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Special Periodical Collections

The Alan G. Barbour Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection

The Alan G. Barbour Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection contains 100 volumes which represent a treasure trove of motion picture nostalgia, featuring articles on the stars and films of the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. There are thousands of rare posters, stills, portraits, and newspaper ads, and the collections concentrate on westerns, serials, and B-films. Also included are issues of Screen Facts, The Serial, and Boy's Cinema, with synopses of films as well as cast lists.

This collection consists of 154 microfiche, located in the Periodicals Special Collections drawer of the microfiche cabinets, and accessed by Alan Barbour's Screen Facts and Screen Nostalgia Illustrated Collection: A Guide to the Microfiche Collection, located at the Periodicals Reference Desk. (Periodicals Z 5784.M9 B37 1987x)

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American Periodicals Series

This very extensive collection is of interest to academics and scholars in many fields, such as education, American history, art, women’s studies, literature and juvenile literature. It was made possible by the Palmer Bequest.

American Periodical Series I: 1741-1800: thirty-three reels of microfilm include the American Magazine; or a Monthly View of the Political State of the British Colonies (the first magazine published in American), Children’s Magazine (the first American juvenile periodical), and the Medical Repository (America’s first scientific journal).

American Periodical Series II: 1800-1850 includes Godey’s Magazine (also known as Godey’s Lady’s Book), the Boston Pearl, a Gazette of Polite Literature, and three journals edited by Edgar Allen Poe. [1,966 reels]

American Periodicals Series III: 1850-1900, Civil War and Reconstruction, includes the earliest years of Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Ladies’ Home Journal, as well as the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record and American Art and Architecture. [771 reels]

In addition, the American Periodicals Series includes the following newspapers, starting with each date:

  • Christian Observer, 1870
  • The Albion, 1871
  • The New York Albion, 1869
  • Universalist Watchman, Repository and Chr..., 1829
  • The New World, 1840
  • The New World, 1839
  • Genius of Universal Emancipation, 1826
  • Semi-weekly Magazine and Mercantile Adver..., 1818
  • The Plough Boy, 1822
  • The Plough Boy, and Journal of the Board..., 1820
  • The Plough Boy, 1819
  • The New-York Spirit of the Times, 1835
  • The Traveller, Family Journal, Spirit of..., 1833
  • The Traveller: and Spirit of the Times &..., 1832
  • Spirit of the Times & Life in New-York, 1831
  • American Railway Times, 1849
  • The Weekly Inspector, 1806
  • Cincinnati Weekly Herald and Philanthropist, 1843
  • The Philanthropist, 1836
  • Michigan Farmer and State Journal of Agri..., 1869
  • Young America, 1845
  • The Working Man's Advocate, 1844
  • The Subterranean and the Working Man's Ad..., 1844
  • The Subterranean United with the Working..., 1844
  • The People's Rights, and Organ of the Nat..., 1844
  • The Working Man's Advocate, 1844
  • Working Man's Advocate, 1830
  • New-York Sentinel, and Working Man's Advo..., 1830
  • The Home Journal, 1846
  • Western Recorder, 1824
  • Morris's National Press, 1846
  • New-York Evangelist, 1870
  • The Evangelist, 1856
  • Atkinson's Evening Post, and Philadelphia..., 1839
  • Atkinson's Saturday Evening Post, 1833
  • Atkinson's Saturday Evening Post and Bull..., 1833
  • Atkinson's Saturday Evening Post, 1831
  • New-York Observer, 1829
  • German Reformed Messenger, 1848
  • The Weekly Messenger, 1838
  • Christian Advocate and Journal, 1833
  • Christian Advocate and Journal, and Zion'..., 1828
  • The American Farmer, 1874
  • The American Farmer and Rural Register, 1872
  • The American Farmer, 1849
  • American Farmer, and Spirit of the Agricu..., 1839
  • The Farmer & Gardener, 1835
  • The Farmer & Gardener, and Live-stock Bre..., 1834
  • The Free Enquirer, 1828
  • The New-harmony Gazette, 1825
  • Civil & Religious Intelligencer, 1816
  • The Western Christian Advocate, 1834
  • The Yankee, 1828
  • The Jesuit or Catholic Sentinel, 1829
  • Philadelphia Recorder, 1823
  • The Ohio Farmer, 1852
  • Massachusetts Ploughman, 1841
  • The Telescope, 1824
  • The Hangman, 1845
  • New-england Christian Reflector, 1839
  • Christian Reflector, 1838
  • The Watchman, 1876
  • Christian Watchman & Reflector, 1851
  • Christian Reflector & Christian Watchman, 1848
  • Philadelphia Repository, and Weekly Register, 1800
  • Philadelphia Album, and Ladies' Literary..., 1827
  • The Mutual Rights, & C..., 1824
  • The Congregationalist, 1870
  • Impartial Gazetteer, And, Saturday Evenin..., 1788
  • The Ladies' Weekly Museum, or, Polite Rep..., 1817
  • New-York Weekly Museum, or, Polite Reposi..., 1814
  • New-York Weekly Museum, 1805
  • The Weekly Museum, 1791
  • The New-York Weekly Museum, 1788
  • The Boston Satirist, or Weekly Museum, 1812
  • The Satirist, 1812
  • Boston Cultivator, 1841
  • Cultivator, 1840
  • Galaxy, 1836
  • The New-england Galaxy, 1833
  • The New-england Galaxy, 1831
  • The New-england Galaxy, and U.s. Literary..., 1830
  • New-england Galaxy, 1820
  • New-england Galaxy & Masonic Magazine, 1817
  • The Pilot, 1823
  • The National Pilot, 1821
  • The Dessert to the True American, 1798
  • The Desert to the True American, 1798
  • The National Museum, and Weekly Gazette O..., 1814
  • Geographical & Military Museum, 1814
  • The Jeffersonian, 1838
  • Spirit of the Age, and Journal of Humanity, 1833
  • The Working Man's Advocate, 1829
  • The Subterranean, 1844
  • The Man, 1834
  • The Investigator, and General Intelligencer, 1827
  • The Scourge, 1811
  • The Olio, 1813
  • The Observer, 1810
  • The Portsmouth Weekly Magazine, 1824
  • The Philanthropist, 1817
  • The New-yorker, 1836
  • Religious Inquirer, 1821
  • The Christian Watchman, 1821
  • Christian Watchman & Baptist Register, 1819
  • Christian Watchman, 1819
  • Christian Telescope and Universalist Misc..., 1826
  • Zion's Herald, 1823
  • The Microscope and General Advertiser, 1824
  • The Microscope, 1824
  • The Microscope, 1824
  • The Microscope, and Independent Examiner, 1821
  • The Columbian Star, 1822
  • Christian Telescope, 1824
  • Christian Register, 1843
  • Christian Register and Boston Observer, 1835
  • Christian Intelligencer, 1835
  • The Ladies' Garland, 1824
  • Maine Farmer, 1844
  • Maine Farmer and Journal of the Useful Arts, 1833
  • Maine Farmer and Mechanic's Advocate, 1842
  • Boston Recorder and Religious Telegraph, 1828
  • Recorder & Telegraph, 1825
  • Boston Recorder and Telegraph, 1826
  • Boston Recorder, 1817
  • The Recorder, 1816
  • New York Evangelist, 1830
  • Episcopal Watchman, 1827
  • The Balance, & State Journal, 1811
  • The Balance, and New-York State Journal, 1809
  • The Balance, 1808
  • The Balance, and Columbian Repository, 1801
  • Colman's Rural World and Valley Farmer, 1865
  • The Saturday Evening Post, 1821
  • The Northern Light, 1841
  • Masonic Mirror, and Mechanic's Intelligencer, 1824
  • Waldie's Literary Omnibus, 1837
  • Religious Remembrancer, 1813
  • Christian Observer, 1840
  • The Columbian Star, and Christian Index, 1829
  • The Albion, 1857
  • The Flag of Our Union, 1846
  • The Christian Intelligencer and Eastern C..., 1827
  • Banner of the Constitution, 1829
  • The Military Monitor and American Register, 1812
  • The Boston Spectator, 1814
  • The Corsair, 1839
  • United States Catholic Miscellany, 1822
  • National Police Gazette, 1845
  • Colman's Rural World, 1866
  • Spirit of the Times, 1837
  • American Farmer, 1819
  • Aibion, or, British, Colonial, and Foreig..., 1822
  • The Tickler, 1807
  • The Visitor, 1809
  • The Wasp, 1802
  • The Patriot, or, Scourge of Aristocracy, 1801
  • The Observer, 1809
  • The Pathfinder, 1843
  • The Miscellany, 1805
  • Merrimack Magazine and Ladies' Literary C..., 1805
  • The Literary Mirror, 1808
  • The Hive, 1803
  • Ohio Farmer, 1899
  • Herald of Gospel Liberty, 1808
  • The Guardian, 1807
  • The Worcester Magazine, 1786
  • The Philadelphia Minerva, 1795
  • The Penny Post, 1769
  • The North-carolina Magazine, or, Universa..., 1764
  • The New Star, 1797
  • The New Star, 1796
  • Courier De Boston, 1789
  • The Instructor, 1755
  • The Key., 1798
  • The Independent Reflector, 1752
  • The Censor, 1771
  • The New-haven Gazette, and the Connecticu..., 1786
  • Christian Secretary, 1822
  • Boston Cultivator, 1839
  • Massachusetts Ploughman and New England J..., 1866
  • The Christian Herald, 1818
  • The Cultivator, 1834
  • The Corrector, 1804
  • The Weekly Recorder, 1814
  • The Village Museum, 1820
  • The Rough and Ready, 1846
  • The Patriot, & C., 1801
  • The National Museum, and Weekly Gazette, 1813
  • The Ladies' Port Folio, 1820
  • The Huntress, 1836
  • The Western Luminary, 1824
  • The National Era, 1847
  • The Radical, in Continuation of the Worki..., 1841
  • The Gridiron, 1822
  • The Liberator, 1831
  • Civil & Religious Intelligencer, or, the..., 1817
  • The Franklin Minerva, 1799
  • The Country Courier, 1816
  • Christian Register, 1821
  • Christian Reflector, 1840
  • Christian Philanthropist, 1822
  • Aurora, 1834

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British Literary Manuscripts from the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

British Literary Manuscripts from the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.
Part Two: Eighteenth Century Manuscripts
. This collection makes available a wide range of literary manuscripts from the age of the Scottish Enlightenment, with works by David Hume and James Boswell. It is dominated by manuscripts of three writers: Allan Ramsay (The Gentle Shepherd and many unpublished poems), Henry Mackenzie, and Robert Burns (including the Glenriddell Manuscript). A variety of Scottish literature, from the essays of aristocratic families to the indigenous songs and ballads of working people, can also be found. Includes a printed guide. [18 reels] Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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The Bronte Manuscripts: Literary Manuscripts and Correspondence of the Bronte Family

The Bronte Manuscripts: Literary Manuscripts and Correspondence of the Bronte Family from the Bronte Parsonage Museum and the British Library, London. Includes original manuscripts of fiction, poetry, correspondence, notebooks, and complete autograph manuscripts of Jane Eyre, Shirley, Villette and sections of The Professor, along with the first press reviews of Wuthering Heights. Includes a printed guide. [12 reels] Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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Dickens Playbills in the Bodleian Library

Dickens Playbills in the Bodleian Library is comprised of playbills and programs for fifteen plays, from Pickwick Papers in 1836 to Edwin Drood in 1870, plus notes on Dickens as Performer. This is a small collection of 9 fiche, accessed by Dickens Playbills in the Bodleian Library edited by Clive Hurst. Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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Early American Imprints Collection, 1639-1819

The Periodicals Department of the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library is happy to announce the arrival of a new scanner that will make possible the printing of the Evans and Shaw-Shoemaker Early American Imprints.

Published by the American Antiquarian Society on opaque cards, this collection was an attempt to make materials which had been printed in this country from 1639 to 1844 available to scholars. The first item is a broadside from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, "The Oath of a Free-Man." Item 72 is John Eliot’s translation of the Old and New Testaments into the Massachusetts Indian language (Mamusse Wunneetupanatamwe up-Biblum God naneeswe Nukkone Testament kah wonk Wusku Testament).

In the past, there had been no method of printing from the opaque cards. Now old and new technologies have been combined to make printing possible, opening up the entire collection of these original sources in history, politics, law, the arts, literature, speeches and sermons, zoology and physiology. Even early college catalogs are included.

Access is through the volumes of American Bibliography and American Imprints at the Periodicals Reference Desk. A Catalogue of Early American Imprints 1640-1800 which can also be used to access this collection is now available on a CD-ROM. Ask for assistance in the Periodicals Department.

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The Foster and Dyce Collections

The Foster and Dyce Collections, from the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. This rich resource contains papers, correspondence, and dramatic as well as literary manuscripts. In our collection, we have Part 5: The Charles Dickens MSS, which includes the autographed manuscript drafts of 16 of Dickens' novels, including A Tale of Two Cities, American Notes, David Copperfield, and Oliver Twist. Includes a printed guide. [16 reels] Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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Four Centuries of Shakespeare: The Prompt Books

These are the working texts of stage managers and company prompters, actors' study books, and notes on staging and role interpretation. Libraries in the United States and England have contributed their collections to create this magnificent resource. Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

The Folger Shakespeare Library Collection, Washington, D.C. More than 900 volumes in this collection represent the world's largest assemblage of prompt books. Includes a printed guide. [86 reels]

The Harvard Theatre Collection. Includes nearly 400 prompt books that vividly recreate British and American 19th century Shakespearean productions. Includes Henry Irving's prompt books from his days at the Lyceum. Includes a printed guide. [34 reels]

The Shakespeare Library Collection, Birmingham Public Library. Covering a great range of productions in England between 1811 and 1929, this part of the collection offers insights into both touring London plays and the Theatre Royal's own productions. Included are the prompt books (1900-1926) of Frank Benson, the leading figure in the Stratford Shakespeare Festivals and the Gordon Crosse Theatrical Diary. Includes a printed guide. [10 reels]

The Shakespeare Centre Library Collection, Stratford-upon-Avon. Contained here are more than 500 prompt books, dating from the early 18th century to 1975. The collection's earliest prompt copies are from the days of the Theatres Royal. The early years of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre are covered as well. The more recent prompt copies document the stage history of the theatres that have seen all the greatest Shakespearean actors, directors, and designers working in the 20th century. Includes a printed guide. [85 reels]

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Gerritsen Women's History

English Women's Journal, (v.1-13, 1858-1864). For six years the English Women's Journal focused attention on the issues that were of immediate concern to women, including employment, education, suffrage, as well as larger questions of women's legal and social status.

Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions (v.1-41, 1866-1910) participated in and recorded a great change in the range of possibilities open to women. The ideal of the magazine was the ideal of the emerging emancipated middle-class woman: economic independence from men, choice of occupation, participation in the male enterprises of commerce and government, access to higher education, admittance to the male professions, particularly medicine, and, of course, the power of suffrage equal to that of men.

Accessed by The Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions: An Index, Garland Publishing, Inc., 1985, Janet Horowitz Murray and Anna K. Clark, eds.

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Index Iconologicus, 1250-1940

Index Iconologicus, 1250-1940 spans the major periods of art and literary history and includes more than 60,000 entries, with a concentration of 16th- and 17th- century art. The earliest imprint is 1250 and the most recent if 1940. In addition to photographic reproductions of artistic works, the index contains a wealth of literary, historical, and bibliographic information. With the collection, students and scholars of literature can trace the development of literary themes as represented in works of art. Historians can explore the theological, historical, and philosophical backgrounds in artistic works from four centuries. This collection consists of 400 items on fiche, and is accessed by Index Iconologicus: A Guide to the Microform Edition. Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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Manuscripts of the Irish Literary Renaissance

On the stage of Dublin's Abbey Theatre, the great actors of the 19th century performed: Bernhardt, Irving, Coquelin, and Duse. This theatre also played a central part in Ireland's cultural and dramatic renaissance, providing a forum for the ideas of W.B. Yeats, Sean O'Casey, and J.M. Synge. Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

The Diaries of Joseph Holloway, 1895-1944, from the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. Joseph Holloway's diaries are rich with insights and an insider's view of the Irish literary revival. Holloway attended the opening night of every production in Dublin for nearly 50 years. In his diaries, scholars will find important observations about many leading figures, including James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, and Lady Gregory. [105 reels]

The Abbey Theatre and Cultural Life: The W.A. Henderson Scrapbooks, 1899-1911, from the National Library of Ireland, Dublin. This part of the collection includes press cuttings, photographs, and other literary documents, chronicling, the central figures, events, and trends of the Irish Theatre. [5 reels]

The J.M. Synge Manuscripts, from the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. J.M. Synge was one of the principal figures of the Irish theatre and the Irish literary renaissance. This portion of the collection represents the largest archive of Synge material in the world. Included are manuscript and typescript drafts of all of Synge's published and unpublished work, along with other personal documents and records. A copy of The Synge Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin: A Catalogue Prepared on the Occasion of the Synge Centenary Exhibition, 1971 accompanies this part of the collection. [19 reels]

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Negro Periodicals in the United States

Negro Periodicals in the United States (Series I, 1840-1960; Series II, 1824-1950) [Westport, CT: Negro Universities Press, 1975] reprints source materials including journals, magazines, newspapers, documents, speeches, narratives, papers, essays, letters, records, and tracts. The individual volumes of each specific title cover an array of topics ranging from slavery to current achievements of African Americans for those periods in history. Many of the documents were written by Blacks, with others written by sympathizers of the causes and struggles of Blacks seeking their rights to be free American citizens. The earliest volume in the series dates back to 1827, with the latest being published in 1960. Except for the Crisis, these publications are no longer being printed. The entire collection provides a unique resource for the researcher, scholar, or historian, due to the limited amount of indexing done on the specific titles within this collection. For further information.

    Page from Douglass' Monthly
  • African Observer, v.1-12, 1827-1828
  • Alexander's Magazine, v.1-7, 1905-1909
  • American Anti-Slavery Reporter, v.1-8, 1834
  • American Jubilee, v.1-12, 1854-1855
  • The Anti-Slavery Examiner, v.1-14, 1836-1845
  • Anti-Slavery Record, v.1-3, 1835-1837
  • Anti-Slavery Tracts, v.1-2, 1855-1861
  • The Brown American, v.1-5, 1936-1945
  • Color Line, v.1-2, 1946-1947
  • Colored American Magazine, v.1-17, 1900-1909
  • Competitor, v.1-3, 1920-1921
  • Crisis-A Record of the Darker Races, v.1-47, 1910-1940; v.77-89, 1970-1982
  • Douglass' Monthly, v.1-5, 1859-1863
  • Education, v.1-2, 1935-1936
  • Fire, v.1, 1926
  • Half-Century Magazine, v.1-18, 1916-1925
  • Harlem Quarterly, v.1, 1949-1950
  • Messenger, v.1-10, 1917-1928
  • National Anti-Slavery Standard, v.1-30, 1840-1870
  • National Era, v.1-14, 1847-1860
  • National Negro Health News, v.1-18, 1933-1950
  • The National Negro Voice, v.1-11, 1941
  • National Principia, v.1-5, 1860-1866
  • The Negro Music Journal, v.1-2, 1902-1903
  • Negro Quarterly, v.1-4, 1942-1943
  • Negro Story, v.1-2, 1944-1946
  • New Challenge, v.1-2, 1934-1937
  • The Non-Slaveholder, v.1-5, 1846-1850
  • Quarterly Review of Higher Education Among Negroes, v.1-28, 1933-1960
  • Race, v.1, 1935-1936
  • Race Relations, v.1-5, 1943-1948
  • Radical Abolitionist, v.1-4, 1855-1858
  • Slavery in America, v.1-14, 1836-1837
  • Southern Frontier, v.1-6, 1940-1945
  • Voice of the Negro, v.1-4, 1904-1907

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Radical Periodicals of America

  • Alternative, v.1-3, 1948-1951
  • Amerasia, v.1-11, 1937-1947
  • American Spector, v.1-48, 1932-1937
  • Black and White, v.1-2, 1939-1940
  • Blast, v.1-2, 1916-1917
  • China Today, v.1-8, 1934-1942
  • Class Struggle, v.1-3, 1917-1919
  • Class Struggle, v.1-7, 1931-1937
  • Clipper, v.1-2, 1940-1941
  • Common Sense, v.1-15, 1932-1946
  • Conscientious Objector, v.1-8, 1939-1946
  • International Socialist Review, v.1-18, 1900-1918
  • Internalional Socialist Review (Socialist Workers Party), v.1-20, 1940-1959
  • Marxist Quarterly, v.1-3, 1937
  • Modern Quarterly, v.1-11, 1923-1940
  • Modern Review, v.1-3, 1947-1948
  • Modern Socialism, v.1-4, 1941-1942
  • Nationalist, v.1-3, 1889-1891
  • New Foundations, v.4-7, 1950-1954
  • New Nation, v.1-4, 1891-1894
  • New Reviews, v.1-4, 1913-1916
  • New Trends, v.1-10, 1945-1946
  • One Big Union Monthly (series 1), v.1-3, 1919-1921
  • One Big Union Monthly (series 2), v.1-2, 1937-1938
  • Politics, v.1-6, 1944-1949
  • Radical Review, v.1-2, 1917-1919
  • Retort, v.1-5, 1942-1951
  • Socialist Appeal, v.1-3, 1934-1937
  • Socialist Review, v.1-7, 1932-1940
  • Spanish Revolution, v.1-2, 1936-1938
  • Student Advocate, v.1-3, 1936-1938
  • Workers League for A Revolutionary Party Bulletin, v.1-13, 1937-1947
  • World Survey, v.1-7, 1941-1942

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Radical Periodicals of Great Britain

    Page from the Poor Man's Guardian
  • The Black Dwarf, v.1-12, 1817-1824
  • British Labourer's Protector and Factory Child's Friend, v.1-31, 1832-1833
  • Carpenter's Monthly Political Magazine, v.1-2, 1831-1832
  • Chartist Circular, v.1-2, 1839-1842
  • Cooper's Journal, v.1-30, 1850
  • Crisis, v.1-4, 1832-1834
  • The Diplomatic Review, v.1-25, 1855-1857
  • The Diplomatic Review (supplements), #'s1-61, 1838-1881
  • Economist, v.1-2, 1821-1822
  • Fleet Papers, v.1-4, 1841-1844
  • Free Enquirer [series 1], v.1-5, 1825-1833
  • Free Enquirer [series 2], v.1-2, 1833-1835
  • The Gauntlet, v.1-60, 1833-1834
  • Gorgon, v.1-2, 1818-1819
  • Herald to the Trades Advocate, v.1-36, 1830-1831
  • The Labourer, v.1-4, 1847-1848
  • The Lancashire and Yorkshire Co-Operator, v.1-3, 1831-1832
  • The Lion, v.1-4, 1828-1829
  • The London Co-Operative Magazine, v.1-4, 1826-1830
  • London Phalanx, v.1-69, 1841-1843
  • McDouall's Chartist Journal and Trade's Advocate, v.1-27, 1841
  • The Movement, v.1-2, 1843-1845
  • National Reformer, v.1-35, 1846-1847
  • New Moral World, v.1-13, 1834-1845
  • The Northern Tribune, v.1-2, 1854-1855
  • The People [series 1], v.1-3, 1848-1851
  • The People [series 2], v.1851-1852
  • Philanthropist, v.1-7, 1811-1819
  • Pioneer, v.1-44, 1833-1834
  • Political Letters and Phamplets, v.1-34, 1830-1831
  • Politics for the People, v.1-2, 1793-1795
  • Poor Man's Advocate, v.1-50, 1832-1833
  • Poor Man's Guardian, v.1-3, 1831-1835
  • Reynolds's Political Instructor, v.1-27, 1849-1850
  • The Republican, v.1-14, 1819-1826
  • The Union, v.1-10, 1842-1843
  • The Working Man, v.1-2, 1866

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Source Materials in the Field of Theatre

Source Materials in the Field of Theatre is a collection of eighty books, periodicals, manuscripts, journals, and diaries and contains selected primary and secondary sources gathered from scattered private collections and American and foreign libraries.

These are reproduced on 22 reels of microfilm located in the Palmer Microfilm cabinet, and accessed by Source Materials in the Field of Theatre: an Annotated Bibliography, Subject Index, and Guide to the Microfilm Collection located at the Periodicals Reference Desk (Periodicals Z 5781.A57 c.1 and c.2). Funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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William Morris

A genuine "Renaissance" man, William Morris enjoyed myriad interests, ranging from architecture to book design. These archives span all periods of his career. The reels of microfilm are housed in the Palmer Microfilm cabinets. The guides are located at the Periodicals Reference Desk.

The Literary MSS of William Morris from the British Library, London includes poetry and tales from The Earthly Paradise, along with translations, sketches, political lectures, and journals. [9 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.1)

The Literary MSS of William Morris from the Huntington Library, San Marino concentrates on Morris' literary talents and contains autograph volumes and translations, including the full text of The Tables Turned or Nupkins Awakened. [7 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.2)

Archives of the Socialist League, 1884-1891; Minutes and Papers of the Council of the League from the Nettlau Archive at the International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, represents the complete surviving archives of the Socialist League and provides valuable insight into Morris' motives and politics. [37 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.3)

Art, Book Design & Literary Papers from Kelmscott Manor; the Society of Antiquaries, London; & the British Library Dept. of Printed Books covers his work as a printer, designer, artist, and critic and includes rare copies of printed pamphlets, proofs, bookplates, and type and ornament designs. [5 reels] (Periodicals Z 6616.M7 L4 1985x pt.4)

This collection was funded by the Palmer Bequest.

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