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April 16, 1993 was the opening of the Nonviolence exhibit at C.W. Post Campus. This opening was marked with the unveiling of "Parijat" (wish- fulfilling tree) and "Palomamira" (giant peace bird). These symbols of peace will now carry our  wishes and thoughts to our online community.



This online exhibit contains a total of 60 original artworks created by C.W. Post Campus students on the subject of Nonviolence. They represent five broad themes:

  • Great Thinkers of Nonviolence
  • Humanizing Relations-Person to Person, Nation to Nation
  • War Prevention and the Minimization of Violence
  • The Child and Nonviolence
  • Ecological Balance

This exhibit is accompanied by quotations, library nonviolence posters, slogans and lectures.


The library is now requesting original artwork for an exhibit to mark the Celebration of a Culture of Peace for the year 2001.

Information to submit artwork for exhibit on Nonviolence


We are also happy to share with our viewers a series of African American exhibits developed at C.W. Post Campus.

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