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Educational Administration

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Directory of organizations & researchers in educational management. Stuart C. Smith. Eugene, OR: Eric Clearinghouse on Educational Management, 1984. Ref. L 901 .D518 1984.

Describes organizations and subjects being researched. Includes names, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Educational administration glossary. Edward L. Dejnozka. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983.
Ref. LB 15 .D373 1983.

Encyclopedia of schools administration & supervision. Richard A. Gorton,... [et al.]. editors. Phoneix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1988. Ref. LB 2805 .E53 1988.

Handbook of educational supervision: a guide for the practitioner. Emery Stoops,...[et al.]. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1981. Ref. LB 2805 .S759 1981.

Provides specific, practical assistance in many administrative and supervisory situations.

Handbook of research on educational administration: a project of the American Educational Research Association. Norman J. Boyan, editor. New York: Longman, 1988. Ref. LB 2805 .H2864 1988.

Discusses the results of research that has been conducted in the field of educational administration.

Looking at schools: good, bad, and indifferent. Edward A. Wynne. Lexington, MA: Lexington Books, 1980.
Ref. LC 49 .W94.

Describes operating schools as total organisms and shows how the different parts of a school fit together -- or fail to fit. Covers student character develompent, school spirit, etc.

The school administrator's resource guide. Katherine Clay, editor. Phoenix, Az: Oryx Press, 1988.
Ref. Z 5814 .M26 S35 1988.

An annotated bibliography of public and private elementary and secondary administration.

School executives guide. Prentice-Hall, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1965.
Ref. LB 2805 .P76.

A comprehensive source of information on practices, procedures, and techniques used and found successful in administering public schools.

Special education administrative policies manual. Scottie Torres, project Director. Reston, VA: Council for Exceptional Children, 1977. Ref. LC 4031 .S6x.

Contains sample policy statements and administrative procedures (with comments on them) that deal with identification, evaluation, placement, service delivery, facilities, transportation, personnel, fiscal management, etc.

The toddler center: a practical guide to day care for one- and two- years olds. Marion O'Brien,... [et al.]. Baltimore, MD: University Park Press, 1979. Ref. HV 851 .T59.

Covers all areas of operating, managing, and working in a day care center for toddlers.


Campus community relationships: an annotated bibliography. Ira Stephen Fink and Joan Cooke, compilers. Monticello, IL: Council of Planning Libraries, 1971.
Ref. Z 5942 .C68 no.203.

Covers campus development, disturbances, economic impact, urban opportunity, housing, etc.

The campus crisis revisited. Practicing Law Institute. New York: The Institute, 1970.
Ref. KF 4225 .A75 1970x.

Contains article and case reprints, outlines, and bibliographic and legal citations that deal with student activism, student rights, faculty rights, collective bargaining, discipline, violence, etc.

Directory of campus-business linkages: education and business prospering together. Dorothy C. Fenwick, editor. New York: American Council on Education/Macmillan, 1983.
Ref. L 901 .F418 1983.

Describes collaborative programs between post-secondary education and the business community.

A guide to academic protocol. Mary Kemper Gunn. New york: Columbia University Press, 1969. Ref. LB 2379 .G8.

Guide to organizing public relations functions: receptions, dinners, commencements, etc.

Handbook for college administration. Benjamin E. Sprunger,... [et sl.]. Washington, DC: Council for the Advancement of Small Colleges, 1978. Ref. LB 2341 .S67x.

Discusses planning, organizing, staffing, leading, evaluating, and developing.

Handbook of college and university administration. Asa S. Knowles, Editor-in-chief. New York: McGraw Hill, 1970.
Ref. LB 2341 .K63 v. #.

Volume one covers general administration. Volume two covers academic programs, standards, policies, personnel, and other academic affairs.

The idea handbook for colleges and universities: a compendium of imaginative, practical, and timely ideas on improving management, upgrading recruitment and admissions efforts, keeping students enrolled...[etc.]. Academy for Educational Development. Washington, DC: The Academy, 1975. Ref. LB 2341 .A222x.

The many lives of academic presidents: time, place & character. Clark Kerr and Marian L. Gade. Washington, DC: Association of governing Boards of Universities and Colleges,1986. Ref.LB 2341 .K44 1986.

Discusses the roles of college presidents.

National guide to foundation funding in higher education. Stan Olson and Ruth Kovacs, editors. [New York]: The Foundation Center, 19- . Ref. LB 2336 .N37 [year].

Describes 2,905 foundations that have shown an interest in supporting higher education.

Securing support for higher education: a bibliographical handbook. Cletis Pride, editor. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1972. Ref. Z 5815 .U5 P75.

Lists materials on grant support and othe fundraising methods for colleges.


The New York Report: a blueprint for learning and teaching. New York (State). University. Commissioner's Task Force on the Teaching Profession. Albany, NY: The University, 1988.
Ref. LB 2832.3 .N7 U5 1988.

Examines the conditions of teaching, teacher preparation, and teacher recruitment in New York State and recommends ways to improve them -- also focuses on the conditions of learning in the schools.

Policy documents and reports. American Association of University Professors. Washington DC: The Association, 1977. Ref. LB 2332 .A43 1977x.

Reprints articles from the AAUP Bulletin that state the Association's policies regarding academic freedom, tenure, due process, college government, collective bargaining, professional ethics, students rights, accreditation, and benefits. Includes the Association's constitution.

Retirement provisions survey: 1985-1986. National Educational Association. Professional and Organizational Development/Research Division. Washington, DC: The Association, 1988.
Ref. LB 2842 .R4x 1985-86.

Covers all United States public retirement systems that include teachers or educational support personnel.

Teacher job satisfaction: an annotated bibliography and guide to research. Paula E. Lester. New York: Garland Publishing, 1988. Ref. Z 5814 .T3 L46 1988.

Covers: beginning, elementary, secondary, subject, and college teachers; motivation; administrator relationship; stress; burnout; teaching.

TIAA-CREF: the future agenda. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund. Special Trustee Joint Committee. New York: The Association, 1987. Ref. LB 2334 .S62 1987x.

Studies TIAA-CREF management's as well as various other educational associations' recommendations on prospective pension planning policy and considers appropriate pension plan objectives and plan administration.


Codes of student discipline and students rights. Heather Sidor Doob. Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service, 1975. Ref. KF 4150 .D6.

Provides school administrators with basic information, positive suggestions, and sample policies.

Directory of schools reported to have exemplary discipline. Gay Su Pinnell...[et al.]. Bloomington,IN: Phi Delta Kappa, 1982. Ref. LB 3011 .D47 1982.

Lists programs and policies being used at each school to avoid discipline problems. Emphasizes that good discipline derives from many factors in the school environment, including good relationships with parents and community.

From Brown to Boston: desegregation in education. 1954-1974. Leon Jones. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow press, 1979. Ref. Z 5814 .D5 J65 v. #.

Annotated bibliography. Volume one: articles and books. Volume two: legal cases and indexes.

The right of students: the basic ACLU guide to a student's rights. Alan Levine,...[et al.]. [s.1.]: Sunrise Books, 1973.
Ref. KF4150 .L4.

Covers first amendment, personal appearance, due process, corporal punishment, discrimination, etc.

A student job classification plan for college and universities. Frank C. Adams and Clarence W. Stephens. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1972.
Ref. LB 3611 .A3.

Describes on-campus and off-campus jobs that are relevant to students' academic majors -- for counselors and administrators.


Annual educational summary: statistical and financial summary of education in New York State for the year ending.... New York (State). University. Albany NY: The University, 19- . Ref. LA 337 .A33a [year].

Information on elementary and secondary schools, higher and professional education, and libraries and programs. Emphasis is placed on summary tables and figures, but details for seperate school districts are provided.

Financial data for school districts. New York (State). Office of the State Comptroller. Albany , NY: The Office, 19- .
Ref. L182. .H53 [year].

Economic statistics of school districts in New York State.

Racial/ethnic distribution of public school students and staff: New York State. New York (State). University. Information Center on Education. Albany, NY: The Center, 19- .Ref. LC 132 .N7 A3 [year].

Statistics by school district.

Survey of school programs and practices 1980. National Education Association. Research Division. Washington.DC: The Association, 1980. Ref. LA 217 .N 275x 1980.

Statistics from 1980 of school policies, including course requirements, student evaluation, programs for the handicapped, etc.


Benefits of the $8,000,000,000 1988 elementary/secondary education law: an analysis of the Hawkins-Staffords Act of 1988 (P.L. 100-297). Charles J. Edwards,...[et al.], editors. Arlington, VA: Education Funding Research Council, 1988.
Ref. LB 2525 .B46 1988x.

Discusses "the most far-reaching elementary and secondary education assistance bill of the decade."

Education Department reports: judicial decisions of the Commissioner of Education. New York (State). University. Office of Counsel. Albany, NY: Lenz & Rieker, 19- .
Ref. KFN 5648 .A55 v. #.

Federal legislation and education in New York State. New York (State). University. Albany, NY: The University, 19- .
Ref. LB 2826 .N7 F43 [year].

Discusses the role of the federal government in New York State education and makes recommendations.

New encyclopedic dictionary of school law. Richard Gatti and Daniel J. Gatti. West Nyack, NY: Parker Publishing Company, 1983. Ref. Z 5811 .H27.

New York State Board of Regents action plan to improve elementary and secondary results in New York. Albany NY: New York (State). University, 1984.
Ref. L182 .U54 1984x.

The Politics of education: a bibliographical guide. G.S. Harman. St. Lucis, Queensland: University of Queensland Press, 1974. Ref. Z 5811 .H27.

Covers the relationships between education and government, politics, political parties, pressure groups, [etc.] in Australia, United States, Britain, Canada, and other countries.

Law -- Legislation

Corpus juris secundum: a complete restatement of the entire American law as developed by all reported cases. Francis J. Ludes,... [et al,]., edittors. Brooklyn,NY: American Law Book Co., 19- . Ref. KF 154 .C56 v. #.

Volumes 78 and 79 cover schools and school districts. Includes citations to cases.

McKinney's consolidated laws of New York with annotations from state and federal courts and state agencies: book 16, Education law. Saint Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19- . Ref. KFN, 5030 .M35 Bk16 pt.#[year].
Six Volumes.

Official compilation of codes, rules and regulations of the State of New York: volume 8, Education. Albany: Department of State, 19- .
Ref. KFN 5035 .1960 .A22 v. 8 pt. #.

Three volumes.

United States code annotated: title 20, Education: compromising all laws of a general and permanent nature under arrangement of Official Code of the Laws of the United States with annotations from federal and state courts. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 19- .
Ref. KF 62 1927 .W5 v. 20 sec. #.

Three volumes plus supplements.


Deskbook encyclopedia of American school law. Data Research Inc. Rosemount, MN: Data Research , 19- .
Ref. KF 4114 .D46 [year].

Encyclopedic compilation of state and federal appellate court decision which affect education.

The pupil's day in court. National Education Association. Research Division. Washington, DC: The Association, 19- .
Ref. KF 4150 .A59 p8x [year].

Describes cases that pitted students against the schools. Covers 1961-1970.

The teacher's day in court. National Education Association. Research Division. Washington, DC: The Association, 19- .
Ref. KF 4175 .A59 T4 [year].

Describes state and federal cases in which teachers and other certified school personnel were either plaintiffs of defendants. Covers 1961- 1971.

West federal practice digest. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 19- . Ref. KF 127 .W48 [year] v.#.

Annotated index to Federal and Supreme Court cases. See volumes for Schools or the Descriptive Word Index.

West's New York digest. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 19- . Ref. KFN 5057 .A2 v.# [year].

Annotated index to New York State court cases. See volumes for Schools or the Descriptive Word Index.

The yearbook of higher education law. D. Parker Young, editor-in-chief. Topeka, KS: National Organization on Legal Problems of Education, 1979. Ref. KF 4225 .A1 Y33x.

Summary and analysis of state and federal court cases involving higher education. Covers governance, finance, property, liability, employees, collective bargaining, and student rights.


The country index: interpretations for use in the evaluation of foreign educational credentials. Inez Hopkins Sepmeyer, editor. Alhambra, CA: Frank Severy Publishing, 1986. Ref. LB 2805 .C67 1986x v. 1.

Provides diagrammatic representations of educational systems of fifty countries from primary education through higher education.

A guide to recognized accrediting agencies: a factbook covering 61 postsecondary, nongovernmental accrediting organizations in the United States. Dorothy G. Petersen, editor. Washington, DC: Council on Postsecondary Accreditation, 1980. Ref. LB 2331.6 .G84 1980-82.

Encyclopedia of educational evaluation: concepts and techniques for evaluating education and training programs. Scarvia B. Anderson,...[et al.]. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1975. Ref. LB 2823 .A65.

Evaluative criteria for the evaluation of secondary schools. Vernon D. Pace, revision project director and editor. Falls Church, VA: National Study of School Evaluation, 1987.
Ref. LB 2822.2 .E93 1987.

Covers: schools and community, philosophy and goals, curriculum, auxiliary services, guidance services, learning media services, facilities, staff, student activities, and other programs.


An ACUHO-I bibliography on residence halls. Gregory S. Blimling,...[et al.]. Columbus, OH: Association of College and Universitiy Housing Officers-International, 1987.
Ref. Z 5814 .D6 A25 1987x.

Covers: historical development; financing; planning; construction; and facilities; organization and administration; programming; personnel; educational development; food service; legal issues; etc.

An annotated bibliography on play environments: planning, design and evaluation. Patricia R. Boyd Allen,...[et al.], compilers. Monticello, Il: Council of Planning Librarians, 1976.
Ref. Z 5942 .C68 no. 1184.

College and university facilities guide. National Conference on Facilities for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Chicago: The Athletic Institute, 1968. Ref. GV 401 .N33 1967r.

Guidelines for planning and designing athletic facilities, activity areas, stadiums, locker rooms, etc.

Designing physical facilities for mentally handicapped children. Robert Bartholomew. Monticello.IL: Council of Planning Librarians, 1977. Ref. Z 5942 .C68 no. 1224.


The energy conservation idea handbook: a compendium of imaginative and innovative examples of ideas and practices at colleges and universities today. Academy for Educational Development. Washington DC: American Council on Education, 1980. Ref. LB 2341 .E53x.

Equipment and supplies for athletics, physical education, and recreation. National Conference on Equipment and Supplies for Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation. Chicago: The Athletic Institute, 1960. Ref. GV 409 .N3 1959.

Practical guide for selection, purchase, and maintenance.

The physiological and psychological effect of the educational environments on human performance. Robert Bartholomew. Monticello,IL: Council of Planning Librarians, 1976. Ref. Z 5942. C68 no. 1049.


Planning areas and facilities for health, physical education, and recreation. National Conference on Facilities for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Chicago: The Athletic Institute, 1965. Ref. GV 401 .N27 1965.

Guidelines for planning parks, outdoor recreation areas, athletic facilities, gymnasiums, aquatic areas, etc.

A selected bibliography of learning environments for children. Leland L. Nicholls and Robert S. Jones. Monticello, IL: Ref. Z 5942 .C68 no. 611.

Psychological factors in the design of indoor and outdoor areas for children.

University planning: physical and social planning, building construction and case studies. Coppa & Avery Consultant. Monticello, IL: Vance Bibliographies, 1980.
Ref. Z5814 .U7 C67 1980.

Bibliography of university architecture, etc.

Compiled by Robert Delaney
Summer 1990

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