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vol. 6 no. 1, Spring 1998

New Online Information Service

The Library is offering students and faculty a new search service called FirstSearch. It is an interactive online information system available on the World Wide Web that gives the user timely information on and from books, journal articles, films, computer software and other materials in a wide variety of subject areas. It permits the user to do reference searches on their own without in-depth training. In general, FirstSearch provides access to 60 databases and gives you citations and abstracts (in some cases) of books and articles. We are happy to report that some of these databases include the complete text of articles, with new ones soon to be added. They are:

  • ArticleFirst
  • Business & Industry
  • Business Dateline
  • FastDoc
  • New York Times
  • Periodical Abstracts.

The librarians will help you choose the appropriate databases and give you tips on formulating your search. Since most of these databases are not found on the Library's CD-ROM network, we are broadening the range of information available for our users by offering this service. Some of these same indexes are available in the Library in print form. But by using FirstSearch the user can achieve better results by being able to perform boolean searches, something that print indexes do not permit. Following is a sampling of some of the other databases that might interest you.

Some of the other topic areas included in FirstSearch are:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Business and economics
  • Conferences and proceedings
  • Consumer affairs and people
  • Education
  • Engineering and technology
  • General and reference
  • General science
  • Life science
  • Medicine and health sciences
  • News and current events
  • Public affairs
  • Social sciences
  • Law

Another nice feature of FirstSearch is that it allows the user to download or e-mail records. It is also possible to order documents through this service as long as the Order action is displayed as an option on the Full Record Display. But most useful is that it will even tell you which libraries have copies of a desired item.

How do I actually do a FirstSearch?

Go to any public service department (e.g., Reference, Periodicals, Center for Business Research, Government Information, Instructional Media Center) and ask a librarian for help. The librarian will log you on to the service, since it requires a password, and then you can select a topic area and database from a menu and follow the online instructions. Always check the screen for search tips to help refine searches. Once online you can use the buttons and links on the FirstSearch screens to navigate and do a search. Help is just a key stroke away.

Come to the Library and do a FirstSearch. There's a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects available with the click of a mouse - one stop shopping. It's free to our students and faculty and we're sure that once you use FirstSearch for the first time, it won't be your last.
Jackie Elsas
Kelly Turzillo

Services Update

Faculty may now submit requests for library acquisitions via e-mail. To submit your request, send a bibliographic description of the item (i.e., author/editor, title, publisher, year of publication and ISBN) to the following address: Please also indicate the source you used to obtain the bibliographic information (e.g., publisher's catalog or website, advertisement, bibliography or review citation). Be sure to type BOOK REQUEST in the subject field of the message and when appropriate note if your request requires RUSH attention.

What's New?

The Library and Information Science Library recently purchased approximately sixty titles in the field of qualitative research. While these resources were originally ordered to support Palmer School Ph.D. students, they are available to the entire University community for its research needs.

The National Business Employment Weekly is currently available in the Center for Business Research. Each issue contains hundreds of job ads reprinted from regional editions of the Wall Street Journal. It also features articles on resume writing, interviewing, job hunting strategies - including the Internet job search, and tips for managing your career.

The U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook, successor to the U.S. Industrial Outlook, provides forecasts and public and private sector analysis for hundreds of U.S. industries grouped into some fifty major categories. It is available in both Government Information (C61.48:998) and the Center for Business Research (Bus HC 101 .U54).

The Periodicals Department has recently begun its acquisition of the American Periodicals Series, a microfilm collection of periodicals published in the United States between 1741 and 1900. Series I includes the American Magazine, the first magazine published in America. Godey's Magazine, also known as Godey's Lady's Book, is among the titles found in Series II. The entire collection, through Series III, is expected to be available by 1999.

The Biography and Genealogy Master Index is one of a number of CD-ROM resources which recently debuted in the Reference Department. It is a comprehensive index to current and retrospective biographical dictionaries that covers both contemporary and historical figures in all disciplines. Another significant addition to Reference's CD-ROM collection is the Oxford English Dictionary. Stop by the Reference Department to check out the many CD-ROM resources now at your disposal.

InfoTrac SearchBank is now available in the Center for Business Research. In addition to all the features previously available on the CD-ROM version, this web-accessible remote reference system allows you to retrieve information as soon as the publisher's database is updated. Full-text is also available for many of the indexed sources. Full-text documents may be sent directly to your personal e-mail account.

Web Sightings

New to Reference's Virtual Reference Collection are the last two links under Search Engines: Understanding and Comparing Web Search Tools and How to Choose the Search Tools You Need. The links provide handouts and charts comparing popular search engines, such as AltaVista and Excite, as well as tips on using them efficiently.

The New York State Government Information Locator Service provides addresses for many executive agency sites.

If you would like to share your favorite websites with others at LIU, please send the web address and a brief description of the site to us, and we will try to include it in a future edition of Library Link.

Around Campus

Many rare items from the Library's Special Collections are on view in the Hillwood Art Museum exhibition "Reflected Images: Illustrated Poetry" from March 2 through April 12, 1998.

In recognition of the 150th Anniversary of Women's Rights and the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Library is presenting the exhibition "Women's Human Rights." The exhibition will be on view from March 9 through April 30, 1998.

People in the News

Ryan Athanas was recently appointed as an Adjunct Librarian in the Library's Acquisitions Department.

Best wishes to Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor Kelly Turzillo and her fiance on their upcoming wedding on June 13, 1998.

On February 4, 1998, Professor Melvin Sylvester, head of the Periodicals Department, presented the keynote address, "The Development of Republicanism and Its Impact on the Lives of African Americans," to the Hempstead Republican Club.

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