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College Financial Aid

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Annual Register of Grant Support: A Directory of Funding Sources. Wilmette, IL: National Register Publishing Co., 19- . Ref. AS911 .A2A67 [year].

Includes a section on scholar aid programs.

Awards Honors & Prizes: Unites States and Canada. Gita Siegman, editor. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, 19- . Ref. AS8 .A93 [year].

Includes sources of money other than scholarships and grants.

Bear’s Guide to Finding Money for college. John Bear. Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press, 1984. Ref. LB2337.4 .B43 1984x.

Discusses different techniques. Includes a list of names and addresses of possible sources.

The College Cost Book. College Scholarship Service. New York: College Entrance Examination Board, 19- . Ref. LB2342 .C633a [year].

Lists the tuition, fees, boarding, and other expenses at American undergraduate colleges as well as the types of scholarships available at each, and discusses strategies for meeting those expenses.

Corporate Tuition Aid Programs: A Directory of College Financial Aid for Employees at America’s Largest Corporation. Joseph P. O’Neill. Princeton, NJ: Conference University Press, 19- . Ref. HF5549 .T7047 [year].

Describes the terms and limitations of each company’s benefit policy.

DRG: Directory of research Grants. Phoneix: Oryx Press, 19- . Ref. .LB2338 .D57 [year].

Describes grants for individuals and institutions for research and other creative endeavors. Includes index of subject areas.

Directory of Financial Aids for Minorities-1995-1997. Gail Ann Schlschter. Santa Barbara, CA: Reference Service Press, 1995. Ref. HQ1381 .S36 1995

Describes scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, financial institutions, and state sources of educational benefits; and reference sources on financial aids.

Directory of Financial Aids for Women. Gail Ann Schlacter. Santa Barbara, CA: Reference Service Press, 1982. Ref. HQ1381 .S36 1982

Describes scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, financial institutions, and state sources of educational benefits. Includes bibliographies.

Directory of Grants in the Humanities. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 19-.
Ref. AZ188 .U5 D57 [year].

Describes grants, awards, fellowships, scholarships, internships, etc.

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families. Gail Ann Schlachter and R. David Weber. Redwood City, CA: Reference Service Press, 19- . Ref. HV1553 .S34 [year].

Describes scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and internships designed primarily or exclusively for the disabled and their families; state sources of benefits; and reference sources on financial aids.

The Foundation Directory. The Foundation Center, compiler: Loren Renz, editor. New York: The Center, 19- . Ref. AS911 .A2 F65

Includes descriptions of organizations that award money for student aid, student loans, fellowships, scholarships, and employee-related scholarships.

Foundation Fundamentals: A Guide for Grantseekers. Carol M. Kurzig. New York: The Foundation Center, 1980. Ref. HV41 .K87

Foundation Grants to Individuals. Stan Olson, editor; Margaret Mary Feczko, assistant editor. New York: The Foundation Center, 19- . Ref. LB2336 .F598 [year].

Describes private U.S. Foundations which provide assistance to individuals for scholarships, student loans, fellowships, foreign recipients, travel, internships, residencies, general welfare, and arts and cultural projects.

Free Money for Humanities Students: Blum's Guide to College Money. Laurie Blum. New York: Harper & Row, 19- . Ref. AZ188 .U5 B58 [year].

List names and addresses of sources of funds for students of the humanities and social sciences.

Free Money for Professional Studies: Blum's Guide to College Money. Laurie Blum. New York: Harper & Row, 19- . Ref. LB2338 .B58 [year].

Lists names and addresses of sources of funds for students of business, dentistry, law, medicine, nursing, etc.

Free Money for Science Students: Blum's Guide to College Money. Laurie Blum. New York: Harper & Row, 19- . Ref. Q183.3 .A1 B58 [year].

Lists names and addresses of sources.

Government Assistance Almanac: The Guide to All Federal Programs Available to the American Public. Washington, DC: Foggy Bottom Publications, 19- .
Ref. HC110 .P63 D85 [year].

Includes sources of funds for education (see index).

Grants for Graduate Students. University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Graduate School, compiler: Andrea Leskes, editor. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides, 19- .
Ref. LB2338 .G683 [year].

Describes fellowships, grants, internships and prizes that are available. Includes subject index.

The Grants Register. Norman Frankel, editor. New York: St. Martin's Press, 19- .
Ref. LB2338 .G7 [year].

Describes scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, prizes (etc.) for graduate students and professionals. Includes grants for artistic and scientific projects.

How and Where to Find the Money to Pay for Your Degree: A Report. John Bear.
Ref. LB2337.4 .B43 1983.

Discusses strategies for the graduate student.

How to Find Out About Financial Aid: A Guide to Over 700 Directories Listing Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans, Grants, Awards, Internships. Gail Ann Schlachter. Los Angeles: Reference Service Press, 1987. Ref. Z5814 .S35 S35 1987.

Annotated bibliography of directories.

Interships. Ronald W. Frey, editor-in-chief. Hawthorne, NJ: Career Press, 19- .
Ref. HD59.6 .U6 I58 [year].

Provides information about internships available at various companies and how to apply. Volume one: advertising, marketing, public relations, sales. Volume two: newspaper, magazine, and book publishing.

Internships: 34,000 ON-the-Job Training Opportunities for all Types of Careers. Lisa S. Hulse, editor. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 19- . Ref. L901 .I66 [year].

Describes the internship, who is eligible, and how to apply.

Japanese Colleges and Universities: A Guide to Institutions of Higher Education in Japan. The Association of International Education, Japan,...[et al.], editors. Tokyo: Maruzen Company, 1989. Ref. L961 .J28 1989.

Describes graduate and undergraduate colleges and programs, admissions information, fees, scholarships and fellowships, preparatory Japanese language programs, the Japanese education system, etc.

Journalism Career and Scholarship Guide. Dow Jones Newspaper Fund. Princeton, NJ: Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, 19- . Ref. PN4797 .J68 [year].

Describes career opportunities and job responsibilities; job hunting journalism programs at various colleges; and journalism scholarships, fellowships, awards, etc.

National Directory of Arts Internships. Warren Christensen, editor. Los Angeles: National Network for Artist Placement, 19- . Ref. NX280 .N37 [year].

Describes over 850 host organizations offering more than 2,000 internship experience opportunities for music, art/design, film/ video, performing art design technology, and multidisciplinary art fields.

The National Directory of Internships. Barbara A. Coluni, editor. Raleigh, NC: National Society for Internships and Experiential Education, 1984. Ref. LC1059 .N37 1984.

Describes programs for internships, cooperative education, community service, intercultural learning, and other forms of experiential education in all subject areas.

Peterson's College Money Handbook: The Only Complete Guide to Scholarships, Costs and Financial Aid at U.S. Colleges. Andrea E. Lehman, editor; Eric A. Suber, data editor. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides 19- . Ref. LB2337.2 .C65 [year].

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans. S. Norman Feingold and Marie Feingold. Arlington, MA: Bellman Publishing Company, 19- . Ref. LB2338 .F4 v. #.

Describes sources of funds for researchers, undergraduate, and graduate students. Includes index chart.

Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Loans: The College Blue Book. New York: Macmillan, 19- . Ref. LB2338 .S363 [year].

Describes private sources of funds for undergraduate through postdoctoral study. Arranged by subject. Includes indexes.

Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study in History, Art, Science. Smithsonian Institution. Office of Fellowships and Grants. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Press, 19- . Ref. Q11 .S8 S86 [year].

Describes research taking place at the Institution, and fellowships, grants, and internships that are available there.

Student Financial Aid in Higher Education: An Annotated Bibliography. Walter C. Eells and Ernest V. Hollis. Washington, DC: United States. Government Printing Office, 1962.
Ref. Z5814 .S35 E4.

The Student Guide to Fellowships and Internships. Amherst College. New York: Dutton, 1980. Ref. LB2338 .S843.

Describes programs that are available--including inside information from students who have participated in them--as well as the process of applying for and getting into the program of one's choice.

Study Abroad: International Scholarships, International Courses. United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. New York: UNESCO, 19- . Ref. LB2338 .S86.

Lists international study programs in all academic and professional fields as well as possibilities of financial assistance offered by international organizations, governments, foundations, universities, and other institutions -- mainly for post-secondary study and training. Written in English, French, and Spanish.

Compiled by Robert Delaney
Fall 1989

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