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V - Subject List of Periodical Holdings - V

These lists contain journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications that are housed in the Periodicals Department. Government periodicals are kept in the Government Information Department. Library and information science periodicals are kept in the BLISS (Business, Law, and Information Science Sources). Titles that ceased publication or were cancelled before 1990 are not all included in these lists. The complete holdings of all Long Island University campuses are listed in LIUCAT. In addition, the text of many periodicals can now be accessed online.


Browning Institute Studies
v.1-18 1973-1990
[Note: shelved in bookstacks: PR4229.B77a]
Title changed to: Victorian Literature and Culture

Victorian Literature and Culture
v.19- 1991-
Previous title: Browning Institute Studies [bookstacks: PR4229.B77a]

Victorian Newsletter
#1- 1952-

Victorian Poetry
v.1- 1963-

Victorian Studies
v.1- 1957-


Education of the Visually Handicapped
v.1-20 1969-1988
Title changed to: RE:view

Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness
v.76- 1982-

v.21- 1989-
Previous title: Education of the Visually Handicapped

Sight-Saving Review
v.1-45 1931-1976

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