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Criminal Justice Sources

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

De Sola, Ralph. Crime Dictionary. New York: Facts on File, 1982. Ref. HV 6025 .D43.
This dictionary of terms associated with crime includes definitions of foreign words, slang, and abbreviations.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. Edited by Sanford H. Kadish. New York: The Free Press, 1983. (4 volumes) Ref. +HV 6017 .E52 1983.
Using an interdisciplinary approach, this encyclopedia attempts to draw together information about criminal behavior and the response of societies to it. Each article is signed, has a bibliography, and has cross references to related articles.

Kohn, George C. Dictionary of Culprits and Criminals. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1986. Ref. HV 6245 .K64 1986.
Has short entries on individuals who have committed or been accused of committing an offense or crime over the last five to six centuries.

Kurian, George Thomas. World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Penal Systems. New York: Facts on File, 1989. Ref. HV 7901 .K87 1989.
"A survey of the national law enforcement and corrections systems of 183 countries of the world." Entries are organized under four headings; History and Background; Structure and Organization; Recruitment; Education and Training; The Penal System.

Mickolus, Edward F. Terrorism, 1988-1991: A Chronology of Events and a Selectively Annotated Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1993. Ref. HV 6431 .M498 1993.
A chronological listing of terrorist incidents from 1988-1991 as well as updates of 1960-1987 incidents. The brief news summaries include judicial action. Concludes with a bibliography arranged by topical subdivisions. No index.

Nash, Jay Robert. Encyclopedia of World Crime. Wilmette, IL: CrimeBooks, 1989. (6 volumes) Ref. HV 6017 .N37 1990x.
International in scope, this encyclopedia contains 50,000 entries, mostly biographical, on people and events in the history of crime from ancient times to 1988.

Rosie, George. The Directory of International Terrorism. New York: Paragon House , 1987. Ref. HV 6431 .R67 1987.
Alphabetically arranged short entries about people, events, and organizations connected with international terrorism.

Rush, George E. The Dictionary of Criminal Justice (Second Edition). Guilford, CT: The Dushkin Publishing Group, Inc., 1986. Ref. HV 6017 .R87 1986x.
"Defines the words, personalities, court cases, events, phrases and terms used in the broad interdisciplinary field of criminal justice." Includes a section with summaries of major Supreme Court cases affecting criminal justice.

Sifakis, Carl. The Encyclopedia of American Crime. New York: Facts on File, 1982. Ref. +HV 6789 .S54 1982x.
The 2,000 highly selective entries attempt to cover highlights and firsts in American crime including criminals, law enforcement officials and criminal activities.

Sifakis, Carl. The Mafia Encyclopedia. New York: Facts on File, 1987. Ref. +HV 6441 .S53 1987.
Contains articles about mob leaders, crime families and related subject matter.

Wilson, Colin and Seaman, Donald. The Encyclopedia of Modern Murder 1962-1982. New York: G.P. Putnamís Sons, 1983. Ref. HV 6515 .W53 1985.
Includes 2-3 page articles on 103 murders. Also has a short bibliography.

Thackrah, John Richard. Encyclopedia of Terrorism and Political Violence. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., 1987. Ref. HV 6431 .T56 1987.
Provides short entries on ideas, theories, and terms that are used in the study of terrorism and political violence.

Law Enforcement DIrectories

Juvenile and Adult Correctional Departments, Institutions, Agencies and Paroling Authorities, United States and Canada, (date). Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association, (date). Ref. HV 9463 .D57 (date).
"Provides information on adult and juvenile correction systems in the United States, its territories, the federal government and Canadian federal and provincial systems." Also includes "statistical summaries of fiscal, personnel and offender information."

The National Directory of Law Enforcement Administrators, Correctional Institutions and Related Agencies. Stevens Point, WI: The National Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Information Bureau, (date). Ref. HV 8130 .N37 (date).
Contains addresses for county, municipal, state and federal departments and agencies. Also includes county, district and regional prosecutors, Canadian law enforcement and national/international associations.

National Jail and Adult Detention Directory (date). Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association, (date). Ref. HV 9463 .N3x (date).
This provides a state by state list of facilities. The information provided includes starting correctional salaries, budget figures, physical plant information, and average daily inmate population. Also, includes "A Selected Bibliography of Books, Reports, and Studies of the American Jail, 1973-1983."

National Juvenile Detention Directory. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association, (date). Ref. HV 9103 .A54a (date).
Includes listings of juvenile dentention centers and holding sites, as well as statistics.

The National Prison Directory: A Prison Reform Organizational and Resource Directory (Second Edition). Edited by Mary Lee Bundy. College Park, MD: Urban Information Interpreters, Inc., 1979. Ref. HV 8987 .U7 1979x.
Organizational profiles are provided for local and national groups with a prison involvement and for groups seeking reforms within the police and court systems.

Probation and Parole Directory. Laurel, MD: American Correctional Association, (date). Ref. HV 9304 .P76 (date).
This is a state by state listing of probation and parole agencies in the United States.

Scroggins National Law Enforcement Directory, 1984. Montrose, CA: Scroggins National, 1984. Ref. HV 8130 .S37x 1984.
A Directory of 27,432 law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada, arranged in six sections: Municipal Police Departments; County Sheriffs; District Attorneys; State Agencies; Federal Agencies; Canadian Agencies.


Crime State Rankings 1995. Lawrence, KS: Morgan Quitno Press, 1995. Ref. HV 6787 .C77 1995.
Presents state data in both alphabetical and rank order. Includes sections on arrests, juvenile arrests, corrections, drugs and alcohol, finance, law enforcement, offenses, and urban/rural crime.

International Handbook of Contemporary Developments in Criminology. Edited by Elmer H. Johnson. Westport, CT: Greenwood press, 1983. (2 volumes) Ref. HV 6028 .I57 1983.
Has articles on general issues in criminology, followed by articles on criminology in particular countries. Includes bibliographies.

Legal and Law Enforcement Periodicals: A Directory. New York: Facts on File, 1981. Ref. K36 .082x.
This is a directory of 3,800 periodicals arranged by subject and indexed by title. Includes subject divisions on Criminal Law and Criminology, Juvenile-Delinquency, Rehabilitation and Detention, and Prison and Penology.

O'Block, Robert L. Criminal Justice Research Sources. Cincinnati, OH: Anderson Publishing Co., 1983. Ref. Z 5703.4 .C73 024 1983.
The primary objective of this book is to compile "into one, easy-to-use source, a comprehensive collection of materials that can be of assistance to criminal justice students when gathering information for reports or projects." Covers such sources as journals, general reference sources, historical research sources and government documents.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics - 1986. Edited by Katherine M. Jamieson and Timothy J. Flanagan. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Washington, DC: USGPO, 1987. Ref. +HV 7245 .N37b 1986.
"Brings together in a single volume nationwide data of interest to the criminal justice community." Divided into six sections: Characteristics of the Criminal Justice Systems, Public Attitudes Toward Crime and Criminal Justice-Related Topics, Nature and Distribution of Known Offenses, Characteristics and Distribution and Persons Arrested, Judicial Processing of Defendants and Persons under Correctional Supervision.


Cordasco, Francesco and Alloway, David N. Crime in America: Historical Patterns and Contemporary Realities: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1985. Ref. Z 5703 .C67 1985.
An annotated bibliography concentrating on publications of the last 15-20 years with an emphasis on items published after 1975. Was designed to serve the practitioner as well as the academician. Includes about 1,900 entries divided into such areas as white collar crime, drug offenses and gun control.

Crime and Punishment in America: A Historical Bibliography. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO Information Services, 1984. Ref. Z 5703.5 .U5 1984.
"Designed to provide immediate and thorough access to the modern scholarship on crime and criminal justice in American history". It provides 1,396 abstracts of articles on crime in America written between 1973 and 1982.

Newton, Michael. Mass Murder: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1988. Ref. Z 5703.4 .M87 N49 1988.
An annotated bibliography arranged in three sections: General and Encyclopedic Works: Specialized/Psychological Works; Case Histories. Includes a subject index.

Doleschal, Eugene. A Guide to the Literature on Organized Crime: An Annotated Bibliography Covering the Years 1967-1981. Hackensack, NJ: National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1981. Ref. HV 6789 .D64.
Contains summaries of documents, books, pamphlets, journal articles and unpublished material on organized crime written between 1967 and the first half of 1981.

Radzinowicz, Leon and Hood, Roger. Criminology and the Administration of Criminal Justice: A Bibliography. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1976. Ref. Z 5118 .C9 R3.
This is a bibliography of articles from journals and books arranged in seventeen categories and covering a ten year period.

Online Resources

The following databases and websites can be used to find information on topics in criminal justice:

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