What is Nonviolence

Great Thinkers

Conflict Resolution

Culture of Peace










 Video and audio tapes of lectures by scholars on nonviolence, are available on a loan basis. (All rights reserved. They may not be duplicated.) See details:

Celebration of Peace

Hague Appeal for Peace

International Day of Peace

People For Peace

UNESCO: Culture of Peace and Nonviolence

UN Peace Messenger

Peace- Economic, Political, Social Issues

Abolition 2010

The Hunger Site

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

UN Peacekeeping Operations

United States Institute of Peace

Peace Education

Get Your Angries Out - And Those Mads, Bads and Grumpies...

One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000 (story)

Be a Hero for a Better World

Education for Peace: A Curriculum Framework K-12

Education for Peace: Resources

International Network of Museums for Peace

United Nations Cyber School Bus


Earth Site

Peace and Spirituality

May Peace Prevail on Earth

The Interfaith Center of NY

New Year's Prayer and Meditation for Peace: Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Peace Gifts (Symbols, T.Shirts, Flags)

Peace Bumper Stickers

Peace Poles

The Companion Flag

The Rainbow Maker











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