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While CD-ROMs are no longer available through our networked system, the Reference Department continues to maintain a number of subject-specific reference sources and indexes on CD-ROM. We encourage anyone interested in utilizing these sources to come to Reference in order to obtain information regarding our complete holdings and usage. Some of our CD-ROM titles are listed below:


Film Index International. Chadwyck-Healey, Inc., 1997. Composed of two databases, one containing information about 90,000 films dating back to l930 and the other containing information on over 30,000 film personalities.

International Index to Music Periodicals. Chadwyck-Healey, Inc., 1996. IIMP provides access to tens of thousands of articles published in over 400 international music journals that can be searched by article title keyword, author, publication, and date. (Also available online)

The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition. Oxford University Press, l995. The OED, written on historical principles, traces the development of language since its early origins before the Norman Conquest. It also illustrates historical information with quotations from verifiable written sources.

Social Sciences

Biography and Genealogy Master Index CD-ROM 1998 Cumulation. Gale Research, 1998. This comprehensive index to current and retrospective biographical dictionaries, indexes current, readily available reference sources, as well as the most important retrospective and general works that cover both contemporary and historical figures. (Also available online from Reference Department computers.)

DISCovering Multicultural America. Gale Research, Co.,1996. Useful source for information on significant people, places, documents, organizations, events and issues concerning African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.

Documentary Archives: Multicultural America. Primary Source Media, 1995. Useful source for primary source materials and documents that trace the history of racial and ethnic groups associated with American culture from prehistoric times to the present. Includes over 350 pictures and more than 400 primary source documents, including Native American oral histories, letters of Puritans and Quakers, broadsides, paintings, photographs, newspaper articles and much more.


American Poetry, The American Poetry Full-Text Database. Chadwyck-Healey Inc., 1996. Works of more than 200 American poets are featured in this collection, along with 6 anthologies of American poetry, from the colonial period to the early twentieth century.

Arden Shakespeare CD-ROM, Text and Sources for Shakespeare Studies. Nelson House, l997. A valuable resource that includes the complete Arden edition of Shakespeare's works (including poems and sonnets), facsimiles of early Quartos and the First Folio, A Shakespeare Glossary, Grammar, Bibliography. Useful for comparing acts, scenes or entire plays, contrasting language use, examining stagecraft, production and settings and much more.

Athena, Classical Mythology. G.K. Hall, 1995. A database of 800 years of classical mythology and literature which can be used to find mythological characters, summaries of myths, family trees, etc.

Chaucer: Life and Times CD-ROM. Primary Source Media, 1995. Includes complete works of Geoffrey Chaucer plus critical essays on his works, biographical information as it relates to the historical, social and literary setting of medieval life, plus a tutorial on how to read a medieval manuscript, and all fully searchable by word and phrase.

The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry: A Curriculum Guide for Educators. Columbia University Press, 1995. Searchable fields such as author, title, first-line and subject.

The Columbia World of Poetry. Columbia University Press, 1995. Indexes 135,000 poems in 700 anthologies and 70 collected works giving full-text for 10,000 out-of-copyright poems and 75,000 quotations from poems in copyright.

The Columbia World of Quotations. Columbia University Press, 1995. Searches for 65,000 quotations in 6500 subject areas from anthologies and collected and selected works indexed in The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry CD-ROM.

Database of African-American Poetry, 1760-1900. Chadwyck-Healey, 1995. Includes the poems of Paul Dunbar and Phyllis Wheatley and the verse of many lesser known poets.

DISCovering Authors Modules. Gale Research, 1996. Biographical, bibliographical and critical information on the “most studied world authors from ancient times to the present”. Includes 1,260 writers from several nations, cultures, time periods, and genres. Covers Muhammad to Shakespeare and more recent authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Amy Tan.

DISCovering Authors British Edition. Gale Research, 1995. Biographies and criticism on 330 of the “most- studied British and World Authors, including: Agatha Christie, George Herbert, Alan Ayckbourn, Margaret Drabble, Seamus Heany, Peter Shaffer and Derek Walcott.

DISCovering Authors Canadian Edition. Gale Research, 1996. Biographies and criticism on 400 of the “most- studied Canadian and World authors” with special emphasis given to Canadian writers, such as: Margaret Laurence and Carol Shields.

Major Authors on CD-ROM: Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, Virginia Woolf, Walt Whitman. Primary Source Media, 1997. Electronic resources on these authors that combine a comprehensive collection of works & manuscripts with full text searchability. Cross-referencing allows user to trace themes.

Masterplots Complete CD-ROM, Salem Press, l997. Provides multiple searching capability of most titles in Masterplots series.

The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition. Oxford University Press, l995.

The Scribner Writers Series on CD-ROM. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993. Full-text essays on 510 writers from nine Scribner sets including: African-American, American, Ancient, British, European, Latin-American, Modern American Women, Science Fiction, and Supernatural Fiction Writers.

Twayne's Authors Series on CD-ROM: English Authors, United States Authors and World Authors. G. K. Hall & Co. / Macmillan Library Reference USA, 1997. 3 CD-ROM set. Fields that are searchable include: author, genre, sex, key word, time period and nationality.

In addition, the Reference Department has started receiving a number of reference books that are accompanied by supplemental material on CD-ROMs or diskettes. Come to the Reference Department for information on using these resources. Some of the titles are listed below.

Chase's...Calendar of Events. (GT 4803 . C48 1998.)
Congressional Quarterly's Politics in America. (JK 1012 . C63 1998.)
The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music (ML 100 . G16 1997 Vol .1)
Historical Atlas of the Holocaust. (G 1797.21 . E29 H6 . 1996x)
Lovejoy's College Guide. (LA 226 . L6 1997)
Peterson's Guide to 4-year colleges. (L901.O447 1998.)

Barron's Profiles of American Colleges. L 901 . P72x 1995- 2 diskettes.
The College Board -How to Pay for College.LB 2342 . C633 - diskette 1997.
Cooper's Comprehensive Environmental Desk Reference GE 123 . C64 1996 - diskette.
How to Prepare for Praxis LB 1762 . P67 1995 -disk (tape).
Mcgraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Q 123 . M34 1994 - diskette.
National Trade and Professional Associations. HD 2425 . D53 1997 - 2 diskettes.
Peterson's College Applications Planner. L 901 . P447 1996- diskette.
Peterson's College Money Handbook. LB 2337 . 2 . C65-1998.
Peterson's paying less for College.LB 2337 .2. C65 - diskette 1996.
Unmasking the Internet for Research. Z 695 . 24 . U55 1997x-diskette.
Word Perfect Law Office Solutions for Windows. KF 320 . A9 W67 1995 - diskette. 6.
Word Perfect Law Solutions for Windows. KF 320 . A9 W673 1995 - diskette

Compiled by Jackie Elsas
Updated July 2002 by Mary Kate Boyd-Byrnes

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