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Education Sources

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A critical dictionary of educational concepts: an appraisal of selected ideas and issues in educational theory and practice. Robin Barrow and Geoffrey Milburn. New York: St. Martin, 1986. Ref. LB 15 .B29 1986.

The encyclopedia of education. Lee C. Deighton, editor-in-chief. [s. l. ]: The Macmillan Company & The Free Press, 1971. Ref. LB 15 .E47 v. #. 10 volumes.

The encyclopedia of educational research. Harold E. Mitzel. ... [et al. ], editors. New York: Macmillan, 1982. Ref. LB 15 .E48 1982 v. #.

A critical synthesis and interpretation of reported educational research. 4 volumes.

The international encyclopedia of education: research and studies. Torsten Husen and T. Neville Postlethwaite, editors- in- chief. Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1985.
Ref. LB 15 .I569 1985 v. #.

Overview of scholarship brought to bear on educational problems, practice, and institutions all over the world. 10 volumes.

The international encyclopedia of higher education. Asa S. Knowles, editor-in-chief. San Francisco: Jossey- Bass, 1977. Ref. LB 15 .I57 v . #.

Includes descriptions of associations and lengthy bibliographies. 10 volumes.


Encyclopedia of educational evaluation: concepts and techniques for evaluating education and training programs. Scarvia B. Anderson,....[ et al. ] San Francisco: Jossey - Bass, 1975.
Ref. LB 2823 .A65.

Handbook of research on teaching: a project on the American Educational Research Association. New York: Macmillan, 1986. Ref. LB 1028 .H315 1986 (older editions:
Ref. LB 1028 .S39 1973 and Ref. LB 1028 .G3.

Reviews and discusses the findings of studies conducted on various aspects of teaching.

The international encyclopedia of teaching and teacher education. edited by Michael J. Dunkin. Oxford, England: Pergamon Press, 1987. Ref. LB 17 .I56 1987.

Contains articles on teacher evaluation and many specific teaching techniques. Includes bibliographies.

NTE: National teacher examinations. David J. Fox. New York: Arco, 1988.
Ref. LB 1762 .F72 1988.

Tips, guidelines, and practice questions for the core battery, professional knowledge, and specialty area tests.

The New York report: a blueprint for learning and teaching. New York(State). University. Commissioner's Task Force on the Teaching Profession. Albany, NY: The University, 1988.
Ref. LB 2832.3 .N7 U5 1988.

Examines the conditions of teaching, teacher preparation, and teacher recruitment in New York State and recommends ways to improve them. Also focuses on the conditions of learning in the schools.

Preschool education: a handbook for the training of early childhood educators. Ralph W. Colvin and Esther M. Zaffiro. New York: Springer, 1974. Ref. LB 1140.2 .C663.

Contains articles covering theoretical foundations, program planning, evaluation. Includes bibliographies.

Requirements for certification for elementary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges. Mary Paxton Burks. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 19- . Ref. LB 1771 .W6 [year].

Teaching, counselors, librarians, and administrators in all fifty states.


A catalog of concepts in the pedagogical domain of teacher education. Bryce B. Hudgins, project director. St. Louis, Mo: Washington University, 1974. Ref. LB 1025.2 .C27x.

Identifies, defines, and illustrates different aspects of teacher and pupil behavior in the classroom.

Dictionary of personnel and guidance terms: including professional agencies and associations. edited by William E . Hopke. Chicago: J. G. Ferguson, 1968. Ref. LB 15 .H66.

The mental measurements yearbook. edited by James V. Mitchell, Jr. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska. Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, 19- . Ref. Z 5814 .P8 B392 v. #.

Describes, reviews, and provides relevant biblographic references to commercially published tests in all subject areas (education, personality, intelligence, vocational, etc.).

Mirrors for behavior III: an anthology of observation instruments . edited by Anita Simon and E. Gil Boyer. Wyncote, PA: Communication Materials Center, 1974.
Ref. LB 1131.5 .S55 1974x

The school psychologistís handbook. by Arthur A. Attwell. Los Angeles: Western Psychological Services, 1974. Ref LB 3013.6 .A8.

Defines situations that the school psychologist is likely to encounter and suggests how to deal with them. Includes glossary.


BOSC directory: facilities for learning disabled people. compiled & edited by Irene Slovak. Congers, NY: BOSC Publishers, 19-. Ref. LC 4031 .S56 [year].

Provides information about American facilities, schools (day and residential), colleges, agencies, and independent living programs -- spanning all ages -- that serve or have special services for people with learning disabilities.

Directory of gifted, talented, & creative education terms. Mary M. Frasier and Jo Ann Carland. New York: Trillium Press, 1982. Ref. LB 15 .F84 1982x.

Includes bibliography.

Directory of special education and rehabilitation. Leo J. Kelley and Glenn A. Vergason. Denver, CO: Love Publishing Company, 1985. Ref. LC 3957 .K4 1985x.

The directory for exceptional children: a listing of educational and training facilties. Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers, 19 -. Ref. LC 4007 .D5 [year].

Describes programs, facilities, and schools in the United States that serve the needs of prekindergarten through secondary school students (some older as well).

Exceptional children: a reference book. Herbert Goldstien, .....[et al.]. Guilford, CT: Special Learning Corporation, 1978. Ref. LC 3955 .S62x.

Collection of article reprints on special education, mental retardation, learning disabilities, autism, behavior modification, mainstreaming, emotional and behavioral disorders, speech and hearing, deaf education, visually handicapped education, dyslexia, physically handicapped education, gifted and talented education.

A glossary of special education. edited by Phillip Williams. Milton Keynes, England: Open University Press, 1988. Ref. LC 3957 .G56 1988x.

A guide to 75 tests for special education. Carolyn Compton. Belmont, CA: Pitman Learning, 1984. Ref. LB 1131 .C5416 1984.

Handbook of special education. edited by James M. Kauffman and Daniel P. Hallahan. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice - Hall, 1981. Ref. LC 3965 .H26.

Contains articles on historical trends, contemporary issues, conceptual foundations, research, theory, practice, curriculum, methods, classroom environment, child management,etc...

Learning disabilties handbook: a technical guide to program development. edited by David A. Sabatino. DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 1976. Ref. LC 4704 .L39.

Covers program development, instruction, instructional materials, inservice programs, parent participation, and program evaluation.

Resource guide to special education: terms - laws - assessment - procedures - organizations. William E. Davis. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1986. Ref. LC 4007 .D38 1986.

Contains a dictionary of special education terms, descriptions of available tests and relevant legislation, and a list of organizations.


A dictionary of reading and related terms. Theodore L . Harris ,....[et al.], editors. Newark, DE: International Reading Association, 1981. Ref. LB 1049.98 .D53.

Hotline to reading: a glossary of reading terms. Beatrice G. Davis. East Williston, NY: Greenapple Editions, 1976. Ref. LB 1049. 98 .D29 1976x.


Coaches guide to sport physiology: a publication for the American Coaching Effectiveness Program. Level 2 Sport Science Curiculum. Brian J .Sharkey. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics Publishers, 1986. Ref. RC 1235 .S518 1986.

Covers sport physiology and the athlete, training for muscular fitness, training for energy fitness, designing training programs, and performance.

Encyclopedia of physical education, fitness, and sports: training, environment, nutrition, and fitness. G . Alan Stull, volume editor; Thomas K . Cureton, Jr., series editor. Salt Lake City, UT: Brighton Publishing Company, 1980. Ref. GV 567 .E49 v. 2.


Academic freedom and tenure: a handbook of the American Association of University Professors. edited by Louis Joughlin. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1969..
Ref . LB 2332 .J68 1969x.

Educational administration glossary. Edward L. Dejnozka. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983. Ref. LB 15 .D373 1983.

Encyclopedia of school administration & supervision. edited by Richard A . Gorton , ...[et al.]. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1988. Ref. LB 2805 .E53 1988.

The energy conservation idea handbook: a compendium of imaginative and innovative examples of ideas and practices at colleges and universities today. Academy for Educational Development. Washington, DC: American Council on Education, 1980. Ref. LB 2341 .E53x.

A guide to academic protocol. Mary Kamper Gunn. New York: Columbia University Press, 1969. Ref. LB 2379 .G8.

Guide to organizing public relations functions, receptions, dinners, commencements, etc.

Handbook for college administration. by Benjamin E. Sprunger, ...[et al.]. Washington, DC: Council for the Advancement of Small Colleges, 1978. Ref. LB 2341 .S67x.

Discusses planning, organizing, staffing, leading, evaluating, and developing.

Handbook of college and university administration. Asa S. Knowles, editor-in-chief. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970. Ref. LB 2341 .K63 v. #.

Volume one covers general administration. Volume 2 covers academic programs, standards, policies, personnel administration, and other academic affairs.

Handbook of educational supervision: a guide for the practitioner. Emery Stoops, ...[et al.]. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1981. Ref. LB 2805 .S759 1981.

Provides specific practical assistance in many administrative and supervisory situations.

Handbook of research on educational administration: a project of the American Educational Research Association. Norman J. Boyan, editor. New York: Longman, 1988.
Ref. LB 2805 .H2864 1988.

Discusses the results of research that has been conducted in the field of educational administration.

The idea handbook for colleges and universities: a compendium of imaginative, practical, and timely ideas on improving management, upgrading recruitment and admissions efforts, keeping students enrolled, ...[etc.]. Academy for Educational Development. Washington, DC: The Academy, 1979. Ref. LB 2341 .A222x.


Annual educational summary: statistical and financial summary of education in New York State for the year ending ... New York (State). University. Information Center on Education. Albany: The Center, 19 -. Ref. LA 337 .A33a [year].

Information for elementary and secondary schools, higher and professional education, libraries and programs. Emphasis is placed on summary tables and figures, but details for individual school districts are also provided.

Digest of education statistics. W. Vance Grand and Thomas D. Snyder. Washington, D.C: U.S. Government Printing Office, 19 -. Ref. L11 .A86x [year].

An abstract of statistical information covering the broad field of American education from prekindergarten through graduate school.

Fact book on higher education. compiled by Cecilia A. Ottinger. New York: Macmillian, 19-. Ref. LA 227.3 .A44a [year]

Statistical data on higher education, college enrollment, degrees, etc.

Financial data for school districts. New York (State). Office of the Comptroller. Albany, NY: The Office, 19 -. Ref. LB 182 .H53 [year].

Economic statistics of school districts in New York State.

The Grolier survey: what parents believe about education. Conducted by Research & Forecasts, Inc. Danbury, CT: Grolier, 1983. Ref. LB 2823 .G76 1983x.

Statistics of parental attitudes toward reading at home, involvement with childís homework, communication with teeachers, importance of various subjects, school practices, teacher salary, etc. -- broken down by age, sex, income, ethnicity etc.

Nationwide teacher opinion poll. Suzanne Gardner, project director. [s.l.]: National Education Association, 1983. Ref. LB 2832 .2 N37x 1983.

Statistics on the attitudes and opinions of public school teachers on a variety of current educational and political issues.

Racial/ethnic distribution of public school students and staff: New York State. New York (State). University. Information Center on Education. Albany, NY: The Center, 19 -.
Ref. LC 132 .N7A3 [year ].

Statistics by school districts.

Status of the American public school teacher. National Education Association. [s.l.]. The Association, 19 - . Ref. LB 2832.2 .S7 [year].

Statistical data on the professional and personal characteristics of teachers, the current status of their teaching conditions, their attitudes toward the profession, and their community and civic activities. Updated every five years.


Benefits of the $8,000,000,000 1988 elementary/secondary education law: an analysis of the Hawkins-Stanford Act of 1988 (P.L. 100 -297) . Charles J. Edwards, .... [et al ], editors. Arlington, VA: Education Funding Research Council, 1988. Ref. LB 2525 .B46 1988x.

Discusses the most far - reaching elementary and secondary education assistance bill of the decade.

Deskbook encyclopedia of American school law. Data Research, Inc. Rosemount, MN: Data Research, Inc., 19 -. Ref . KF 4114 .D46 [year].

Encyclopedia compilation of state and federal appellate court decisions which affect education.

Education Department reports: judicial decisions of the Commissioner of Education. New York (State). University. Office of Counsel. Albany, NY: Lenz & Rieker, 19 -.
Ref. KFN 5648 .A55 v. #.

Federal income tax guide for education employees. by John C. Arch. Washington, DC: National Education Association, 19-. Ref. KF 6369.8 E3N4 [year].

Federal legislation and education in New York State. New York (State). University. Albany, NY: The University, 19-. Ref. LB 2826 .N7F43 [year].

Discusses the role of the federal government in New York State education and makes recommendations.

McKinneyís consolidated laws of New York with annotations from state and federal courts and state agencies: book 16, Education law. Saint Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19 -. 6 volumes. Ref. KFN 5030 .M35 Bk 16 pt. # [year].

Official compilation of codes, rules, and regulations of the State of New York: volume 8, Education. Albany: Department of State, 19-. 3 volumes. Ref. KFN 5035 . 1960 .A22 v. 8, pt.#.

Retirement provisions survey: 1985 - 1986. National Education Association. Professional and Organzational Development/Research Division . Washington, DC: The Association, 1988.
Ref. LB 2842.2 .R4x 1985-86.

Covers all United States public retirement systems that include teachers or education support personnel.

Teacher education in the states: 50 state survey of legislative and administrative actions. American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Washington, DC: The Association, 1986. Ref. LB 1771 .A74 1986x.

For each state, it discusses: standards; incentives; irregular certification routes; programs curricula; capacity building for school, colleges and Departments of Education; research/data/evaluation; faculty development; resources for practitioner inservice; and evidence of maintenance of equity.


Whoís who in American education. Jeffrey Ranz, editor; Pamela A. Vandervort-Jones, Associate Editor. Owings Mills, MD: National Reference Institute, 19-. Ref. 2311 .W455x [year].

Provides information about people in teaching, administration, research, professional organizations, and political-legislative activities.

Directory of American scholars. edtied by Jaques Cattell Press. New York : Bowker, 19-.
Ref. LA 2311 .C32 [year].

Provides biographical information and addresses of people involved in teaching, research, or publishing in the humanities, history, and law. 4 volumes.

Directory of Public Schools. Nassau County Council of School Superintendents. Syosset, NY: Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County, 19-. Ref. L 903 .N45N3x [year].

Lists names, titles, addresses, and telephone numbers of administrators of public schools and school districts in Nassau County.

Scope: directory of public schools, Suffolk County, New York: including educational associations, organizations, and unions serving Long Island. Suffolk County Organization for the Promotion of Education. [Oakdale, NY]: Scope, 19-. Ref. L903 .N45 .S9x [year].

Directory of public schools. ICC. Commack, NY: Icc Publications, 19-.
Ref. L903 .N47 D57 [year].

Covers the counties of Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, and Westchester.

Directory of public schools and administrators: New York State. New York (State). University. Information Center on Education. Albany: The Center, 19-.
Ref. LB 2803 .N65 D57[year].

Directory of nonpublic schools and administrators: New York State. New York (State). University. Information Center on Education. Albany: The Center, 19-.
Ref. LC 50 .N4 D57 [year].

Pattersonís elementary education. edited by Douglas Moody. Mount Prospect, IL: Educational Directories, 19-. Ref. L901 .P34x [year].

Pattersonís American education. edited by Douglas Moody . Mount Prospect, IL: Education Directories, 19-. Ref. L901 .P3 [year].

Lists names and addresses of American elementary and secondary schools, (public, private, and church-affiliated), school districts state education departments, accredited colleges, universities, junior colleges, and vocational, technical, and trade schools, their administrators and superintendents, and education associations.

Petersonís higher education directory. Kim R. Kaye, ....[ et al.] editors. Princeton, NJ: Petersonís Guides, 19-. Ref. L 901 .P47 [year].

Petersonís graduate education directory. Paul Miers and Amy J . Goldstein, editors. Princeton, NJ: Petersonís Guides, 19-. Ref. L 901 .P457. [year].

Lists names and telephone numbers of administrators and department heads of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

The faculty directory of higher education: a twelve-volume subject-classified directory providing names, addresses, and titles of courses taught for more than 600,000 teaching faculty at more than 3,100 U.S. colleges, universities, and community colleges and at 220 selected Canadian institutions. Detriot: Gale Research Company, 19-.
Ref. LB 2331.72 .F34 [year]. v, #.

Teaching abroad. edited by Edrice Marguerite Howard and Carol Weeg. New York : Institute of International Education, 19-. Ref. L 2283 .L38 [year].

Describes foreign schools and colleges (prekindergarten through post-graduate) that have employment opportunities for teachers of all subjects. Includes study opportunites abroad for teachers.


Biographical dictionary of American educators. edited by John F. Ohles. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1978. Ref. LA 2311 .B54 v. #.

Biographical information about those people who have shaped American education from colonial times through 1976. Three volumes.

Education in the United States: a documentary history. edited by Sol Cohen. New York: Random House, [n.d]. Ref . La 205 .C53 v. #.

Contains excerpts from articles, important documents, and the writings of prominent people on the fields of learning and education from the 14th century to the present . 5 volumes.

Education , U.S.A. : the great contemporary issues. James Cass, advisory editor. New York: The New York Times, 1973. Ref. LA 212 .E42.

Reprints articles from the New York Times tracing the devlopment of education since the Second World War and covering the major issues and events.


International handbook of education systems. J. Cameron, .... [et al.], editors. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons, 1983. Ref. LB 15 .I58 1983 v. #.

Discusses the structure of education (preschool through college) in each country, including its administration, econmics, organizational chart, history, statistics, and teacher preparation. 3 vols.

World education encyclopedia. edited by George Thomas Kurian. New York: Facts on File, 1988. Ref. LB 15 .K79 1988 v. #.

For each country, it discusses the structure of its education system from preschool through college (including nonformal education), its history, administration, finance, statistics, and state of the teaching profession. Includes glossaries and bibliographies. # volumes.


ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center)

is a bibliographic database that corresponds to the print indexes: Current Index to Journals in Education (CIJE), which covers journal literature, and Resources in Education (RIE), which covers education research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, project descriptions, conference proceedings, and other published and unpublished documents. Covers 1966 to the present and is updated quarterly.

Expanded Academic Index (InfoTrac)

is a multidisciplinary database aimed at college users with references to articles, editorials, biographies, and reviews from over 1500 major journals and magazines in most subject areas. Covers the most recent 3+ years and is updated monthly.


covers the literature of psychology and the behavioral sciences, providing citations and abstracts of articles from more than 1300 journals. It corresponds generally to the print index, Psychological Abstracts, but is not a direct equivalent. Covers 1974 to the present and is updated quarterly.

The CD-ROM databases are available for searching on the CD-ROM Network workstations located in many library departments at each campus. Please feel free to inquire in the Reference Department for more information.


Eric (Educational Resources Information Center).
Indexes over 1500 education journals and thousands of research reports each year.

British Education Index.
Covers all aspects and fields of education.

A-V Online.
Covers non-print educational resources for all grade levels. Includes films, videotapes, transparencies, filmstrips, records, slides, etc.

Online version of Psychological Abstracts which indexes over 1300 journals, technical reports, case studies, and dissertations each year.

MLA Bibliography (Modern Language Association)
Covers literature, language, linguistics, and folklore.

Covers physical education, exercise physiology, sports, training, sports for disabled, sports medicine, etc.

These are only a few of the over 300 databases that can be searched via the libraryís Online Information Retrieval Service. Please note that this is a fee-based service. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Reference Department.

Compiled by Robert Delaney
Fall 1989
Revised Spring 1998

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