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Z - Subject List of Periodical Holdings - Z

These lists contain journals, magazines, newspapers, and other publications that are housed in the Periodicals Department. Government periodicals are kept in the Government Information Department. Library and information science periodicals are kept in the BLISS (Business, Law, and Information Science Sources). Titles that ceased publication or were cancelled before 1990 are not all included in these lists. The complete holdings of all Long Island University campuses are listed in LIUCAT. In addition, the text of many periodicals can now be accessed online.


American Zoologist
v.1-41 1961-2001
Title changed to: Integrative and Comparative Biology

Animal Behaviour
v.15-50 1967-1995

Animal Behaviour Monographs
v.1-6 1968-1973
[Note: Incorporated into: Animal Behaviour ]

Animal Learning and Behavior
v.1-30 1973-2002
Title changed to:   Learning and Behavior : a Journal of the Psychonomic Society

Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
v.20-23 1987-1988

v.17- 1961-

Behavioural Processes
v.1-37 1976-1996 [fiche]

Biological Bulletin
v.100-105 1951-1953
v.108-191 1954-1996

Entomologica Americana
v.45-49 1969-1975

Entomological Society of America Annals
v.62- 1969-

Environmental Entomology
v.1-15 1972-1996
[Note: Microfilm only ]

Integrative and Comparative Biology
v.42- 2002-
[Note: Fiche only ]
Previous title: American Zoologist

Journal of Animal Ecology
v.39-58 l970-1989.

Journal of Insect Physiology
v.14-32 1968-1986
[Note: Text in English and French ]

Journal of Protozoology
v.1-37 1954-1990

Learning and Behavior : a Journal of the Psychonomic Society
v.31- 2003-
Previous title: Animal Learning and Behavior

Mosquito News
v.22 1962
v.25-44 1965-1984

New York Entomological Society Journal
v.78-100 1966-1992
v.102 1994

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