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ebrary: Electronic Books Library

What is ebrary?

Ebrary is a database with hundreds of books in a digital format. The electronic books collection covers a broad scope of academic subject areas. Most of ebrary's content has been published since 2000.

This is a great resource if you are...

  • looking for recently published books on a particular topic

  • conducting book-based research in any academic discipline

  • searching for books that you can download

  • not able to visit the library to borrow books on the shelf

How do you get to ebrary?

The ebrary database is accessible from the library's Online Catalog. Use this approach if you are looking for both print and electronic books in the library. You can limit your search by adding "ebrary" to your search term.

If you want to search for ebrary books only, you can access the ebrary database directly by going to one of the library's database pages, either alphabetically or by subject.

Beginning your ebrary session

Before you begin searching, you may wish to install the ebrary reader program on to your computer. To do this,

  1. Go to ebrary.

  2. Under Getting Started, option 1 enables you to download the ebrary reader.

  3. Click on the Get ebrary Reader link to begin installation. This takes seconds to download and must only be done once.

Under Getting Started there is also a Quick Guide, User Guide, and a Tutorial for extra help.

Searching ebrary

Click the Search tab on the left frame of the screen.

  • Use the Simple search for all titles relating to a topic. Your search term will be highlighted in the text of the books that you retrieve.

  • Use the Advanced search if you are looking for a particular title, author or document type (books, maps, reports or sheet music). You can refine your search with boolean, field, and proximity operators, and also enhance the relevance of your retrievals by using quotation marks. Check the search tips on the ebrary Advanced search screen for details.

  • To expand or limit your search, you can click on the More and Fewer buttons beneath the search form. This allows you to fine tune your search by adding or deleting terms.

  • If you want to see the most recent materials first, click on Sort Results by: Date.

  • Use the Browse feature to browse the electronic books by discipline. Titles are listed alphabetically.

Creating your Personal Bookshelf

You can create your own bookshelf and make and save highlights and notes in the books you are reading by establishing a personal account in ebrary. To do this, first Sign In and click on Do You Need to Create a New Bookshelf? Follow the instructions to customize your library. Don't forget to Sign Out of your session when you are finished!

Printing & Downloading

Ebrary is set up to only allow printing in a range of up to 5 pages at a time (40 pages per ebrary session). To print, use the print icon at the top of the reader screen and follow the instructions. Do not use the browser print icon.

Ebrary allows you to copy and paste text into Word, email or any text application for printing. When you are in a book that you'd like to read and save, use the InfoTools button at the header of the page to save and search within the document. You can navigate through the text of an article by using the directional guides at the bottom of the page.

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