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Spring 2005

Reference Services Round-Up

A new form of online reference is now available: LivePerson, coordinated by Elizabeth Mezick. This chat service allows the user to Ask A Librarian a question and receive help online. The beauty of this kind of reference is that the user and the librarian can hold an interactive, realtime conversation. So far, questions have been wide ranging, and the response from students and faculty has been positive. In some instances we have even sent or emailed articles directly to the student. If you haven't tried the new service yet, please do so and give us your feedback (emezick@liu.edu ).

Recently, the Library subscribed to RefWorks, a program that allows the user to create a personal source list, import references from the Library's databases, and format bibliographies in seconds. This will be particularly useful for faculty and graduate research. Contact Database Coordinator, Wendy Roberts, for further information (wroberts@liu.edu).

In response to faculty requests, we are pleased to announce a subscription to JSTOR, the scholarly journal archive. This unique database contains the complete archives of a core of scholarly journals in a variety of subjects. We currently subscribe to the Arts and Sciences Collections I and II, accessing over 200 titles. Full-text articles in this scholarly archive are available on campus and remotely to students and faculty.

Amrita Madray, our Plagiarism Coordinator, has created a Plagiarism Guide for LIU Post Faculty, that is part of the Library's website. Recently she created a Plagiarism Guide for LIU Post Students. She also gave presentations during freshman orientation stressing the importance of avoiding plagiarism. Her hands-on exercises were designed to demonstrate how easy it is to unknowingly plagiarize. Watch for upcoming programs. For further information, contact Amrita Madray at amadray@liu.edu.

Online ILL Form
Requests for borrowing Interlibrary Loan material can now be made online. To access this service go to the Interlibrary Loan page. Questions about this service? Speak to Louis Pisha at (516) 299-4143.

Jackie Elsas
Martha Cooney

Reference Adds E-Books

Below are a few of the 29 titles now available online:

  • Encyclopedia of Public Relations

  • History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide

  • Encyclopedia of Communication and Information

  • Child Development

  • Modern American Literature Reference Guide to World Literature

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

  • Countries and Their Cultures

  • Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice

  • Major Acts of Congress

  • Contemporary Novelists

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

  • Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health

For a complete list of this collection, choose Gale Virtual Reference Library from the list of databases on the library homepage.

Use your library barcode to search many of our databases from home.

Electronic Reserves

With ERes, the Library Electronic Reserve System, faculty can now place readings on reserve for digital access. Students can use ERes to read, download or print course materials from any computer, using a designated password. Information and instructions for both students and faculty are available on the ERes homepage. Click on Electronic Reserves at the Library Homepage or call the Circulation Department at (516) 299-2303.

Digital Trends

"Ten Years, Ten Trends" highlights the findings of the University of Southern California's Annenberg Center for the Digital Future. Currently in its fourth year, the project investigates the impact of the Internet on Americans.

A recent Annenberg report outlined the following observations about Internet usage in America (press release, full pdf report).

  1. The digital divide is closing, but new divides are emerging.

  2. The media habits of the nation have changed, and are continuing to change.

  3. Internet credibility is dropping.

  4. The "Geek-Nerd" perception of Internet users is now considered to be dead.

  5. Online shopping habits are changing.

  6. Privacy and security concerns continue.

  7. The Internet has become the number one source for information.

  8. The benefits, and drawbacks of the Internet for children are still unknown.

  9. Email: E-Nuff Already?

  10. Broadband will change everything, again!

Latest Links for Virtual Reference

The following links have been added to the Virtual Reference Collection:

Project Vote Smart, a citizen's organization providing factual information about candidates and elected officials. Operating under the principle that a knowledgeable electorate is essential to a functioning democracy, the site highlights the following areas: biographies, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings. For more information, or to access Project Vote Smart go to http://www.vote-smart.org/index.htm

Non-Profit Guides offers a 10 Point Grant Writing Guide designed to help you obtain funds for your organization. Resources include sample grant applications, funding proposals, and budgets. The site is designed to guide established and experienced private and public non-profit organizations through the grant-writing process. For advice and tips on research go to NonProfit Guides at http://www.npguides.org/

On the Shelf

New and interesting additions to the print Reference collection:

  • Bailey, Frankie Y. (2004). Famous American Crimes and Trials. Westport, CT: Praeger. Ref. HV9950.F36 2004

  • DiStefano, Anna. (2004). Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning. CA: Sage Publications. Ref. LC5211.E52 2004

  • Gahart, Betty L. (2005). Intravenous Medications: A Handbook for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals. St. Louis: Mosby. Ref. RM170.G33 2005

  • Kovalchick, Ann. (2004). Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia. CA: ABC-CLIO. Ref. LB1028.3.E17 2004

  • Palmer, Louis 1.(2004). Encyclopedia of DNA and the United States Criminal Justice System. NC: McFarland & Co. Ref. RA1057.55.P34 2004

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