty for the selection of videos and DVDs has resulted in a rich and much-used collection of over 1500 titles. Viewing these educational DVDs and videos is often a part of students' classroom assignments. In the IMC preview area, students learn and relax. Indeed, there is something useful and interesting for everyone.

In recent years there have been many developments which have helped in the integration of the use of media in the classroom, such as ease of use, afford ability, and interactivity. Last year IMC staff members replaced important film titles with VHS and DVD formats. In addition, a project is ongoing to enter all of the IMC titles in the LIU online catalog and thereby facilitate access.

In fact, all of the VHS titles are already available online and can be searched on campus and remotely.

New faculty members who are not acquainted with the IMC can call for a personalized tour of our facility. If you wish to order any titles for use in your classroom please call, visit, or send us pertinent details.
Faculty-requested titles are ordered in a timely manner, and all attempts are made to obtain the title.

Manju Prasad-Rao
Instructional Media Center

Music Notes

IMC has over 450 CD titles and a subscription to two major music databases with well-known recordings. Students and classes are welcome to listen to these recordings in the IMC or access these databases from campus.

The NAXOS music library provides access to over 90,000 music files from more than 6,200 CDs, with almost 7,000 composers represented. It includes primarily classical music, a wide range of rare repertoire, jazz, and world music. Music can be searched by genre, composer, country, title, period, year of composition, instrument, music category, name of artist/performing group, or a combination of these criteria. Faculty can create and edit play lists that can be made available to students.

Classical Music Archives offers tens of thousands of classical music flies that you can listen to at the click of your mouse. Over 1700 composers are represented - with biographies and timelines. (Note 2012: no longer available.)

Look at http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/database/music.htm for these and other music databases.

Jean Uhl
Instructional Media Center

Attention: LIU Post Faculty

Want to find out more about the Library's databases?

Can't come to us?

We'll go to you!

Dear Faculty Member:

The Library is offering a new program for faculty in which you can make an appointment for a librarian to come to your office at your convenience to demonstrate the latest databases. If you prefer, you can make appointments for instruction in the Library. Just email or call Jean Uhl, Chair, Library Faculty Liaison Committee (juhl@liu.edu, x2837) or Larry Kirschenbaum (ljkirsch@liu.edu, x2704) to make the appointment and for further details.

Electronic Reserve System

The Library's new Electronic Reserve System (ERES) appears to be off to a great start!

It enables your students to view and print your reserve articles from any computer, both on campus and off campus. The password is your last name. Included in your list of Reserve articles will be a page citing your Reserve books. Please encourage your students to access your materials electronically as it will give them much more flexibility.

You can email your article to us, either as an attachment or a weblink, or simply give us a hard copy. Request forms must accompany the articles.

Since Spring 2005, after new articles are scanned, we will immediately either return them to you or if you prefer, discard them.

We will still need one hard copy from you in order to scan it.

Please take a look at your course page on the electronic reserve homepage at: http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/reserve/index.html

Select your name from the instructor list and press GO. Your password is your last name. When you click on your course, a list of the reserve articles in PDF format will appear. As the documents are password protected, you will need to type in your password again. Information for faculty can be found at: http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/reserve/faculty.htm#copyright

To ensure the success of the system, we need your help. One of the major changes is that articles cannot be used for continuous terms. We know this will be a change and a hardship for some of you, but this really was the policy all along. It is necessary to be in compliance with U.S. copyright law. Generally speaking, under the Fair Use doctrine there is a one-semester limitation for items on reserve.

One solution is to review your articles and to keep only the articles you need for that particular term. We can archive your articles and put them on reserve during the term you'll be using them.

Please remember, this means all articles available for one term will not be available for the next term, unless you get copyright permission.

Nancy Menton
Circulation Department

Memorial to Librarian

Our colleague, Prof. Ellen Emmett, will be honored by a stained glass work of art soon to be on display in the Library. Her friends and fellow librarians commissioned the piece, which was designed by Steve Moskowitz and fabricated by Gordon Stained Glass Studios.

For most of her career, Ellen was the Head of the Graduate Library School Library and was also in the Acquisitions Department. She was well-known throughout the campus, having served with the Collegial Federation and on its negotiating team for several years.

A dedication ceremony will be scheduled for the Spring, and the campus community will be notified of the date.

Rob Battenfeld

Rob Battenfeld, the new Head of the Periodicals Department, comes to us with eighteen years of experience in the Library at the Southampton Campus. During that time, Rob performed reference services, including searching the periodicals databases, and shared the supervision of periodicals. Since he also did the systems work and maintained the library's computer, he has great facility with all aspects of computers.

Rob received his Masters of Library Science at the Queens College (CUNY) School of Library and Information Studies, and worked at the Harvard Club in New York prior to going to the Southampton Library. Living in Hampton Bays with his wife, Caroline V. Gatewood, a neurologist, and two cats (Bat and Eve), Rob used to kayak to work occasionally while at Southampton. Now he drives a hybrid car that gives him 40-50 miles per gallon in his long trip to and from Post - great mileage but surely not as much fun as coming to work by kayak.

If you've heard the sound of bagpipes around campus during lunch time, it's Rob practicing. He has played for six years and is a member of the Peconic Warpipes, an Irish pipe band that plays Scottish and Irish music in local parades and at the St. Patrick's Day parade in Manhattan. (Warpipes, in case you wondered, comes from the traditional Irish name for bagpipes.)

We welcome Rob to his new position as Head of the Periodicals Department, and look forward to working with him. His email is Robert.Battenfeld@liu.edu, and his phone is x2165, if you would like to get in touch.

Serials Solutions

We now have links to our print and microform periodical holdings in Serial Solutions. You can either do a search for a particular journal, browse the title list, or browse through a subject list. It will also work with Article Linker from within a database.

The links will appear as:
LIU Libraries Periodical Holdings [Print/Microform]

This will take users to the ISSN listing in LIUCat. They will need to click on the ISSN to get to the Holdings Summary for the title.

Q: What's the ISSN?
A: International Standard Serial Number.

Noteworthy Items

Conrad Schoeffling taught undergraduate students in several Art History classes about The Book of Kells in September, October, and November, 2005. He also taught undergraduate and graduate classes on the Irish Literary Renaissance, The Irish Writers, and an overview of the Special Collections Department.

Awarded the Provost's Certificate of Recognition for Staff were: Janice Angliss, Lauren Danetra, Danielle Fischer, and Marie Romano. They were honored for their ongoing efforts on the Library inventory project.

Congratulations for being honored for fifteen years of service to Lawrence Kirschenbaum, JoAnn Hong, and Susan Yu, and to Elizabeth Horton, an administrator for twenty years.

Many thanks to William Tornow for forty years of service.

Very best wishes to newlyweds Donna Marciano and Mike Graziose.

Congratulations to Janice Angliss and Catherine Vidal, who graduated from the Palmer School.

Dona McDermott published "Library Instruction for High-Risk Freshmen: Evaluating an Enrichment Program" in Reference Services Review, v.33 (2005).

Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes and Marilyn Rosenthal published "Remote Access Revisited: Disintermediation and its Discontents" in the Journal of Academic Librarianship, v.31 (2005).

Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes published "Grove Art Online/The Dictionary of Art Revisited" in The Charleston Advisor, v.7 (2006).

BiblioFile is the LIU Post Library newsletter, published from time to time by the Library Public Relations Committee. This publication contains news and notes about the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library. Your comments, questions and story suggestions are always welcome. Email: bibliofile@cwpost.liu.edu

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