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These lists contain journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications that are housed in the Periodicals Department. Government periodicals are kept in the Government Information Department. Library and information science periodicals are kept in the BLISS (Business, Law, and Information Science Sources). Titles that ceased publication or were cancelled before 1990 are not all included in these lists. The complete holdings of all Long Island University campuses are listed in LIUCAT. In addition, the text of many periodicals can now be accessed online.


Critical Matrix
v.1- 1985-

English Women's Journal
v.1-13 1858-1864
Title changed to: Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions

Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions
v.1-41 #3 1866-1910
Previous title: English Women's Journal
[Note: Index at Periodicals Reference Desk ]

Equity and Excellence
v.22(4)-25 1986-1992
Previous title: Integrated Education

Equity and Excellence in Education
v.26- 1993-
Previous title: Equity & Excellence

v.16- 1985-

Feminist Studies : FS
v.1- 1972-
[Note: microfilm only ]

Flannery O'Connor Bulletin
v.3-27 1974-2000
Title changed to: Flannery O'Connor Review

Flannery O'Connor Review
v.1- 2001-
Previous title: Flannery O'Connor Bulletin

v.7- 1983-

Graduate Woman
v.71-76 1978-1982
Current three years

Health (Family Media, Inc.)
v.13-23 1981-1991
Title changed to: Health (San Francisco, CA)
Previous title: Family Health

v.8- 1993-

Integrated Education
v.1-22#3 1963-1984
Title changed to: Equity and Excellence

International Journal of Womens Studies
v.1-8 1978-1985

Jean Rhys Review
v.6- 1993/94-

Journal of Women and Aging
v.7- 1995-

v.11- 1994-

v.1-18 1972-1989
[new] v. 1- 1990-

Psychology of Women Quarterly
v.7- 1982-

Room of One's Own
v.17- 1994-

Short Fiction By Women
#1-4 1991-1993

v.2-11 1976-1986 (bound)
v.12- 1987- (microfilm only)

v.22- 1997-

Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature
v.12- 1993-

Virginia Woolf Miscellany
#1- 1973-

Woman's Art Journal
v.2 1981-
v.4- 1983-

Women Lawyers Journal
v.64- 1978-

Women Studies Abstracts
v.1-23 1972-1994

Women's Review of Books
v.1- 1983-

Women's Rights Law Reporter
v.2- 1974-

Women's Sports
v.5-6(4) 1983-1984(Apr)
Title changed to: Women's Sports and Fitness

Women's Sports and Fitness
v.6(5)-20(3) 1984(May)-1998(Apr)
[Note: volume 6 is bound with: Women's Sports]
[Merged with: Conde Nast Sports for Women, and continued with that magazine's numbering]
v.1(9)-3 1998(Jun)-2000(Sep)
Previous title: Women's Sports

Women's Studies
v.3-14 1975-1988
v.17-18 1989-1991
v.21-23 1992-1994

Women's Studies International Forum
v.5-17 1982-1994
Previous title: Women's Studies International Quarterly

Women's Studies International Quarterly
v.1-4 1978-1981
Title changed to: Women's Studies International Forum

Women's Writing
v.1- 1994-

Zora Neale Hurston Forum
v.8- 1993/94-


Atlantic [aka Atlantic Monthly]
v.1-247 1847-1981
v.272- 1993-

v.1- 1945-

#1- 1924-

Editorial Research Reports

v.1-75 #2 1953-1990

Foreign Affairs
v.1- 1922-

Gallup Opinion Index
no.55-184 1970-1981
Title changed to: Gallup Report

Gallup Poll Monthly
no.291-435 1989-2001
Previous title: Gallup Report

Gallup Report
no.185-290 1981-1989
Title changed to: Gallup Poll Monthly
Previous title: Gallup Opinion Index

v.126- 1913-

Harvard International Review
v.9- 1986-

Harvard Magazine
v.80-90 1977/78-1987/88
v.92-94 1989/90-1991/92

International Affairs
v.1-8 1922-29
v.10- 1931-

International Political Science Abstracts
v.1-50 1951-2000
[1989 to the present is available online]

Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs
v.1- 1959-

Journal of Modern African Studies
v.1- 1963-

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
v.25- 1994-

Mother Jones
v.1- 1976-

v.1- 1865-

National Review
v.1- 1955-

New Republic
v.1- 1914-

New Yorker
v.1- 1925-

v.1- 1957-
[Note: Microfilm only ]

Review of Politics
v.1- 1939-

World Affairs
v.133- 1970-

World Opinion Update
v.2-25 1978-2001

World Politics
v.1- 1948-

World Press Review
v.28- 1981-

World Today
v.1- 1945-

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