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Health Administration

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Accreditation manual for hospitals. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. Chicago: The Commision, 19-.
Ref. RA 971 .J55 [year].

Lists the criteria used to rate hospitals and their departments for accreditation.

The Facts on File dictionary of health care management. Joseph C. Rhea,... [et al.]. New York: Facts on File Publications, 1988. Ref. RA 393 .R48 1988.

Includes a chronology from 1633 to 1987.

Hospitals administration terminology. Ann Fox Kiger, compiler. Chicago: American hospital publishing, 1986.
Ref. RA 962.2 .H67 1986.

Hospitals departmental profiles. Alan J. Goldberg and Robert A. DeNoble, editors. Chicago: American Hospital Publishing, 1986. Ref. RA 971 .H5933 1986.

Discusses the function, organization, and operation of each hospital department.

Hospital management international. International Hospital Federation. London: Sterling Publishing Group, 19- .
Ref. RA 971 .O32 [year].

Presents information about the Federation and articles about planning, management system, hospital design and construction, lasers, patient care, diagnosis, equipment and supplies, emergency services, etc.

Nursing administration handbook. Howard S. Rowland and Beatrice L. Rowland. Germantown,MD: Aspen System Corporation, 1980. Ref. RT 89 .N765.

Cover leadership, management, the working environment, administration, opportunities for nursing administrators, and operations, personnel, and patient management.


Handbook of health care human resources management. Norman Metzger, editor. Rockville, MD: Aspen Publishers, 1990. Ref. RA 971.35 .H36 1990.

Collection of articles on human resources management, employee benefits, and labor relations.

Handbook of health care labor manual. Aspen System Corporation. Health Law Center. Rockville, MD: Aspen Systems Corporation, 1983. Ref. KF 3580 .H4H4 1980 v. #.

Covers personnel administration, labor relations, arbitration, laws, regulations, policies, etc. Three volumes.

A Primary care process measure: the nurse practioner rating form. Ada Jacox,...[et al.]. Wakefield, MA: Nursing Resources, 1981. Ref. RT 82.8 .P74.

Covers the development and use of this instrument for measuring nurse practitioner performance in direct patient care.


Market-based demand forecasting for hospital inpatient services. James A. Rice and George H. Creel. [s.l.]: American Hospital Publishing, 1985. Ref. RA 971.3 R54 1985.

Discusses formal methods of estimating the demand for each of a hospital's services within a given period.

Marketing your Hospital: a strategy for survival. Norman H. McMillan. Chicago: American Hospital Publishing, 1981. Ref. RA 965.5 .M37 1981.

Discusses the marketing, public relations, and advertising of hospitals.

Residential health care facility bed need method (709.3). Nassu-Suffolk Health System Agency. [Plainview, NY]: The Agency, 1984. (Inquire at Reference Desk; shelved with
Ref. RA 395 .A4 N74x 1984.)

Methods for determining the utilization need in nursing homes and long term care facilities for the purpose of expansion or the creation of new facilities in accordance with section 709.3 of the New York Health Care.

Strategic planning process for hospitals. Joseph P. Peters. Chicago: American Hospital Publishing, 1985.
Ref. RA 971 .P48 1985.

Describes the why, what, and how long-range planning, with hospital examples highlighting each phase.

Public Health

A dictionary of epidemiology. John M. Last,...[et al.], editors. New York: Oxford University Press, 1983. Ref. RA 651 .D53 1983.

Federal public policy on aging since 1960: an annotated bibliography. William E.Oriol, compiler. New York: Greenwood Press, 1987. Ref. Z 7164 .O4074 1987.

Includes a section on health and long term care.

Medical Sociology: an annotated bibliography. John G. Brahn,...[et al.]. New York: Garland Publishing, 1985.
Ref. Z 6675 .S53 B78 1985.

Covers social aspects of health care, health economics, epidemiology, health behavior, the family, aged persons, disabilities, hospitals, health planning, ethics, etc.

Monitoring health care quality: malpractice, misconduct, quality assurance. New York (State). Department of Health. Albany, NY: The Department, 1988. Ref. KFN 326.3 .N47 1988x.

Provides detailed statistical summaries of malpractice and misconduct in New York State and reports the steps that the state has taken to refine, target, and strengthen efforts to assure high quality health care.

Oxford textbook of public health. Walter W. Holland,...[et al.], editors. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1984.
Ref. Ra 425.09 1984 v. #.

Covers the investigation, promotion, and evaluation of optimal health services to communities and is concerned with the wider aspects of health within the general context of health and the environment. Four volumes.

Social support and health: an annotated bibliography. John G. Bruhn,...[et al.]. New York: Garland Publishing, 1987.
Ref. RA 418 .S6495 1987.

Covers the social support of health as it relates to physical health, rehabilitation, mental health, life cycle issues, cultural factors, strategies, applications, and social networks.

State health plan. New York (State). Statewide Health Coordinating Council and New York (State). Health Planning Commission. Albany, NY: The Council and the Commission, 1982.
Ref. RA 395 .A4 N76 1982x v. #.

Provides a comprehensive approach to the identification and resolution of health problems in New York State; articles adopted as well as proposed state health policies; and guides resource allocation to insure equitable access to quality health care services at a reasonable cost. Two volumes.

Strengthening the continuum: the 1987-90 comprehensive plan for services to persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilites in New York State. New York (State). Office of Mental Reterdation and Developmental Disabilities. Albnay, NY: The Office, 1987.
Ref. HV 3006 .N7 1987x.

Describes the service system that is in place and the changes that are needed to better serve persons with developmental diabilities.

Medical facilities plan for Long Island. Nassu-Suffolk Health Systems Agency. Plainview, NY: The Agency, 1984. Ref. RA 981 .N4 N3x 1984-85.

Describes the resources and needs of health facilities on Long Island in order to promote the sharing of resources and the avoidance of duplication.

N-S HSA health system plan 1984. Nassau-Suffolk Health Systems Agency. Plainview, NY: The Agency, 1984.
Ref. RA 395 .A4 N74x 1984.

Defines goals for health status and health systems improvement in Nassau and Suffolk, including cost control and regional profiles. Covers: primary care and community education; mental health, mental retardation/ developmental disabilities, alcohol, and substance abuse services; acute care; and long term care.

N-S HSA annual implementation plan. Nassu-Suffolk Health Systems Agency. Plainview, NY: The Agency, 1984.
Ref. RA 395 .A4 N745x 1984.

Reports on progress toward achieving the Nassau-Suffolk Health System Plan as well as on activities that are planned for the following year, including new initiatives based on previously unrecognized needs.

Project review manual. Nassau-Suffolk Health Systems Agency. Melville, NY: The Agency, [1980?]. (Inquire at reference desk; shelved with Ref. RA 395.A4 N74x 1984.)

Outlines the methods and criteria of the review process in order to stimulate a coordinated system within the agency for dealing with the review of project.

Medicare & Insurance

Medicare: a handbook on the history and issues of health care services for the elderly. William A. Pearman and Philip Starr. New York: Garland Publishing, 1988.
Ref. HD 7102 .U4 P43 1988.

Annotated bibliography.

The Medicare answer book. Geri Harrington. New York: Harper & Row, 1982.
Ref. HD 7102 .U4 H29 1982.

Medicare explained: including Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988. CCH Editorial staff. Chicago: Commerce Clearing House, Inc., 1988. Ref. KF 3608 .A4 M42 1988.

Explains hospital insurance benefits, supplementary medical insurance benefits, exclusions from coverage, principles of reimbursement, and claims and appeals.

A bibliography of research: health care programs. Aspen Systems Corporation. [Washington, DC]: Employee Benefit Research Institute. Education and Research Fund, 1981.
Ref. Z 6676 .B5 1981.

Annotated bibliography of research on public and private health care benefits, with specific attention paid to the costs and utilization of health care services under current and proposed health care programs.

DRGs: what they are and how to survive them: a sourcebook for professional nursing. Russell P. Caterinicchio, editor. Thorofare, NJ: Slack Incorporated, 1984.
Ref. RA 971.3 .D74 1984x.

Discusses how the Medicare Diagnosis-Related Groups Prospective Hospital Pricing and Payment System affects hospital nursing services and the nursing profession.

Journal of health and human resources administration. Jack Rabin,... [et al.], editors. Randallstown, MD: Southern Public Administration Educaton Foundation, 1986. (Inquire at reference desk; shelved with Ref. RA 971.3.)

Includes the symposium, "DRGs and managing health care economics."

Health Insurance: public policy in New York. New York (State). Council on Health care Financing. Subcommittee on Health Insurance. Albany,NY: The Council, 1984. (Inquire at reference desk; shelved with Ref. RA 413.)

Analyzes coverage, benefits, structure, and dynamics of health insurance and makes public policy recommendations.

Part 86 reporting service. Hospital Association of New York State. Albany, NY: The Association, 19- . Ref. KF 3608 .A48 1982x.

Reprints and supplements part 86 of volume 10A of the Official Compilation of codes, rules and regulations of the State of New York. Deals with the determination of rates and Medicare reimbursements in health facilities.

Source book of health insurance data. Health Insurance Institute. Washington, DC: The Institute, [1981].
Ref. HG 9396 .S6 1981-82. (Later editions located in the Center for Business Research.)

Statistics covering 1940-1980.


Handbook of health care risk management. Glen T. Troyer and Steven L. Salman. Rockville, MD: Aspen Systems Corporation, 1986. Ref. RA 971 .H275 1986.

Discusses the managing of situations in health facilities that may present legal liabilities. Includes insurance, claims, settlements, etc.

Handbook of living will laws. Society for the Right to die. New York: The Society, 1987.
Ref. KF 3827 .E87 1987.

Reprints and discusses laws in eighteen states that deal with living wills, rights of the terminally ill, or the termination of life- sustaining procedures. Also covers national developments.

Hospital law manual. Aspen System Corporation. Health Law Center. Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Systems Corporation, 1983. Ref. KF 3825 .A6 A85 1982 v. #.

Discusses federal and state laws that pertain to hospitals. Five volumes.

Laboratory regulatory manual. H. Robert Halper and Hope S. Foster. Rockville, MD: Aspen Publishers, 1989.
Ref.KF 3826 .L3 H35 v. #.

Collects and explains the principal laws and regulations that affect the operation of a clinical laboratory. Covers hospitals, physicians' offices, and independent laboratories. Four volumes.

Legal aspects of health care for the elderly: an annotated bibliography. Marshall B. Kapp, compiler. New York: Greenwood Press, 1988. Ref. KF 3608 .A4 A128 1988.

Nursing home law manual: the legal guide for long term care institutions. Paul C. Lasky,...
[et al.], editors. Germantown, MD: Aspen Systems corporation, 1979. Ref. KF 3826 .N8 A97.

For each topic, it discusses the statutes, decisions, and administrative regulations of each state and the federal government. Two volumes.

The Sloane-Dorland annotated medical-legal dictionary. Richard Sloane. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Company, 1987. Ref. RA 1017 .S56 1987.

Combines established definitions of medical terms with judicial interpretations of the same terms drawn from court opinions, lawyers' briefs,and the testimonies of medical experts.

United States code annotated: comprising all laws of a general and permanent nature under arrangement of Official Code of the Laws of the United States with annotations from federal and state courts. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19- . Ref. KF 62 1927 .W45 v. #.

Title 24: Hospitals, asylums, and cemetaries (one volume).
Title 42: The public health and welfare (fifteen volumes).
See also the general index.

Corpus juris secundum: a complete restatement of the entire American law as developed by all reported cases. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19- . Ref. KF 154 .C56 v. #.

See volumes for : abortion and birth control; family planning; asylums and institutional care facilities; concealment of birth or death; coroners; dead bodies; death; health and environment; hospitals; insane persons; physicians and surgeons; or the general index.

McKinney's consolidated laws of New York, annotated. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19- . Ref. KFN 5030 .A4 M35 Bk.# pt. #. [year].

Volume 34A: Mental Hygiene (one volume).
Volume 44: Public health (three volumes).
See also the general index.

Official compilation of codes, rules, and regulations of the State of New York. New York (State). Department of State. Albany: The Department, 19- .
Ref. KFN 5035 1960 .A22 v. #. pt. #.

Title 10: Health (five volumes).
Title 14: Mental hygiene (two volumes).

West's New York digest. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19-. Ref. KFN 5057 .A2 [year] v. #.

Annotated index to New York State court cases. See volumes for: abortion and birth control; asylums; chemical dependents; drugs and narcotics; health and environment; hospitals; mental health; physicians and surgeons; or the descriptive word index.

West's federal practice digest. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing, 19- .
Ref. KF 127 .W48 [year] v. #.

Annotated index to U.S. Supreme Court and federal cases. See volumes for: abortion and birth control; chemical dependents; dead bodies; death; drugs and narcotics; health and environment; hospitals; mental health; physicians and surgons; or the descriptive word index.


A bioethical perspective on death and dying: summaries of the literature. Madelin M. Nevins, editor. Rockville, MD: Information Planning Associates, 1977. Ref. R 726 .B48.

Annotated bibliography covering attitudes, education, definitions, euthanasia, bereavement, suicide, and care of the dying.

Encyclopedia of bioethics. Warren T. Reich, editor in chief. New York: Macmillan, 1995.
Ref. QH 332 .E52 v. #.

Analyzes and compares positions taken on the ethical and religious issues raised within the life sciences and health care fields. Four volumes.

Bibliography of bioethics. LeRoy Walters and Tamar Joy Kahn,... [et al.], editors. Washington, DC: Georgetown University. Kennedy Institute of Ethics, 19- .
Ref. Z6675 .E8 B53 v. #.

Annually published annotated bibliography that supplements the Encyclopedia of Bioethics.

Ethical principles in the conduct of research with human participants. American Psychological Association. Ad Hoc Committee on Ethical Standards in Psychological Research. Washington, DC: The Association, 1973. Ref. BF 200 .A46 1973.

The human body and the law: legal & ethical considerations in human experimentation. Charlotte L. Levy. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana Publications, 1975.
Ref. KF 3827 .M38 L48.

Discusses philosophical, ethical, and legal considerations; sterilization; fetal experimentation; transplantation; anatomical gifts; and psychological experimentation.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

The AIDS crisis in New York: a legislative perspective and agenda for study. New York (State). Legislature. Senate Majority Task Force on AIDS. Albany: The Task Force, 1987.
Ref. KFN 5614.5 .A35 A83 1987x.

Discusses medical and epidemiological evidence, current state laws and pending legislation, prevention, education, testing, drug users, health care delivery and costs, social services, insurance, crime and corrections, children, statistics, and AIDS in the classroom and the workplace.

Aids in New York State through 1987. New York (State). Department of Health. [Albany, NY]: The Department, 1988. Ref. RA 644 .A25 1988x.

Statistics relating to AIDS. Covers infection, morbidity, mortality, future trends, health services, costs, expenditures, etc.

AIDS information sourcebook. Robert Malinowsky and Gerald J. Perry. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1988.
Ref. RC 607 .A26 A3475 1988.

Includes a chronology, directory of organizations, and bibliography.

How to find information about AIDS. Virgina A. Lingle and Sandra Wood. New York: Harrington Park Press, 1988.
Ref. RC 607 .A26 L56 1988b.

Lists organizations, health departments, federal agencies, research institutions, grant funding sources, hotlines, and computerized, print, and audiovisual sources of information.

Health Hazards

CRC handbook of management of radiation protection programs. Kenneth L. Miller and William A. Weidner, editors. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 1986. Ref. RA 569 .C86 1986.

Includes chapters on public relations in health physics and various aspects of radiation safety from the regulatory and management standpoints.

Dangerous properties of industrial materials. N. Irving Sax and Richard J. Lewis. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1989. Ref. T 55.3 .H3 S3 1989 v. #.

Provides information toxic, irritative, mutagenic, teratogenic, reproductive, carcinogenic, and lethal effects of chemicals, additives, pesticides, detergents, lubricants, plastics, [etc.] as well as on flammability, reactivity, incompatabilities, etc. Three volumes.

Encyclopedia of occupational health and safety. Luigi Parmeggiani, technical editor. Geneva: International Labour Office, 1983. Ref. RC 963.3 .E53 1983 v. #.

Discusses health and safety hazards to be found in each occupation, hazardous substances that may be encountered, and appropriate safety precautions. Two volumes.

Nonpoint source management handbook. Lee E. Koppelman, project director. Hauppauge, NY: Long Island Regional Planning Board, 1984. Ref. TD 224 .N7 N66 1987x.

Discusses factors that affect water quality on Long Island including land use, stormwater runoff, on-site systems, highway deicing, fertilizers, wells, boat pollution, site plan review, and ordinances.

Toxics on tap: chemical contamination of Long Island drinking water supplies. Walter L.T. Hang and Joseph P. Salvo. New York: New York Public Interest Research Group, 1980.
Ref. TD 225 .L648 H36.

Includes cancer morality rates.


Hospital software sourcebook. Howard S. Rowland and Beatrice L. Rowland, editors. Rockville, MD: Aspen Publishers, 1985. Ref. RA 971 .R67 1985.

Describes software packages and system for hospital information, planning and decision-support, office management, finance and accounting, patient care, nursing, pharmacy, radiology, clinical laboratories, material management, medical records, food services, ambulatory and emergency care, education, and the hospital library.

Nursing reference for computer literature. Dorothy B. Pocklington and Linda Guttman. Philadelphia: J.B. Linnincott, 1984. Ref. Z 6675 .N7 P63 1984.

Annotated bibliography covering the use of computers in nursing services.

Software. Moore Data Management Services. Minneapolis, MN: Moore Business Forms, 1984. Ref. R 858 .S63x 1984 v.1.

Describes software created for the health fields. Covers chiropractic, dental, diagnostic, nutrition, administration, financial, office management, medical, pharmaceutical, psychology, enhancements, veterinary, and educational.

International Health

Area handbook and statistical data on health care in Austria, Switzerland, France. Susan Farber and Haven Grace, editors. Albuquerque, NM: Professional Seminar Consultants. Office of Continuing Proffesional Education, [1983].
Ref. RA 407.5 .A8 A74 1983.

Elsevier's dictionary of public health in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German. Nic J. I. Deblock, compiler. Amsterdam: Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, 1976. Ref. RA 423 .D34.

Health care: an international study. Robert Kohn and Kerr L. White, editors. London: Oxford University Press, 1976.
Ref. RA 411 .W67 1976.

Comparative health and health services utilization statistics from twelve study areas in seven countries: United States, Canada, England, Argentina, Finland, Poland, and Yugoslavia.

The international handbook of health care systems. Richard B. Saltman. New York: Greenwood Press, 1988.
Ref. RA 393 .I58 1988.

Discusses health services, public health care, and government policies in twenty-one countries. Includes statistics and organizational charts.


Cancer in the United States. Abraham M. Lilienfeld,...[et al.]. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1970.
Ref. RC 276 .L54.

Cancer statistics covering trends from 1930 to 1960.

Cancer incidence by county: 1978-1982. New York (state). Department of Health. Cancer Registry. [Albany, NY]: The Department, 1987. Ref. RC 277 .N7 N4 1987x v. #.

Statistics by county, age, gender, and type of cancer. Two volumes.

Health and health care in New York City: local, state, and national perspectives. United Hospital Fund of New York. Division of Research, Analysis, and Planning. New York: United Hodpital Fund of New York, 1986. Ref. RA 407.4 .H43x 1986.

Health related statistics for New York City, including comparison figures for New York State and the entire country.

Health: United States. United States. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Health Research, Statistics, and Technology,...[et al.]. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1981. Ref. RA 407.3 U57a 1981.

Statistics concerning trends in the health care sector and discussion of selected health issues.

Medical care chartbook. Avoids Donabedian,...[et al.]. Ann Arbor, MI: Health Administration Press, 1986.
Ref RA 407.3 .M4 1986x.

Statistics that cover: population characteristics, morality and mortality, use of services, costs and expenditures, health personnel, facilites, quality of care, tax-supported programs, and private health insurance.

Medical risks: patterns of mortality and survival. Richard B. Singer and Louis Levinson, editors. Lexington Books, 1977. Ref. RA 407 .M4.

Comparative mortality and survival statistics in relation to patients with histories of specific diseases, abnormal findings on medical examinations, or continued exposure to hazardous occupations or habits.

Socioeconomic issues of health. Douglas E. hough and Glen I. Misek, editors. [s.l.]: American Medical Association. Center for Health Services Research and Development, 1980.
Ref. RA 410.53 .R44 1980.

Statistics and essays concerning the health care delivery system.


Medical groups in the U.S. Penny L. havlicek. Chicago: American Medical Association, 1985. Ref. R 729.5 .G6 H38 1985.

Statistics on group practices. Covers trends, size, specialists, organizational characteristics, prepaid care, facilities, business equipment, etc.

Physician characteristics and distribution in the U.S. Gene Roback,...[et al.]. Chicago: American Medical Association, 1984. Ref. RA 410.7 .D47 1984.

Statistics on geographic location, specialization, gender, national origin, etc.

Profile of medical practice 1980: the decade of the 1970's: the changing profile of medical practice. Gerald L. Glandon and Robert J. Shapiro, editors. [s.l.]: American Medical Association. Center for Health Services Research and Development, 1980. Ref. RA 410.7 .R44 1980.

Statistics and essays describing the economic, social, and policy issues in the physicians' services sector of the United States health care system.


Health facilities in Southern New York: a guide to inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care. United Hospital Fund of New York. Division of Research, Analysis, and Planning. New York: United Hospital Fund, 1986.
Ref. RA 981 .N7 H41x 1986.


Hospital rate directory. United Hospital Fund of New York. Division of Planning, Distribution, and Development. New York: United Hospital Fund of New York, 1983.
Ref. RA 981 .N7 H68x 1983.

Presents charge information for ninety-eight vouluntary hospitals in the thirteen counties of the Southern New York region. Covers room, board, and routine services by area and service, by county, and by rate group.

Hospital statistics: data from the American Hospital Association annual survey. American Hospital Association. Chicago: The Association, 19-. Ref. RA 981 .A2 A6234 [year].

Covers utilization, personnel, finances, facilities, and services of hospitals in the United States and its associated areas.

Inpatient hospital use in New York City. United Hospital Fund of New York. Division of Planning, Distirbution, and Development. [New York]: United Hospital Fund, 1980.
Ref. 982 .N49 I56 1980x v. #.

Statistics that show where each hospital's patients reside and where the people of each area receive care. Volume one: summary report. Volume two: hospital profiles. Volume three: community profiles.

Profiles & trends: hospital inpatient and ambulatory care in Southern New York. United Hospital Fund of New York. Division of Planning, Distirbution, and Development. New York: United Hospital Fund of New York, 1983.
Ref. RA 981 .N7 P77 1983.

Statistics on services provided by non-federal acute care hospitals.


American Hospital Association guide to the health care field. Chicago: American Hospital Association, 19-.
Ref. RA 977 .A1 A46 [year].

Provides information about hospitals and health care systems in the United States. Lists health organizations, agencies, providers, facilities, alliances, networks, and members of the Association.

The best doctors in the U.S.: a guide to the finest specialists, hospitals, and health centers. John Pekkanen. [s.l.]: Wideview Books, 1980. Ref. R 712 .A1 P44 1980x.

Directory of biomedical and health care grants. Phoenix, AZ: Oryx Press, 1986.

Compiled by Robert Delaney
Fall 1990

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