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Annual Register of Grant Support: a directory of funding sources. Wilmette, IL: National Register Publishing Co., 19-. Ref. As 911 .A2 A67 [year].

Describes grant support programs of government agencies, public and private foundations, corporations, community trusts, unions, educational and professional associations, and special interest organizations.

DRG: directory of research grants. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 19-. Ref. LB 2338 .D57 [year].

Describes grants for individuals and institutions for research and creative endeavors. Includes index of subject areas.

The Grants Register. Norman Frankel, editor. New York: St. Martin's Press, 19-.
Ref. LB 2338 .G7 [year].

Describes scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards, prizes, [etc.] for graduate students and professionals. Includes grants for artistic and scientific projects.

The Foundation Directory. The Foundation Center, compiler; Loren Renz, editor. New York: The Center, 19-. Ref. AS 911 .A2 F65 [year].

Describes over six thousand private and community foundations that give out $100,000 or more during the previous year.

The Foundation Grants Index: a cumulative listing of foundation grants reported in.... Ruth Kovacs, editor; Joel Goldman, assistant editor. New York: The Foundation Center, 19-.
Ref.AS 911 .A2 F66 [year].

Lists organizations to which major foundations awarded at least $5000 in order to demonstrate each foundation's funding interests.

Foundation Grants to Individuals. Stan Olson, editor; Margaret Feczko, assistant editor. New York: The Foundation Center, 19-. Ref. LB 2336 .F598 [year].

Describes private U.S. foundations that provide assistance to individuals for a variety of purposes including scholarships, student loans, fellowships, foreign recipients, travel, internships, residencies, general welfare, and arts and cultural projects.

Foundations: the Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Institutions. Harold M. Keele and Joseph C. Kiger, editors-in-chief. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1984. Ref. HV 88 .F68 1984.

Provides concise histories of major foundations that have played significant roles in American civic, cultural, political, and economic life from the beginning of the century to the present.

How to Find Out About Financial Aid: a guide to over 700 directories listing scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships. Gail Ann Schlachter. Los Angeles: Reference Service Press, 1987. Ref. Z 5814 .S35 S35 1987.

Annotates bibliography of directories.

National Databank of Foundations: a comprehensive guide to grantmaking foundations.
C. Edward Murphy, editor. New York: The Foundation Center, 19-. Ref. AS 911 .A2 F64 [year].

Provides brief information about independent, company sponsored, and community foundations. Two volumes.

New York State Foundations: a comprehensive directory. Stan Olson, editor; Natividad S.H. del Pilar, assistant editor. [s. 1.]: The Foundation Center, 19-. Ref. HV 98 .N7N57 [year].

Provides information about 4,667 independent, company sponsored, or community foundations currently active in New York State which awarded grants of one dollar or more during the lastest fiscal year.

Smithsonian Opportunities for Research and Study in History, Art, Science. Smithsonian Institution. Office of Fellowships and Grants. Washington, D.C: Smithsonian Institution Press, 19-. Ref. Q 11 .S8 S86 [year].

Describes research taking place at the Institution and fellowships, grants, and internships that are available there.

Taft Directory of Nonprofit Organizations: profiles of America's major charitable institutions. Arnold Schoenthaler,...[etal.]. Washington, D.C: The Taft Group, 19-.
Ref. AS 911 .A2 T35x [year].

Provides economic and personnel information about 1,125 organizations that have assets of at least five million dollars, some of which offer grants. Includes names and addresses of 2,400 additional organizations.


Directory of Grants in the Humanities. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 19-.
Ref. AZ 188 .U5 D57 [year].

Describes over 3,500 current funding programs that support research and performance.

Grants in the Humanities: a scholar's guide to funding sources. William Emmet Coleman. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1984. Ref. AZ 507 .C58 1984.

Provides information about agencies that offer grants or fellowships. Includes information on proposal writing and budgets.

Guide to Corporate Giving in the Arts. Robert A. Porter. New York: American Council of the Arts, 1981. Ref. NX 711 .U5 P64.

Describes each company's arts contributions, policies, and priorities.

National Directory of Arts Support by Private Foundations: containing listing of most U.S. foundations which give significantly. Includes typical grants, addresses, officers, main donors to the foundations and capitalizations. Daniel Millsaps,...[et al.]. Washington, DC: Washington International Arts Letter, 1980. Ref. NX 711 .U5 M532.

National Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture. Stan Olson,...[et al.], editors. [s.l.]: The Foundation Center, 19-. Ref. NX 711 .U5 N37 [year].

Describes sources of foundation and corporate support for visual and performing arts, museums, films, historic preservation, architecture, education, etc.


Directory of Biomedical and Health Care Grants. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1986.
Ref. R 850 .Al D57 1987.

Describes 2,058 health-related funding programs ranging form laboratory investigations to programs that are designed to study the needs of society in health care delivery.

Grant Seekers Guide. National Network of Grantmakers; Jill R. Shellow and Nancy C. Stella, editors. Mt. Kisco, NY: Moyer Bell Limited, 1989. Ref. HV 97 .A3 G73 1989.

Describes foundations that award funds to organizations that address issues, proffer solutions, and advocate for social or economic justice. Includes articles on grant seeking and fundraising.

Handicapped Funding Directory: a guide to sources of funding in the United States for handicapped programs and services. Burton J. Eckstein, editor. Oceanside, NY: Research Grant Guides, 1982. Ref. HV 3006 .A4 E27 1982.

Lists foundations, corporations, associations, and government agencies.

How to Find Information About AIDS. Virginia A. Lingle and M. Sandra Wood. New York: Harrington Park Press, 1988. Ref. Rc 607 .A26 L56 1988b.

Lists grant funding sources, organizations, health departments, federal agencies, research institutions, hotlines, and computerized, print and audiovisual sources of information.

National Guide to Funding in Aging. David M. Weiss, Diane E. Mahlmann,... [et al.], editors. New York: The Foundation Center, 1987. Ref. HV 1461 .W42 1987.

Describes foundations, voluntary organizations, and federal and state funding programs for arts, civil rights, education, employment, health, housing, etc.

NIH Factbook: guide to National Institutes of Health programs and activites. Marquis Academic Media. Chicago: Marquis Who's Who, 1976. Ref. RA 11 .D6 N18.

Presents the histories, activities, research grants, and public advisory groups of the institutes that comprise the National Institutes of Health. Includes economic statistics.


Grants for Graduate Students. University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Graduate School, compiler; Andrea Leskes, editor. Princeton, NJ: Peterson's Guides, 19-.
Ref. LB 2338 .G683 [year].

Describes fellowships, grants, internships, and prizes.

Guide to Federal Funding for Education. James J. Marshall,...[et al.]. Arlington, VA: Education Funding Research Council, 1983. Ref. LB 2805 .G84x 1983.

Describes 134 programs covering elementary through professional education.

National Guide to Foundation Funding in Higher Education. Stan Olson and Ruth Kovacs, editors. [New York]: The Foundation Center, 19-. Ref. LB 2336 . N37 [year].

Describes 2,905 foundations that have shown an interest in supporting education.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans. S. Norman Feingold and Marie Feingold. Arlington, MA: Bellman Publishing Company, 19-. Ref. LB 2338 .F4 vol#.

Describes sources of funds for researchers, undergraduates, and graduate students.

Scholarships, Fellowships, Grants and Loans: the College Blue Book. New York: Macmillian, 19-. Ref. LB 2338 .S363 [year].

Describes private sources of funds for undergraduate through postdoctoral study. Arranged by subject.


Directory of Financial Aids for Minorities. Gail Ann Schlachter. Los Angeles: Reference Service Press, 1986. Ref. LB 2338 .S34 1986.

Describes: scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and internships designed primarily or exlusively for minorities; state sources of educational benefits; and reference sources on financial aids.

Directory of Financial Aids for Women. Gail Ann Schlachter. San Carlos, CA: Reference Service Press, 1989. Ref LB 2338 .D564 1989-90.

Describes scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, internships, financial institutions, and state sources of educational benefits. Includes bibliographies.

Financial Aid for the Disabled and Their Families. Gail Ann Schlachter and R.David Weber. Redwood City, CA: Reference Service Press, 19-. Ref. HV 1553 .S34 [year].

Describes: scholarships, fellowships, loans, grants, awards, and internships designed primarily or exlusively for the disabled or their families; state sources of benefits; and reference sources on financial aid.

Funding for Research, Study, and Travel: the People's Republic of China. Denise Wallen and Karen Cantrell, editors. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1987. Ref. E 183.8 .C5 W32 1987.

Describes sources of money for study about and/or in the People's Republic of China.

Inventing and Patenting Sourcebook: how to sell and protect your ideas. Richard C. Levy. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Inc., 19-. Ref. T 339 .L38 [year].

Includes a section that provides information about federal funding sources for the inventor.


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance. United States. General Services Administration. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 19-. Ref. HC 110 .P63 G69.

Describes over one thousand grants, loans, and nonfinancial forms of assistance that are available from the federal government. Covers all subject areas.

Getting Yours: the complete guide to government money. Matthew Lesko. New York: Penguin Books, 1982. Ref. HC110 .P63 L37 1982.

Describe federal loans, grants, direct payments, and insurance programs.

Government Assistance Almanac: the guide to all federal programs available to the American public. J. Robert Dumouchel. Washington, DC: Foggy Bottom Publications, 19-.
Ref. HC 110 .P63 D85 [year].

Provides information about over one thousand grants, loans, and nonfinancial forms of assistance that are available from the federal government. Covers all subject areas.


Guide to European Foundations. Giovanni Angelli Foundation. Milan: Franco Angeli Editore, 1973. Ref. HV 238 .A2 F65 1973.

Describes foundations in sixteen countries.

International Encyclopedia of Foundations. Joseph C. Kiger. [s.l.]: Greenwood Press, 1990. (Inquire at Reference Desk).

Describes 145 independent, community, operating, and corporate- sponsored foundations in thirty-one countries. Includes brief histories.

The International Foundation Directory. H.V. Hodson, consultant editor. London: Europa Publications, 1979. Ref. HV 7 .I57 1979. (Inquire at Reference Desk).

Describes foundations in forty-five countries around the world.

The World of Learning. London: Europa Publications, 19-. Ref. AS 2 .W6 [year].

Provides information about foundations, academies, learned societies, research institutes, libraries, archives, museums, art galleries, universities, colleges, polytechnics, and schools of art and music in each country as well as international organizations. Includes members or faculty in many cases.


A Casebook of Grant Proposals in the Humanities. William Coleman,... [et al.], editors. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1982. Ref. AZ 188 .U5 C37 1982.

Reprints examples of different kinds of grant proposals that were successful and comments on them.

The Complete Grants Sourcebook for Higher Education. American Council on Education. Public Managment Institute. Washington, DC: The Council, 1980. Ref. LB 2336 .P8 1980.

Includes forms, worksheets, and checklists for preparing projects and proposal.

Foundation Fundamentals: a guide for grantseekers. Patricia E. Read, editor. {s.l.]: The Foundation Center, 1986. Ref. HV 41.9 .U5 R44 1986.

Discusses planning, proposal preparation, presentation, and the location and selection of the appropriate foundation.

Grant Proposal that Succeeded. Virginia White, editor. New York: Plenum Press, 1983.
Ref. HG 177 .G69 1983.

Reprints grant proposal for research, training, arts, humanities, and federal contracts along with comments on them.

The Grantsmanship Workplan. The Eckman Center. Canoge Park, CA: The Eckman Center, 1975. Ref. HG 174 .E38x.

Step by step guide to locating sources of money and preparing and presenting proposal.

How To Write Successful Foundation Presentations. Joseph Dermer. Hartsdale, NY: Public Service Materials Center, 1984. Ref. AS 911 .A2 D42 1984x.

Covers appointment letters, appeals for general purpose grants, special project presentations, building proposals, and letters of renewal.

Compiled by Robert Delaney
Spring 1991

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